George Harrison onstage and backstage with Bonnie and Delaney Bramlett and Eric Clapton, December 1969. Photo 1 (and 2?) © Mirrorpix.

On 2 December 1969, George performed with Delaney and Bonnie and Friends on tour for the first time.

“On the night of December 1, 1969, Delaney Bramlett, a 30-year-old bandleader with a history of near-misses, sat backstage at the [Royal] Albert Hall talking to a shy, polite, earnest fan. […] The shy fan talking to him was George Harrison.
If anyone in 1969 had a right to be disillusioned with his band, it was Harrison. The Beatles had begun the year squabbling in Twickenham and were currently going through the messiest of divorces. George asked Delaney if he could use another guitarist on his tour. ‘Sure could,’ the American replied. 'Give the bus driver your address and we’ll pick you up tomorrow.’ When Delaney & Bonnie played Bristol the next night, Harrison was one of the Friends. 'He was very bashful, kind of introverted,’ Delaney told me in 2008 a few months before his death. 'He didn’t want special treatment and he liked to stay in the shadows.’” - Uncut, October 2010 [x]


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