Every day the Ontario Liberals are giving more and more reasons why they should lose this election. Siding with Doug Ford and attacking the NDP as radical? Really?

Is it really radical to provide for every citizen? To ensure that every person in Ontario can access prescription drugs and dental care? Is it radical to be able to provide affordable childcare? To want a public utility to be in the public’s hands? To invest in affordable housing? To properly fund education and healthcare?

hey ontario friends!

if you’re down in the dumps about having to vote for someone bad (wynne) or someone worse (ford) in this election, this is just a reminder that unlike the US presidential election we have an opportunity to NOT make this a bipartisan thing! the NDP is starting to consistently poll better than the liberals and besides them just being a better option for left-leaning voters, they might actually have a better chance at beating the PCs than wynne’s liberals. if everyone who opposes doug ford pools together and throws their support behind the NDP, we could turn this rather bleak looking situation into an opportunity.

of course, by no means am i telling anyone how they should vote, this is just my opinion, but it would mean a lot to me if you would consider it this june! thanks for listening!

So I walk past my former elementary school to get the mail (they’re both a block and a half away from my house) and today I looked over and saw this:

And I started to cry.

It made me so happy.

They didn’t do this when I was younger. And maybe if they had I would have stopped surpressing my sexuality earlier instead of coming to terms with it at 21. I asked my brother if they’ve done this before (because I lived in Halifax the last five years) and he said he thinks this is new.

It’s not even June yet. (Elementary schools here start in september and run till the middle/end of June). It’s not even June yet and I’m crying.

It’s not even Pride month but damn was I proud.

2002 - In Oshawa, Ontario, a 17-year-old high school student (Marc Hall, left) at Durham Catholic District School Board took his school to court over their refusal to let him attend prom with his boyfriend. After a two day court hearing, it was ruled on May 10th that Hall could attend prom with a male partner. This event was a milestone in Canadian history, and has inspired both a movie and a play. The documentary covering this event can be viewed here. (x) Warning: this documentary does contain homophobia.