may i present: the different reactions to yoongi singing his heart out (hence the extended finger)

- hobi, entered the world of bliss as soon as yoongi sang the first note

- chimchim, having the time of his life while mentally saying “you’re doing amazing, sweetie” on repeat

- jin, doesn’t want to believe what sin (get it?) has been committed against his song

and my personal favourite:

- rapmon, slightly repulsed and having trouble comprehending what the hell is going on

tag yourself, i’m hobi

Rocket and Peter fighting over you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo THEM BOTH XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Peter realizing that Rocket has a thing for you as he’d always seem much nicer to you over anyone else and just confronting him about it, telling him that he better back off from you

-Rocket snarling at Peter whenever he notices him trying to hog you for himself and just loudly mumbling under his breath about how unsubtle he is

-Them always pushing each other to be the first to help you out or stay by your side during missions, only for you to already partner up with Gamora or Drax and leave them hanging

-Peter putting on some of your favorite songs while in his room and acting surprise to see you walk in before he just invites you to dance and sing with him, only for Rocket to shake his head to see you both dance together and walk in to turn it down

-Rocket overreacting when he gets a minor injury just so you could worry about him and get closer, so he can ask you to hold him and pick him up in your arms, and act smug about it when he sees Peter’s angry face

-Peter wanting to spend more time alone with you and offering to teach you how to properly use your weapons, only for Rocket to find you both and barge in to make fun at how incompetent Peter is

-Rocket getting some flowers off of Groot just so he could leave some for you each day and shyly tell you that you deserve them, only for Peter to scoff and get you something else he’d find while working and do the same

-Peter telling Rocket that you’d never choose to be with him as it just wouldn’t work out physically between you both, only to get him really angry and for them to literally fight until you’d come in to stop them

-Rocket trying to impress you with what he stole while you were all working, only for Peter to freak out and pull him over to ask him in what world would that ever impress you

-Them constantly arguing about who likes you more between them and just completely missing out and ignoring your pleas as you ask them what’s going on

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Night Terror | Dean Ambrose

Title: Night Terror

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Reader (also, I guess… sorta jon moxley too idk)

SummaryI woke up and he was screaming, I’d left him dreaming.

I roll over and shake him tightly and whisper, 

If they want you, oh, they’re gonna have to fight me. Oh, fight me

Word Count: 3,550

Warning: Night terrors, PTSD, talk of child abuse, talk of suicide, involuntary domestic violence, sleep disorder, sleepwalking. THERE’S A LOT OF SHIT GOING ON

Tags: @calwitch | @rebelfleur22 | @xfirespritex | @blondekel77 | @abschaffer2 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @megnog | @kitkat8 | @ellothelongwaydown | Please let me know if I missed anyone or if you would like to be added to the tag list.

A/N: I don’t feel like this is up to par with what I want to put out, but I’m also in the middle of preparing for a hurricane and i’m very worried about the possible damage that will occur. All the same, I hope you enjoy this piece. I love you guys. (also I did not read through this for typos, I apologize in advance).

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Two different times.

Summary : Everyone has a darkside, even the winchester boys. You kknow that because you faced theirs and even survived it. You remember the two differents time while waiting for them.

Anonymous request :  Hey could u do one where Sam is soulless and has feelings for the reader(going back to an old classic 😉😉😉)

Words count :  2924

Pairing : Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warning : smut (oral male receiving, fingering) 

A/N : Hey everyone. Sorry for the long wait, Here is the full fic . It was suppose to be for a song challenge but i have passed the due date a long time ago. I just post it here as a regular fic. Also i chose to added a resquest. Here you go i hope you will enjoy it. Thanks to @secretlyfurrydragon, @bloodysideofhell and @aingealcethlenn for betaing this fic.

Here is the song i based the fic on

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The Winchester brothers, what could you say about them? When you thought about them, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that they were handsome men and you loved them enough to sacrifice yourself for them. But most of the time what pops up in your mind is their dark sides. Yes that’s definitely what you think about.

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Good Girl!

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 1142

A/N: I used to write all the werewolf stories in all variants as a teenager. I always liked to go for the “dirty” kinda “yeah, i’m a thing, no, i don’t lose control, but it does come with it’s shortcomings” werewolf … I’ll expand on what it all means for our lovely Y/N while writing this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do - please let me know what you think!

