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I know that @higharollakockamamie has done amazing translations for ffxv’s comic anthology already, but I really liked this story about Noct and the black chocobo, so I scanlated it xD (I should’ve finished this weeks ago but I didn’t bc I love procrastinating orz)

Comments from author Hanten Sharoh (反転シャロウ): When it comes to FFXV, I’m all about the side quests! And the bounty hunts! So I smashed my passion into the script of this manga. The side quest related to the black chocobo was especially heartwarming, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has not done it yet!

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A very very simple comic about a certain scene from the second novel! Actually it’s the first comic I’ve ever completed, so don’t expect much… ^_^”

Also, it ended up being kinda unfaithful to the original, since I was dumb enough to misread the kanjis and swap the words “cigarettes” and “matches”! orz

By the time I noticed the error, the comic was already close to completion (and it had escalated quickly), so in the end I guessed that finishing and uploading it was more constructive than just slamming my head on the wall…  Just take it as a personal interpretation. >v>”””

ATTENTION: there are HUGE spoilers from the fourth chapter of the novel, and no, it’s not the ending. You’ll eventually understand what it’s all about once you’ll read this part in the novel, so please, proceed with caution since this comic is very straightforward.

Read from right -> left.

Japanese (and better looking) version on my pixiv–>x.

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anonymous asked:

i had a dream last night that erika put the onomatopoeia "slucka-slucka" in her comic and it was for like sucking dick hard i think im scarred either way

Surprisingly her comic on how to suck dick didn’t have any weird sound effects.

[Undertale Comic] Happy Ending

A comic regarding the act of deleting appdata after finishing genocide route.

aka. Evil Player >:D

(was originally posted in korean websites. Sorry guys my english skill is kinda mediocre to translate the onomatopoeias too ;+;)

(ps 2. since i draw all my comics in long scroll format, it was really difficult to adjust to tumblr’s 500x750 pix thing x( I hope I can be better at this…) 


This one is harder to practice than most international sounds, because you have to be unconscious to do it. But I think if you try hard enough you probably could.

The french one includes the sounds for inhaling (RON) and exhaling (PCHI).
I have a great amount of respect for any language that put that much thought into the sound snoring makes.

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Rune Factory 4 Manga: Jealousy

This is another Dylas/Frey manga by Shinobu. (This one also features Leon in a prominent role.) Translated and reposted with permission.

The original is [here].
You can also find this translated [here].
There is a second part to this manga, but it contains adult material and therefore I will not be translating it. 

A few things:

  • Dylas and Frey are dating.
  • Again, sorry for the poor quality. 
  • My Japanese is not perfect. I tend to have difficulty recognising Japanese idioms, so those usually get translated literally.
  • The images are actually larger than they appear on the blog. Save them or copy the URL to see a bigger version.
  • I did not mirror it, so remember to read the panels starting with the top right corner of the page.
  • I tried to keep it as close to the original Japanese as possible. Therefore, the characters’ speech styles might not be exactly the same as they would be in the English version of the game.
  • Once again I am very, very grateful to Shinobu for allowing me to share this manga with the English-speaking world!
  • I do accept translation requests, but I need the permission of the original artist to make and post a translation. Not all artists will grant permission (especially if the artist and I aren’t yet acquainted), and if they don’t want their work translated and/or reposted, I will respect their wishes. Also, I will not translate manga with adult material.

Without further ado, the rest of the comic!

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How much meaning is there just in sounds? How much are words alike across languages? In this week’s episode, we talk about the arbitrariness of the sign: how our sounds don’t have to connect to the meanings they do, how much cases like onomatopoeia serve as a counter to the random matching of words, and whether individual sounds or syllables carry their own semantic punch.

Here’s a fun topic with some really cool old and new research in it! Looking forward to hearing what people have to say.