Commission! It’s Onox from Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. 

The character wears a helmet the whole time and we never see what he looks like underneath (I think, I’ve never played this particular Zelda game so what do I know), so the commissioner had me base his head shape off of another character and the bulging eyes off of the Gerudo game models inside the Iron Knuckle.

Scanning the Ganondorf amiibo gave me a bunch of wooden barrels and an explosive barrel along with the chest. I normally just use Magnesis on chests to break the barrels, but since one of them was explosive, I decided to break them all at once with a fire arrow. This was not one of my brightest ideas.



…Now that I think about it, using a Blizzard Rod may have been overkill.

Why I think Vaati is awesome

In a way.

I mean, he´s one of the very few non-Ganon reoccuring major villains. In fact, I think he´s the only one aside from Twinrova, who is related to Ganon.
(And no, “Dark Link” doesn´t count, because they´re all different beings, well, most of them aren´t even “beings” at all anyway)

Actually, come to think of it, Vaati´s debut “game”, Four Swords, was the first Zelda game, aside from Majora´s Mask which wasn´t set in Hyrule, where Ganon doesn´t appear in any form at all. Which is nice.

And what a “game” it was |D;

In it, Vaati is an evil demon that abducts Zelda with the intent of marrying her. The backstory of the game also tells of how Vaati abducted all the pretty girls that caught his fancy before he was stopped by a nameless hero. Pretty standard villain, right? Except when you think about it, while it is a trope done to death, Vaati was the first Zelda villain who´s only motivation was pretty much just plain lust. So, that´s a thing.

And then came the second game featuring Vaati, “Four Swords Adventures” aka “Let´s humiliate Vaati: THE GAME”,
where douchebag Vaati was hit hard by karma. He gets freed by Shadow Link, only to become his and Ganon´s toy, being used as their tool to further their plan and getting ZERO respect, to the point that even the Deku Scrubs mock him.

And then he dies. What a way to go. I love it.

And then
Then came Minish Cap.

We learn that the floating eye ball thing we have learned to hate, actually assumed a humanoid form once. We learn that this game will tell us Vaati´s origin story.
Ok, here it comes. Get ready everyone, this will be it, the sob story, the heartwrenching tale about how an innocent person was corrupted into becoming a monster. Surely after this we will all feel nothing but sympathy for Vaati,right? Right?

Except fuck all that. We learn that Vaati was just as twisted and rotten as we know him, even before he became a demon. He actually actively wanted to become a demon and killed many
people to reach that goal. What a jerk.

And I love that.

I like how Vaati is genuinely twisted and evil. I love how he was like that even as a mere mortal being. I like how he used the first chance he got to become a powerful villain, not because he was manipulated into it by some other force like Zant and Byrne were, not because he was an incarnation of absolute evil like Ganon was, not because he was a Demon Clansmen serving their master like Twinrova, Veran, Onox, Ghirahim and Cole were, not because he was a demonic being of chaos like Majora and Bellum.

None of all that. Vaati was just a mortal. A mortal who was evil, and ascended to become a Demon God because he wanted to.

The main story follows Link, a boy/man who leaves his comfortable home at 12/17 to save Hyrule/Zelda/The World from Ganondorf/Vaati/The Imprisoned/Ghirahim/Onox/Veran/Agahnim by collecting/rescuing three/four/six/eight gems/maidens/pieces of Triforce/shards of Triforce/shards of Mirror/Instruments/map pieces/sacred flames/Fused Shadows/Sages/Fairies/Giants (circle all that apply).
—  Uncyclopedia on “The Legend of Zelda”
30 Day classic Zelda drawing Challenge

This blog, once dedicated to the first four Zelda games, now covers all of the Legend of Zelda games in the Downfall timeline. That includes The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, A Link Between Worlds, and on rare occasions, Ocarina of Time. And now we have our own drawing challenge. Each day is based off of a quote from one of the games.

