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April 16th, 2017. Sunday, sometime in the afternoon. Red Creek, Ontario.

Twelve hours after a nightmare shook him awake when it was still dark outside, Henryk felt like the Devil had chewed and spat him back onto the pavement. He was exhausted. Nothing a few shots of expresso and sheer willpower couldn’t handle, of course. The vampire walked around the town with a plastic cup of steaming coffee in one hand and glaring at no one in particular. He was in the middle of crossing the street when a familiar face emerged from the crowd, rooting him in the spot with a surprised look on his face. Time froze for a moment and he drowned out the world, eyes glued to the ghost from his past. She should’ve been dead. From somewhere far away, a yell cut through the silence and a firm hand grabbed his arm, pulling him back. A car drove right past him, tires screeching, honking angrily. The coffee splattered against his shirt, steaming hot, and he winced. “Oh, kurwa!” What a day.


Can-Am Equine Expo 2016 - Q&A (4.3.16)

Evan’s Note

Hi everyone. I’m Evan, Chris’ son. I normally work in the background to keep stuff flowing, but today I wanted to talk to you about something incredibly important to me.

I think its best that first I explain a bit. A little under three years ago, my wife and I decided it was worth me taking a sabbatical to run a small social media campaign for my father’s final mission to space. Five months later, the whole world had turned upside down. Everything was wild and beyond expectation. A small video I’d put together was on the national news of Pakistan. Irish parliament was discussing the effects of my work on their university entrance rates. It was overwhelming. Up until all this, I didn’t believe that the actions of the very few could impact the whole world. I didn’t believe that you could have fun doing something that mattered.

My outlook changed. All of ours did. When my family had a meeting to decide what we should do in the post-flight world, we all agreed: what we did moving forward had to be fun to create, universally positive, lead to a direct benefit or change, and create something that lasts longer than itself. Through this, we hoped to use his newly found public profile to make things better.

We can’t do it on our own. Now, I’m asking you to help me create something that I hope will matter. On October 28th, ten days from now, we’re hosting our first ever event: Generator. Its a mix of science, comedy and art highlighting some of the amazing talent that otherwise might quietly pass you by, while still being able to provide proceeds to deserving non-profits. I believe Canada needs more science understanding, and more ways to interact with the talented people that make up our community. The problem is not a lack of incredible minds, but one of structures. How do you learn about a new idea if you never encounter it? Canada needs platforms to highlight unique talent. Generator aims to help.

We have thought-provoking performances ranging from standup comedy to beat poetry. We have musicians in space outfits and an astronaut with a guitar. We have an artist whose medium is data, and a comedian whose name is Ince. We’ve got a great show, and I’m more terrified and excited than I’ve ever been.

If you’ve made it through all that, I implore you. Please help. Join us, invite your friends and share the event with those you know in the area. A small action from you will mean a great deal to us. Together, we can make something worthwhile. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there.

Facebook event link:https://www.facebook.com/events/712627588883618/

Massey Hall tickets site: masseyhall.com/eventdetail/ChrisHadfieldGenerator?_ga

Ticketmaster site: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/chris-hadfields-generator-toronto-ontario-10-28-2015/event/10004EFD9DD25B82?