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: None, really


„Lieutenant Y/L/N“, you said, handing over your PADD to the dark haired CMO. His eyes traced you shortly, then he grabbed your PADD, filing through it for a moment, and nodded. „Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. I’ll show you and our new nurses your quarters right away.“ He gave you your PADD back and started walking. For a lack of alternatives you trailed behind him. Not that he had prompted you to do so, but you got the undeniable feeling that he didn’t expect to have to. „You will be assigned to Beta Shift, as you’re a doctor, and we need one there“ he continued while striding through the Enterprise. „Medbay’s here. I’ll show you everything later. Nurse Wildner, Morgan, follow me.“ - you could tell the Doctor was the ‚no bullshit‘-type just by the look of him. He moved efficiently with some kind of permanent frown fixated on his face. You had heard of him of course. The famous Doctor McCoy, best friend to the even more famous Captain Kirk. The famous Enterprise. After you had left Starfleet Academy you had served three years on the USS Washington as an Assistant Doctor. You had applied to a position on the Enterprise just recently and it came as a surprise to you that you were not only considered but chosen. 

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imagine mayu and morishige having tumblr blogs

mayu would always post vagues about morishige and how she’s crushing on him, …like posts that are really obviously about someone she has a huuge crush on

tagging them with something cheesy. she even has a tag for this crush.

morishige seeing them and thinking it’s someone other than him and he considers blacklisting the tag because it’s making him a bit jelly and uncomfortable and sad even (tho he wouldn’t admit it ofc)

he’d basically be jealous of himself. what a nerd pls give him a hug

Good Girl - Part 8

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 1400

A/N: Nothing to say here. Sorry for the medical bullshit again.

This could be AOS and TOS

Warnings:  Angst, Fear


The buzzing of your communicators woke the both of you - both of you jumped up, grabbed a pair of trousers and a blue shirt, getting ready in record time. You knew the emergency alert of sickbay by heart and by the time Bones had answered the call and forwarded you the details, you already had the door open and the both of you were hasting to your patient.
Ensign Bancrofts blood pressure had dropped, his temperature risen. When you finally got there he was shaking violently.
Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.
„Phenobarbital, Nurse“, you ordered, completely forgetting Bones presence in the medbay. If this was what you thought it was, you were the only one who knew what would eventually happen anyway. Would it?
You felt the gaze of his dark eyes on your back - worried, seizing you up, evaluating. You were not only his partner anymore, but also his patient and he was not happy with what he saw. The Doctor stepped over to you and his heavy hand rested on your un-hurt shoulder for a long moment, warmth sinking into your body as if to remind you of something. Then he got to work, next to you - ordering the nurses, analyzing the readings of the biobed faster then you had ever seen anyone do. Watching him work under pressure for the first time you started to realized why he was the CMO of the Enterprise, star fleets jewel. The best of the best. He ordered medication to keep the ensigns blood pressure in check, as well as to keep his seizures under control. When the biobeds alarm went off because oxygen levels dropped, he ordered you to assist. Working next to him you felt like being in med school again and you could not help but admire his efficiency, although it came coupled with a certain grumpiness you now understood as concern and the heavy weight of responsibility on his shoulder. You felt nothing but admiration in this moment.

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Gravity - Part 8

Summary: Reader’s a young security officer (Lieutanent Junior Grade) who happened to be on an away mission and fall hard for a certain Chief Engineer. Both of them aren’t the most outgoing regarding their feelings and tend to just watch each other from a distance, which is going to change.

Wordcount: 1478

A/N: Awww.

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: death, hurt, comfort

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

He walked quietly through your room, careful not to make a noise. For all you cared he could’ve been roaring and trumpeting like a zoo and you wouldn’t have noticed. His brow was furrowed, those dark blue eyes of him watching you closely, pinched together as if he’d been staring at a sun lately. His jawline straightened grinding his teeth. For a second he stood there, just watching you, then he sat down carefully on the edge of your bed - not too close, but not distant either. He was well within your comfort zone, the knowledge where you needed him to be seemed to come to him instinctively. „I cannae say anything that’ll make this easier“, he said and the warm timbre of his voice felt comforting. Tears streamed down your face - uncontrolled, your eyes red and swollen. You felt the weight of his hand on your shoulder, his fingers carefully caressing your arm. „I can just be there for ya, if ya wanna.“ the scotsmans voice was thick with accent, he swallowed hard. All you managed was a small nod, nearly invisible to the eye. „Aye“ - his lips trembled with a weak smile and he just let you lie there and cry, his presence reassuring and comforting.

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Good Girl - Part 5

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 950

A/N: I like fluff. I admit it. i’m a fluff addict. Also: Awwww, I think they’re cute.

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: Mention of Sex. Fluffiness. Don’t drink that much coffee kids, it’s bad for you, i’m an ITler I tested it for you.


The Doctor was surprisingly pleasant company while having coffee.
He continued being pleasant company during a rushed meal in the mess hall and followed through with that in the gym, where you both enjoyed the silence of each others presence.
There was not much need for talk in your case anyway - you would never share your deepest secrets with anyone and Leonard seemed to just respect the distance you kept for yourself.

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