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I'm scared for my education because of Kathleen Wynne. I missed six weeks of school because of the teachers strike and they may strike in September. It's my senior year. Because of all the budget cuts, I may have to go into University unprepared

I’m sorry to hear that. Its unfortunate that her government hasn’t been very cooperative with teacher’s demands.

A similar thing happened here in BC. Students missed a bunch of class.

Show Review | July Talk

Despite the sweltering heat on a sunny Sunday afternoon, a massive crowd surrounded the WayBright stage at the first (of hopefully many) Wayhome Music and Arts Festival, anxiously waiting for July Talk to begin their set. When they emerged on stage amidst a flurry of chants and cheers from the crowd, I quickly learned that I had absolutely no idea just how awesome this band is. Right off the bat, the on stage chemistry between lead singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay grabbed attention and refused to simmer down throughout the whole set. My first thought was: these guys are freaking weird, and it’s awesome.

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Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Allen Rd  (Toronto, Canada)

A protest by coalition Black Lives Matter Toronto has shut down the off-ramp from Allen Rd. to Eglinton Ave.

A line of protestors have shackled their arms together to block the highway and about 150 more people are also present, said Desmond Cole, an activist and writer who was invited to speak at a rally before the blockade happened.

Protesters are chanting “Black lives matter!” and “Shut it down!” as well as singing and dancing.

Before the blockade, several hundred protestors gathered at Eglinton Gilbert Parkette for a “Day of Action” rally. The parkette is steps from the building where Andrew Loku, a 45-year-old man from South Sudan, was fatally shot by police in early July. The rally was held in honour of Loku as well as Jermaine Carby, who was shot dead by Peel police during a traffic stop in 2014, and demanded accountability for their deaths. Protesters are also calling for police to address carding practices and police brutality which they say unfairly targets black citizens.

Some cars on Allen Rd. are driving against the normal flow of traffic in an effort to get around the blockade.


TORONTO: Group of Mercy’s 3rd Annual TTC campaign “Islam Taught me…”

The campaign highlights what Islam teaches Muslims in regards to their work, family and community. Ads were placed in the busy Toronto station at different platforms to help show people what Islam really means. There were 10 different posters of men and women in different fields with a quote about what Islam has taught them; each poster was potentially read by thousands of transit passengers, helping to spread the positivity of Islam Insha'Allah