Gay things for Jesse



Kill Your Darlings- About the new beat generation of poets in the 1940s, with Daniel Radcliffe and Dane Dehaan. Fucking 11/10

The Danish Girl- About a trans woman in the 1920s. Excellent.

Carol- About lesbians in the 50s. I’ve not seen it but by all accounts it’s very good.

Wilde- About Oscar Wilde, the god of the bisexuals. With Stephen Fry and Jude Law.

4th Man Out- Not historical but quite lighthearted and fun. About a guy who comes out to his very straight friends.

Gods and Monsters- Sir Ian Mckellen. That’s all.

Christopher and his Kind- 1930s gays with Matt Smith, who is made for period drama.

Out in the Dark- Not historical but about two men on either side of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. It’s only available with English subtitles but it will make you cry. 11/10

The Road To El Dorado: It’s not explicit but it’s gay as fuck. It’s even better when you know they originally intended the two main characters to be together and it really really shows.

TV shows:

Call the Midwife: 1950/60s midwives and has lesbians later on

Orange is the New Black: Lots of queer characters

Black Mirror: San Junipero is one of the best gay things I’ve ever seen and it’s an hour and a half so it’s basically a movie

Orphan Black: Has multiple queer characters and is very good for binging.

Brooklyn Nine Nine: Captain and Holt and Kevin are amazing. 


Proxy- Sci Fi and one of my favourite books ever. Main character is gay and it’s mentioned many times.

Giovani’s Room- Period about a guy who falls in love with a guy named Giovanni. I don’t remember much about it but it’s good.

The Picture of Dorian Gray- Not explicit but the gayest fucking book in the world to anyone with eyes.

Percy Jackson- Excellent series and lots of representation towards the end of the series.