Kurobasu Cup 2015

Bullet points before I crash…. (grateful for Silver Week, let me tell you!)

Zakki is freakin’ adorable, whether singing, being scared of Tetsuya2 in the mini drama, or his continual “Sumimasens!” The video for his song had the cutest animated mushrooms.

Hatano was absolutely hysterical in Reo-mode.

Fukuyama Jun was the surprise guest!

Kimura kept sneaking on to the stage during Hoshi’s song. And Suwabe crashed Zakki’s, and shot capsules into the crowd.

Kamiya had one of the Akashi chickens (you know, the eggs) and was carrying it around.

For both the Midorima-Takeo duet and the finale, Tattsun and OnoD had the bike and cart … and a giant stuffed penguin.

Ohsaka Ryouta, bless him, was jealous of everyone who got to sing, since he doesn’t have any KnB songs.

During the finale, most of the cast were put on platforms and wheeled around the arena. Kiiyan was within feet of me … but facing the wrong way. Augh!

During the drama, Aomine got to comment on how awesome Alex’s breasts are.

We got to watch a little bit of the 75.5 OVA (Taiga and Himuro cooking!)

Movie! There’s going to be a movie. No details yet.

Kiiyan and his faithful pupp-er, Ono Yuuki sang their mostly English duet, Blue Sky Memories. So cute! Kiiyan didn’t abuse OnoPin, but actually put his arm around him, which made the crowd go wild. Kiiyan also sang Any Time, Any Place.

Pyrotechnics for the Aomine-Kise duet.

Granrodeo finished things up (before the finale) by singing all of Memories and Can Do, and a medley of The Other Self, Punky Funky Love, Hengen Jizai and Rim Fire. Kiiyan’s outfit was amazing. White and leopard print jacket, leopard print shirt, black leggings, black skirt with leopard print trim and some seriously sexy boots.

So glad to FINALLY see OnoD on stage. Plus first time for Masuda Toshiki, Hamada Kenji, Ohsaka Ryouta, Inoue Go, Nojima Hirofumi (so CUTE as Tetsuya2) and Zakki.

Ono Kensho, sweetie, cried his eyes out at the night show (and, from what I hear, the day show). He’s definitely grateful to KnB (as is Kiiyan – who gave profuse thanks during the GR set).