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The Messiah Project: A Compilation Guide of the Existing Works

Because I am still obsessed with the Messiah Project. xD

Messiah World Intro: http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/73787350142/image-credits-matsuda-ryos-blog-entry-dated

In the “Messiah World Intro” post (link above), I translated some info from the promotional material about the world that Messiah is set in. I also briefly mentioned that the Messiah Project is a “mixed-media form of story telling”.

In this post, I will list down the timeline for the various media that make up the Messiah Project (that I know of anyway xD).

In 2010, the Messiah Project was launched with a novel entitled, “Messiah ~ Special Public Security Bureau Section Five ~” (*Edited according to the official English translation provided :D).

This is considered by fans to be the source material. According to blog reports, it was originally a web novel, but has since been published as a paperback.

Within the same year, two Drama CDs were released. These were “Messiah ~ Liar Night ~” and “Messiah ~ Christmas Trap ~” starring the voice acting talents of Uchiyama Kouki (Kaidou Eiri), Hino Satoshi (Mitsumi Haku), Fukuyama Jun (Shiba Shuushuke) and Namikawa Daisuke (Gojyo Souma).

In 2011, a special book entitled, “Messiah the Movie” was released. This book is said to be a book companion to the previous works in the Messiah Project, which provided more information on the characters and the world in general.

In that same year (and in 2012), two volumes of manga was released. These were entitled, “Messiah ~ Seiiki Ishuu ~”.

For anyone interested in reading the manga, it can be found here:

[Updated 2015.06.08] Link: http://www.raindrops.in-assumption.com/projects/messiah-seiiki-ishuu/

This is probably one of the few works in the Messiah Project that I have actually read/watched. Initially, I was taken aback at the obvious difference in the manga compared to the other works in the project, but reading around, I discovered that long-time fans of the Messiah series consider this manga to be an alternate universe (AU) to the actual series. Tentatively completed at 2 volumes, it has an added supernatural element that isn’t present in the previous materials.

Also within that same year, the live action movie entitled, “Messiah” was released. Directed by Kaneko Shunsuke (of the “Death Note” fame), it starred Arai Atsushi (Kaidou Eiri), Inoue Masahiro (Mitsumi Haku), Kinomoto Minehiro (Shiba Shuusuke) and Jinnai Shou (Gojyo Souma) as the Messiah team, and Takahashi Ryuuki as Shimada Fumikazu.

For anyone interested in watching the movie, it can be found here:

Online streaming link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzg3MDA4MzYw.html

Mostly based on the manga (without the supernatural elements), it has been commented that this movie is a standalone work that can kind of fit into the original world of the Messiah Project. Personally, I loved the movie; rather than focus on the partnerships between the Sakura members, the movie instead looked at the developing relationship between Kaidou Eiri and Shimada Fumikazu, and how Eiri’s actual role as a spy (whose job was to get close to Fumikazu because of the latter’s relationship with a member of the terrorist organization that Sakura was after) affected them both.

In 2013, the Messiah Project was once again brought to life with the stage play, “Messiah ~ Dou no Shou ~”. Starring Matsuda Ryo (Kaidou Eiri), Ono Kento (Mitsumi Haku), Hamao Kyosuke (Shiba Shuusuke) and Ota Motohiro (Gojyo Souma), it would be the first work in the series featuring the new Messiah team.

For anyone interested in “Dou no Shou”, it can be found here:

Download link (stage play): http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/120258379761/dld-messiah-dou-no-shou

[Updated 2015.06.08] Download link (cast comments): http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/120819079106/dld-messiah-dou-no-shou-backstage-extras

This stage play was the first full work of the Messiah Project that I had the opportunity to watch, and until now, for various reasons, remains my favourite work in the series. Centered around the partnership between Kaidou Eiri and Mitsumi Haku (their respective pasts, and the connection between them that built up to a heart-rending climax in the stage play), it also has some incredible moments for Shiba Shuusuke and Gojyo Souma (whose partnership is also fairly new) and tells of the escalating conflict between the Northern Union and the Japanese government.

Directly related to the stage play is the movie “Messiah ~ Shikkoku no Shou ~”. Despite being released right after the stage play, the events of the movie are set a month before the events in “Dou no Shou”. Starring the new Messiah team, it is centered around the partnership between Shiba Shuusuke and Gojyo Souma, and the failed mission that brought them together as each other’s Messiahs. 

[Updated 2015.03.21] The download link for "Messiah ~ Shikkoku no Shou ~“ (the movie and the making): http://rz-jocelyn.tumblr.com/post/108261955611/dld-messiah-shikkoku-no-shou-movie-and

As a bonus companion to both "Dou no Shou” and “Shikkoku no Shou”, the event “Messiah ~ Aka Hachisu no Shou ~” was held. It was a talk show where fans got the chance to interact with the cast of both the stage play and the movie as they discussed various aspects of their participation in the Messiah Project.

The second bonus event “Messiah ~ Kouhaku no Shou ~” was held a few months later. Similar to “Aka Hachisu no Shou”, this event was a cast talk show.

In 2014 (the most recent Messiah Project work that ended on 19th January 2014), Hamao Kyosuke (Shiba Shuusuke), Ota Motohiro (Gojyo Souma), Matsuda Ryo (Kaidou Eiri) and Ono Kento (Mitsumi Haku) returned for yet another stage play entitled, “Messiah ~ Hakugin no Shou ~”. Set directly after the events of “Dou no Shou”, this stage play saw the introduction of Eiri and Haku’s junior Church students, Kidai (Hashimoto Shouhei) and Emiya (Sakano Eishin), and Shuusuke and Souma participating in their graduation mission. In many ways, this stage play was a particularly emotional one. In-universe, Eiri, Haku, Shuusuke and Souma faced their first real farewell with Shuusuke and Souma’s graduation. In real life, this stage play was the last stage for Hamao Kyosuke, who recently announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.

The download link for “Hakugin no Shou” can be found here: http://kirakirakuragepyon.tumblr.com/post/89963654855/dld-messiah-hakugin-no-shou

For anyone who is interested in updates on the Messiah Project, please feel free to check out the official website: http://www.clie.asia/messiah/

Image credits and information source: http://ameblo.jp/pika-kira-kirara/entry-11488853712.html


Hakuouki Musical - HAKU-MYU LIVE

Scans from the DVD booklet. Sorry for the RAW® scans though :p No time to edit them. 

Look at those boys! NGHHHlakjshdkajhlsjkdhakjsd. I cannot waaaaaaaait to watch.