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Anime Joshi Ouchi Cafe-bu

Bringing up the subject of massaging with Hatano Wataru and more! (Note: Hatano Wataru is massaging the chicken that he cut up and placed inside a plastic bag with some other ingredients)

Yasumoto Hiroki: You’re massaging that real well. Going in right there, massaging that.

Hatano Wataru: I’m massaging it really good.

Yasumoto Hiroki: Massage that real good!

Yoshino Hiroyuki: Massaging is your specialty, right?

Hatano Wataru: Yes, massaging is my specialty.

Yasumoto Hiroki + Yoshino Hiroyuki:
How much do you like it?

Hatano Wataru: Ehh…

Yasumoto Hiroki + Yoshino Hiroyuki:
Which once do you use to massage? (hands)

Hatano Wataru: Well strength wise, I’m a righty.

Yasumoto Hiroki: What cup would you like to massage?

Yoshino Hiroyuki: That’s right.

Hatano Wataru: Ahh but for me since I like girls with small breasts…

Yoshino Hiroyuki: Crap, ever since we were talking about cups, I wonder how many cups I put in here (the pot).

Everyone: LOL


Anime Joshi Ouchi Cafe-bu

Yoshino Hiroyuki’s gets asked by their guest on what type of woman does he like? And his answer is?

Hatano Wataru: Yoshino-san, what type of woman do you like? (Note: This question is asked by their guest)

Yoshino Hiroyuki: A woman who has big boobs. And umm… A woman who is perverted.

Hatano Wataru: Are you a high schooler?!
(Note: This is their guest’s answer)