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jonghyun feeding ontae


Cats Are Rude

Ontae fluff

Rating G

Word Count 700~

A little continuation of this.  About two months later, after all the babies were found good homes.  :)

“It’s your fault.”  Taemin pointed an accusing finger at the gray cat sitting on the counter.  “I’ve spent all this time with your Dad sorting out this kitten business because you couldn’t keep it in your pants… or fur…or whatever.”  He scrunched up nose.  

Dorian stared back at him indifferently before leaning forward and rubbing his face on the digit, softly purring at the self imposed affection.  

Taemin sighed and gently scratched the underside of his chin, face softening at the almost smile forming on the large cheeks of the cat.  “And now I’ve gone and fallen in love with him.”  He muttered.  

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