🏃 I just love my strong legs and the fact that they carry me through all of these long and hard runs. I pushed myself today, ran 3.5 km straight and got a new best time 🏃

19.2/40 km in March 

80.8/500 km in 2017


After being out and drinking alcohol for two days, I wasn’t sure that I was gonna be able to run, so I decided to go out in my running clothes and planned a long route that I could walk.

The moment I stepped out my front door I wanted to run, and i ended up running the first 2 km at a good tempo, then walking the rest 3 km home. It was a pretty run/walk and I really needed it to feel less bloated and full from all the greasy stuff I have been eating the last days.

This weeks goals
  • Run 2 times (try to make it longer runs)
  • Do home yoga exercises 

So I have decided to take it easy with the running this week, because I got a lot of things to do, and it feels like my legs could use it. But i did a few yoga exercises yesterday, and did a short video today, because it should be really good for ones running form. This is definitely something I wanna start doing as much as possible 💐

Next weeks goal:

Most of the weeks I only go on a run twice. Often this is because of my headache and because I do a lot of different stuff which takes up my time - but this week i really want to go out three times, and then of course try to keep it up the following weeks

So 2 outdoor runs and a sprint run at the treadmill would be perfect.