Commission! It’s Onox from Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. 

The character wears a helmet the whole time and we never see what he looks like underneath (I think, I’ve never played this particular Zelda game so what do I know), so the commissioner had me base his head shape off of another character and the bulging eyes off of the Gerudo game models inside the Iron Knuckle.

Playing some LoZ: oracle of seasons. This scene is funny or disturbing if you let your mind wonder a bit even though Din’s just upset about what Onox’s evil plans with her are.

I’m actually a bit surprised I’ve never seen any fan art of this particular scene. I wish she could be used in more zelda games even if  her role was just as a standing around npc with one line of dialog.

 “As you know, if I imprison the Oracle of Seasons and bury the temple that houses the Season Spirits, the seasons of Holodrum will be cast into chaos, the bountiful gifts of nature will rot, and all living this will perish!!! That is the world of darkness that I long for!" 

-General Onox, "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons”