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Owari no Seraph Stage Summary

Just finished the Owari no Seraph stage event! It was amazing!
While we were waiting, they aired ep 1 and 24 in their big screen and everyone was so entranced watching it, it made my heart hurt to see Mika in pain…
So, for Ono Kensho, when he was asked what was like portraying Mika, he said that for the vampire, Yuu-chan was like his last hope, someone irreplaceable… And he said something else but the next memory made me forget everything (sorry)

Kensho: And you know that Yuu-chan is the main character and that Owari is about his story, but you can always see Mika in the back *mimicking someone who pokes his head through a corner* saying “Yuu-chan!” *mimicks someone poking his head though the window* “Yuu-chan!” *mimicks more stalkerish actions* “Yuu-chan!”, and that was a bit funny to act, like Mika is always behind Yuu-chan and thinking of him!
It was like watching a real-life experience of Serapuchi lol Kensho just admitted Mika has stalker tendencies with Yuu-chan!

Yuuki Aoi always emphasising how Mika is like a son to her, and as she said in the scene when Mika first drank from Krul after he was converted (her favourite Krul scene), “Mika is like a small kitten who refuses to eat his food and you can’t help but worry about what can you do to make him eat!”
And according to Kagami-sensei, the story will develop quite quickly and excitingly from now onwards! (I don’t know if I should be excited or scared u.u)


I’ve seen sooo many pictures of Kamiya Hiroshi since last week… Of course, it was his birthday and I kind of felt bad for not drawing anything.

So I found this one, and they look so funny on it, I was like “Hey, fancy Midorima and Akashi doing the same !”

… And this is how things got odd.

——- You can read this or just ignore it ———

I wish that the news about Kamiya Hiroshi’s marriage and child wasn’t true.

Kamiya Hiroshi is one of the seiyuu that choose to keep quiet about his private life. About his family, his marriage, or his children; he only wants to protect them and their normal life. And it was ruined by some raunchy gossip magazine like this!

(FLASH, 12 July 2016)

Kamiya knows how crazy and unreasonable, fans could be. That’s maybe why he keep quiet about it!

I am angry.

What if she isn’t Nakamura-sensei? What if that cute little girl on the internet is not his? His or not, they don’t deserve to feel scared and threatened because of Kamiya’s crazy fans!

So I wish that the news wasn’t true. And just let Kamiya Hiroshi decide it by himself, when and how he will share his happiness with his fans. Kamiya himself, and not some Japanese playboy magazine. 


Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest


Like Kamiya Hiroshi stayed during the worst time of Ono Daisuke’s life, I know he’ll do the same to his beloved friend :) maybe we shouldn’t worry at all.

I am not done because yuuki kaji voices takumi so I did what I had to do


Kurobasu Cup 2015

Bullet points before I crash…. (grateful for Silver Week, let me tell you!)

Zakki is freakin’ adorable, whether singing, being scared of Tetsuya2 in the mini drama, or his continual “Sumimasens!” The video for his song had the cutest animated mushrooms.

Hatano was absolutely hysterical in Reo-mode.

Fukuyama Jun was the surprise guest!

Kimura kept sneaking on to the stage during Hoshi’s song. And Suwabe crashed Zakki’s, and shot capsules into the crowd.

Kamiya had one of the Akashi chickens (you know, the eggs) and was carrying it around.

For both the Midorima-Takeo duet and the finale, Tattsun and OnoD had the bike and cart … and a giant stuffed penguin.

Ohsaka Ryouta, bless him, was jealous of everyone who got to sing, since he doesn’t have any KnB songs.

During the finale, most of the cast were put on platforms and wheeled around the arena. Kiiyan was within feet of me … but facing the wrong way. Augh!

During the drama, Aomine got to comment on how awesome Alex’s breasts are.

We got to watch a little bit of the 75.5 OVA (Taiga and Himuro cooking!)

Movie! There’s going to be a movie. No details yet.

Kiiyan and his faithful pupp-er, Ono Yuuki sang their mostly English duet, Blue Sky Memories. So cute! Kiiyan didn’t abuse OnoPin, but actually put his arm around him, which made the crowd go wild. Kiiyan also sang Any Time, Any Place.

Pyrotechnics for the Aomine-Kise duet.

Granrodeo finished things up (before the finale) by singing all of Memories and Can Do, and a medley of The Other Self, Punky Funky Love, Hengen Jizai and Rim Fire. Kiiyan’s outfit was amazing. White and leopard print jacket, leopard print shirt, black leggings, black skirt with leopard print trim and some seriously sexy boots.

