Grassy Narrows First Nation declares emergency over bad water
Uranium, potential cancer-causing agents found in samples, First Nation says

A state of emergency will remain in place at Grassy Narrows First Nation until the community gets answers about the chemicals found in its tap water, says deputy chief Randy Fobister.

The First Nation, also known as Asubpeechoseewagong, is located about 100 kilometres north of Kenora, Ont. and has been under a boil water advisory for more than a year, but new concerns are emerging about the extent and longevity of the problems.

Documents obtained by CBC News show turbidity in drinking water at Grassy Narrows at 120 times the Ontario guidelines and the presence of potentially cancer-causing disinfectant by-products (DBPs) that may not be removed by boiling.

“Enough is enough,” Fobister said. “We’ve been asking questions, we’ve been asking the federal government to upgrade our water plant.  You know the people are not going to drink this toxic water another day.”

The community’s water plant is about a decade old and has never functioned properly, but the First Nation can’t afford to fix it, and there is no funding available from the federal government, he said.

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“Sending Signals”
The previous photo digitally mirrored.
I love symmetry. I guess we’re all programmed to find it visually pleasing, at least that’s what I hear, and it holds true for myself, which is why I love this technique. It’s so easy to make an unbalanced composition perfectly symmetrical, that it kind of feels like cheating.

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“X Marks the Spot” (top)
“Collision” (middle)
“Subterranean Chamber” (bottom)
3 stereoscopic images of cracks in the clear ice of Lake Ontario.
If you cross your eyes so the two images overlap, you can see a 3D image.
Here’s the walleye versions if you prefer them that way. https://www.flickr.com/photos/matt_molloy/20771590240

White Sangria: white #ontario wine, white rum, grapefruit and soda water. #damnthatsgood #cocktails #drinks #drinkporn #patioseason #delicious #craftcocktails #classiccocktails #mixology #bartender #Toronto #torontolife #tastetoronto #eatto #picoftheday #photooftheday #fresh @playacabana @dave_playacabana (at Playa Cabana)


This week we are showcasing highlights from ARC’s children’s literature collection. Today, we have these wonderful play books for children named The History of Little Henry, Exemplified in a Series of Figures and The History of Little Fanny, Exemplified in a Series of Figures. There was a story for either a girl or a boy, with an accompanying paper figure. Children could dress either Henry or Fanny up according to the instructions at the top of each chapter in the story, and follow along on their adventures. The books came with four or five sheets of clothing depending on the character.

Call No: RAR PZ H62 1810 and RAR PZ H62B 1810