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Little Witch Academia is One Huge Homage to the Magical Girl Witch Genre

Himitsu No Akko-chan (1969)

  • Both have the same first name
  • Akko(1969) was an ordinary girl granted magical powers just Akko in LWA

Majokko Meg-chan (1974)

  • Feature rivalries between two witches
  • Amanda’s personalitiy is very similar to Meg’s

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  • Sucy’s personality is similar Non, both tend to be cold, but are really sweet when you get to know them

Ojamajo Doremi (1999)

  • Trio of witches in training
  • Both of Doremi and Akko are:
    • incompetent witches, who can’t control their magic and have a difficulty flying 
    • Enthusiastic about anything related to magic and witches
    • They’re bascially the same person

  • Hazuki and Lotte are both timid and soft-spoken
  • Onpu was praised in the Witch Land for her talent just like Diana

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Back at it again at Maho-do.

Just felt like drawing these two. Also felt like churning out a bunch of quick drawings instead of agonising over one for days.

I realised a big obstacle for me in drawing off the cuff is that I actually feel really awkward drawing a character floating in space doing some arbitrary pose. I think putting two characters together kind of helped that, so maybe I’ll try it some more in the future.

Momoko always has the biggest smile out of all the girls and that makes me really happy. I drew her crying last time cuz that was pretty much my #mood but I don’t feel quite so bad right now.

Anyone who can figure out what the banner says gets I dunno bragging rights I guess?