Sigrun/Tuuri - Asking / for the best thing I stole back / from the dead

“Can’t I beat up the horror swan again instead?” Sigrun mutters the moment her foot touches Keuruu soil. “That’ll be easier than asking nicely.”

“O-only if you let me go back to sleep. If I’m dead again and you’re dead again, Onni can’t kill us.” Her fingers clench around Sigrun’s with the desperation of a vice. She’s marched Sigrun through everything she knows for the feat ahead, all the customs and proper behaviour that she knows, and still feels terribly unprepared.

“No way!” Sigrun says, loud enough for several heads to turn as they leave the docks behind them. She’s found resolve - or at least bravery - somewhere in herself as they walk. “Swan, owl, what’s the difference if it’s about keeping you? I broke out from Hel into Tuonela and brought you back from the dead. He can’t say no!” Tuuri is suddenly glad that no one in her old home is likely to understand Norwegian.

“He’s my brother,” Tuuri says and tiptoes for a kiss. “And he’ll probably cry. “And, she adds, "if you beat him up, he’ll never let you marry me.”