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i think youre v ccool ricken !! youre one of my fav mutuals and it alwayss makes me happy to see you on my dash ! i like how affectionate and sweet you are and i think youre one of the nicest ppl i know?? wow ily ricken !!

t hannk uu fi onnna !!!!!!! Iii lov. E eyou fionna a !! 😊😊💕 #friend pda


Siberian dog Tally. Her parents were cats. So she behaves as if she were a cat!

TBH, I’ve never seen as endeering a dog as she!

She’s doing 箱座り (hako zuwari, “cat loaf”). She’s inside a box. I’ve never seen dogs wanting to get inside a box!

I feel like hugging her!

It’s so rare, that I feel like that.

She captured my heart!

What made me feel like that?

That’s not because she’s a “dog”.

That’s not because she’s pretty as a “dog”.

But because her “catty” nature she’s exhibiting through her postures and behaviros captivate me.

I like cats inside and out. I just confirmed it, while admiring the photos of Tally.

When I’m being captivated by the pics of Tally, I’m also being captivated by the invisible cat!

It’s metaphysical. I’m prone to be enchanted by metaphysical cat, so to speak.

The same thing could be applied to “Why are we captivated by women?”

I find girliness when girls see beautiful flowers and are admiring.

I find girliness when they are hugging plushies and dolls.

I like women when they see me feeling not good, and ask, are you alright?

Of course men do the same things, but these are typical girls’ things.

If I write this kind of things feminists will jump on me and attack me.

I don’t care. I cherish “girliness” “Girly behaviors peculiar to girls”.

Have you heard of 女形 (Onnna gata) of Kabuki 歌舞伎?

Kabuki is a traditional theatrical play. It’s only played by men, and women are not allowed (you could watch as audience though!).

All the female roles are played by men, naturally.

Onna gata attracts a lot of fans, both men and women.

They are attracted by “girliness” acted by men.

They say, these actors are more girlier than women themselves.

If they are great in acting “girliness” “femininess”, that’s because they are good at extracting the essence of girliness and act it superbly.

Just like Tally, the Siberian Dog. Although she learned it not on purpose!

Atsuro Watabe

Atsuro Watabe’s height is 5ft 10.75in (1.8 m) Atsuro Watabe is a Japanese actor.

Best Known For Movie: The Flowers of War Born: May 5, 1968 , Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Filmography: Kageri Yuku Natsu (2015), ST: Aka to Shiro no Sôsa File the Movie (2015), ST ~ Aka to Shiro no Sôsa File (2014), Money Wars (2015), Out Burn: Marubo no onnna deka Yagami Eiko (2014), Bitter Blood (2014),…

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