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Please... can you draw Yuichiro Hyakuya ?? I believe he will be really handsome because you draw him.

Here it is. I hope you like it.

I’m not too sure I’m happy with the whole thing yet. I may change it, but for now, consider it done. There would be nothing good coming out of me trying to fix it now.


Hey guys, daily reminder that, when you’re gonna write a salty post about the ship, you must write yuu///noa like this so it doesn’t show up in the tags.

Please don’t forget this. Otherwise it’ll show up in the yuu//noa search.

None of us like it when negative/unpleasant posts show up when we’re looking for content of our ship :/

If you’re not gonna do it to be a decent human being at least do it so the other side doesn’t crosstag complaining about this in our search.

Idk, think about it.


Me: Ok, 1. I ship them because they have a great connection and 2. Bitch I’m a lesbian the fuck do I get out of shipping two men?!

(This isn’t a post defending fujoshi…they are disgusting. But people should know there is a difference between shipping two men (or girls) because they have a great and well developed relationship or shipping them because they’re both guys and sexualizing their relationship - which is what fujoshi do)

My friends and I had this conversation and I just thought it was funny

Friend 1: What’s the difference between an OTP and just a ship?

Friend 2: A ship is just a pairing you like, an OTP is when you run out of fanfics to read even tho there’s thousands of them



Mikaela Hyakuya - Owari no Seraph Chapter 69

He looks just like a nervous kitten on the ride to the vet, and I want to hug and pet him with all my heart.

Hello, everyone! You know what we love? MikaYuu! And what better way to celebrate a great ship than a week in its honor?

You can produce any content you like as long as it involves MikaYuu in some form. Art, fanfiction, headcanons, fanvids, edits—whatever you want! The sky’s the limit. (And just so we’re all crystal, any ship dynamic is A-OK! MikaYuu, YuuMika, YuuMikaYuu, platonic, queerplatonic, we love it all and all is welcome!) Nsfw content is also allowed, but we’ll be tagging it as such so you can blacklist it if you don’t want to see it.

The event will take place over seven days: from Monday, December 3rd to Sunday, December 9th. There are multiple prompts for each day; you can create something based on that day’s quote, one of the prompts, combine or mix and match them, or even do more than one per day! It’s completely up to you.

Day 1: “Reminiscing the past. The only man I’m living for.” Teddy bears/Nostalgia

Day 2: “Who cares about being normal?” Reverse AU/Vampire Yuu

Day 3: “Leave everyone behind and run away with me!” Runaways/Canon divergence

Day 4: “The demon in your heart.” Demon/Seraph

Day 5: “‘Who am I?’ Good question.” Fantasy/Creature AU

Day 6: “I guess I was too busy looking at you.” Power couple/Happy ending

Day 7: “I swear I will definitely save you.” Free day + *prompt generator!

*The generator will be posted at a later date.

There is no sign-up form for this event. You can do as few or as many days as you want; the purpose is to have a blast and share in our mutual love of MikaYuu together!

Please include #mikayuuweek and/or #mikayuuweek2018 within the first five tags so we can find and reblog your posts. We hope to see you there!