Feel free to bend the rules a little. I’d very much appreciate tagging this “classic zelda drawing”, along with any other tags, so that I can reblog the artwork here. Good luck, I can’t wait to see what comes of this.

Day 1 - It’s Dangerous to go alone! Draw Link obtaining any one of his swords from any of the downfall games.

Day 2 - Can Hyrule’s destiny really depend on such a lazy boy? Draw Link asleep or just waking up.

Day 3 - Tres Bien! I see you have recovered all of the leaves! Draw a crossover with Link, and another character from the 8 and 16 bit era.

Day 4 - Do not go south without a candle! Draw Link exploring someplace dark.

Day 5 - I am Error! Draw a minor NPC character from one of the downfall games.

Day 6 - It’s a secret to everybody! Draw a scene set in one of the downfall games with “It’s a secret to everybody!” as dialogue written into it.

Day 7 - Zelda is your… Draw a first meeting between Link and Zelda

Day 8 - I got to meet a real, live, genuine hero! Draw your favorite side character from one of the downfall games!

Day 9 - Wow! This is a nice chest! Draw Link obtaining or using your favorite item from the downfall games.

Day 10 - I believe that a hero will rescue them… Draw one of the sages from A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, or Ocarina of Time.

Day 11 - Buy something will ya? Draw Link in a shop from one of the downfall games.

Day 12 - Please look up the manual for details.  Redraw your own take on any sprite of your choosing from one of the NES, SNES, Gameboy, or Gameboy Color Zelda games.

Day 13 - It is an endless cycle of life… the changing seasons! Draw a character from a downfall game in a scene emphasizing Spring, Autumn, Winter, or Summer. 

Day 14 - I got startled when they asked for my banana. Draw Link riding Epona, Moosh, Ricky, or Dimitri. 

Day 15 - If all else fails, use fire! Draw Link using a magic spell or a magic item.

Day 16 - Grumble Grumble… Draw one of the regular enemies from one of the downfall games.

Day 17 - What? You’re dating Rosa?  Draw a character pairing you like, it can be romantic or a platonic friendship piece if you prefer.

Day 18 - If Ambi is slain, Ralph will never exist!  Draw an alternate reality. 

Day 19 - Don’t think us noble sea Zoras the same as those savage, vulgar river Zoras! Draw one of the many races from the downfall games. Get creative and make it into your own character!

Day 20 - Please Remember this song! And remember me! Draw a scene in the downfall games involving music.

Day 21 - Eyes of Ganon are everywhere. Draw one of the bosses from the downfall games.

Day 22 - I can restore your Health. Draw Link recuperating after a battle

Day 23 - Guess what? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself? Draw Link getting into some kind of trouble.

Day 24 - You’re a boy! You don’t need it. Draw a character in a downfall game as a different gender.

Day 25 - The Wizard is an inhuman fiend with strong magical powers! Draw Dark Link, Aganhim, Nightmare, Onox, Varan, or Yuga.

Day 26 - Spectacle Rock is an entrance to Death! Draw the King of Evil, Ganon.

Day 27 - It’s an essence that transcends history.  Draw a Link from one of the downfall games in the art style of a non downfall game, or vise-versa.  

Day 28 - The Destiny of this land is in your hands. Draw a landscape from somewhere in the downfall games

Day 29 - When I discovered you Link, my heart skipped a beat! Design your very own incarnation of the hero, Link. You don’t have to use the downfall games as inspiration, just do what you want.

Day 30 - Thanks Link! You’re the hero of Hyrule! As your final drawing, draw a celebration! Be sure to include Link and Zelda, and anyone else you’d like!

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Playing some LoZ: oracle of seasons. This scene is funny or disturbing if you let your mind wonder a bit even though Din’s just upset about what Onox’s evil plans with her are.

I’m actually a bit surprised I’ve never seen any fan art of this particular scene. I wish she could be used in more zelda games even if  her role was just as a standing around npc with one line of dialog.