the ladies of kimberly’s pull-list - 8/28/13 - part 1

featuring: bobbi morse, iris west, carol danvers, kate bishop, darla deering, illyana rasputin, medusalith amaquelin, rogue, sif, hisako ichiki, yelena belova, mera, onome, gaea, jessica drew


It’s hot outside, so why not go out to your local comics shop to read about other people beating the heat? Today FF issue 9 hits the stands! It’s the pool party issue, featuring art by yours truly, with lush colors by Laura Allred and a brilliant story by Matt Fraction.

Summer is heeeeere.

Above are a few more teases from the book, pre-Allred colors. Enjoy!


the ladies of kimberly’s pull-list - 7/31/13 - part 1

featuring: rachel grey, jessica drew, onome, ruth aldine, annabelle riggs, jubilation lee, angela, rogue, carol danvers, clea, roxanne washington, tong, jean grey, kitty pryde, misty knight, cluster, medusalith amaquelin, megan gwynn