So glad to FINALLY see OnoD on stage. Plus first time for Masuda Toshiki, Hamada Kenji, Ohsaka Ryouta, Inoue Go, Nojima Hirofumi (so CUTE as Tetsuya2) and Zakki.

Ono Kensho, sweetie, cried his eyes out at the night show (and, from what I hear, the day show). He’s definitely grateful to KnB (as is Kiiyan – who gave profuse thanks during the GR set).

is anyone else with executive dysfunction protective of the chores they’ve been given?

Say for example someone told you to wash the dishes. due to executive dysfunction you don’t get it done immediately. Then someone (maybe the person who told you to wash the dishes in the first place) tries to do it so that it gets done and you’re like No NO NON ONO I was going to do that!!!!

This is me. a lot

I think it’s a defense mechanism against the idea that I’m lazy or that I’m not interested in doing chores, or that I don’t do enough to help.

like if I ACTUALLY didn’t want to do the dishes i’d just let somebody else do them. but i do want to do the dishes so i want to make sure the person who does them is me.

As previously stated, Egu’s been having trouble finding 10km eggs on Pokemon GO. A bunch of people, the most notable one being OnoKen, do not have this same problem, and have been gleefully rubbing this in his face.

Let me tell you right now…it gets worse.

egutakuya: No, that’s weird.
onoyuki19840622: This guy for whom it happens habitually is grinning [at you].


KuroBasCup 2015

(NEW) Shimazaki Nobunaga
(NEW) Masuda Toshiki
(NEW) Ohsaka Ryota
Ono Kensho, Ono Yuuki, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Eguchi Takuya, Inoue Go, Kimura Ryohei, Ono Daisuke, Suwabe Junichi, Suzumura Kenichi, Hoshi Souichirou, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Taniyama Kishou


Tabitomo Vol.3 w/guests Ishikawa Kaito & Saito Soma

Ono Kensho and Ishikawa Kaito going on round 2 for eating away as much as they can, the large fugashi stick in 10 seconds. (It’s just the two of them now because the last session they were tied with having the same amount of the fugashi stick left. Soma didn’t manage to catch up so he got eliminated but instead Soma got to watch and gave some advice to Kaito.)

Note: Fugashi - Is a dried wheat gluten snack that is covered in brown sugar and is in a form of a stick.

Saito Soma: What an amazing site I’m seeing here. Just shove it in your mouth, you’ll have a chance on winning if you do. Just shove it down. 

Best mistake (masterpost)

Tytuł: Best Mistake

Autor: story-north

Opis: Louis wierzy w prawdziwą miłość, jest przekonany że gdzieś na świecie żyje ktoś kto jest mu przeznaczony. W jego życiu pojawi się jednak osoba, która pozbawi go tych złudzeń.

Albo: Louis wierzy w prawdziwą miłość, dopóki nie spotka na swojej drodze Harrego Stylesa.

Dodatkowe informacje: AU (One Direction nie istnieje), Fantasy

Od autorki: Trochę chaotyczne, ale to moje pierwsze kilkuczęściowe ff :) Miłego czytania! Ach, no i jestem dumna z tego nagłówka :D

-> Przeczytaj na Ao3 <-

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Ono Daisuke singing "Let It Go" in DGS

Ono is singing “Let It Go” for Kamiya in his birthday.

—-“Kamiya-San. Please keep living, together with me.” Said Ono in the show.

(DGS is a radio show hosted by Kamiya and Ono. )

Huh… Why am I shipping real people?? OwO
Well, when you search “Ono Kamiya” in the web, you will see they have cooperated in tons of animes and many of them are very well-known. The most popular pairs voiced by them are “Shizaya”, “Eruri”, “MidoAka”… And they have done cooperation in a BL drama series called “Kotonoha No Hana”. OMG I’m so fond of this pair right now 0/////0


Banpresto Lab w/guest Ono Kensho!

Suzumura Kenichi & Ohsaka Ryota try out their interpretation of break dancing to Ono Kensho! (Translation Version) (RAW Version)

Suzumura Kenichi: Ok, ok. Come over here.
Ohsaka Ryota: Place your butt here.
Ono Kensho: My butt?
Suzumura Kenichi & Ohsaka Ryota: Yes, place your butt there. Ok, good.
Suzumura Kenichi: Come a little bit closer.
Ono Kensho: Over here?
Suzumura Kenichi: Yup, that’s good. Ok, here we go.
Ono Kensho: Eh? What? What? Eh?! Eh?! Wait a second! Wait a sec!
[Staff laughing]
Suzumura Kenichi: And lastly we need a finishing pose. Something like this.
[Everyone laughing while Kensho’s in a daze]