Smalltown Southern Ontario …. Penmarvian Mansion / 185 Grand River Street North …. Paris, Ontario by Greg’s Southern Ontario (catching Up Slowly)
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Built 1845 / Remodelled 1887 …. Penmarvian Mansion was originally built by Hiram Capron as a stone house in 1845 and remodelled into a Victorian mansion by John Penman in 1887. It is now a nursing home ….
Flooding leads to state of emergency in Ontario communities of Windsor, Tecumseh
In Windsor, numerous basements and roads have been flooded and in Tecumseh all pumping stations were operating at maximum capacity.

The mayors of the southwestern Ontario communities of Windsor and Tecumseh have declared states of emergency as they deal with flooding caused by heavy rain.

With numerous basements and roads flooded, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens told a news conference Thursday that a state of emergency was declared to get access to support from higher levels of government.

In Tecumseh, where officials say 190 millimetres of rain has fallen since Wednesday night, Mayor Gary McNamara declared an emergency, noting that all pumping stations were operating at maximum capacity and more rain was expected.

They say the normal rainfall amount for the whole month of September in Windsor-Essex is about 94mm.

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IMG_8308 Northern Parula- warbler by Ahmad Shah
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Long Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.


This might come as a surprise to some people, but Canada is not perfect. Some Canadians may want to say that not all cops are going to or even capable of harassing the public in the ways discussed above. “I know a good cop”, “my sister’s husband is a good cop”, “who do you think is going to help you if you’re a victim of a crime?” 

What is important, however, is that nearly every Canadian law officer understands how our society works, and understands that they hold privilege of preferential treatment above the law if they are to ever commit a violent or demoralizing act against another human being.

Canadian cops are treated like they embody the stereotype of the honest, polite Canadian that the worlds sees us as. But in reality, they are humans - and even sometimes, monsters.