Hakuouki Musical - HAKU-MYU LIVE

Scans from the DVD booklet. Sorry for the RAW® scans though :p No time to edit them. 

Look at those boys! NGHHHlakjshdkajhlsjkdhakjsd. I cannot waaaaaaaait to watch. 

The Messiah Project: Need MESSIAH? [updated 260614]

1. Sakura members will hold their silence in protection of the Church.

2. Sakura members who leave / graduate from the Church will have no contact with the Church.

3. Sakura members will not aid / rescue another Sakura member who has failed in their mission. 

4. Sakura members will not become friends or lovers.

However, there is one person who is an exception to rules 3 and 4, and that is: their Messiah. 

Source: rz-jocelyn@tumblr

Okay here, the compilation of links to important posts on Messiah. The links and posts came from my butai/stageplay/Messiah senpai, Lyn rz-jocelyn (eh? Lyn wa chii no Messiah? *kicked* XD). 

Basically it is a butai/stageplay. Starred by 4 stageprinces *dead dolphin squee*: Matsuda Ryo, Ono Kento, Hamao Kyousuke, Ota Motohiro. They are trainees in a secret organization, Sakura. Set in Japan during world reformation, with ‘information’ as their main weapon. The highlight is however, the relationship between them - Messiah partnership! I’m bad at explaining sooo.. I’ll link you to appropriate posts to my precious friend/senpai because she did lotsa posts on Messiah! ^^

1) Messiah’s synopsis: HERE

2) Existing Messiah’s Works so far: HERE

3) If you need to watch the Stageplay:

  • 1st: Messiah ~Dou no Shou~: HERE
  • 2nd: Messiah ~Hakugin no Shou~: HERE *new*

4) If you need the interview after the watch: HERE

5) Track the tag on her blog: HERE

6) Messiah Character BG Series (may contain spoiler):

  • Kaidou Eiri (Matsuda Ryo): HERE
  • Mistsumi Haku (Ono Kento): HERE
  • Gojou Souma (Ota Motohiro): HERE
  • Shiba Shuusuke (Hamao Kyousuke): HERE

(spoiler is helpful in case if you cant catch what’s happening in the movie/stageplay because it is complicated - atleast it is for me XD)

There you go~ :p I hope that helps your curiousity! \(^_____^)/ J