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✓: i dont like my self, im the only belieber in my town , i live in germany , im to tall -.-

❁: ohlordbieber , yourgold , hikidrauhl  , onlywithbiebs ,ibieberfornia :-) i will make 6  &‘ bekidrauhl

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  1. the last thing that made you cry?when my twin left for a week on a school trip
  2. how long have you had tumblr?since june 2011
  3. coffee or tea?tea of course!
  4. favourite bromance and why?niam cause they’re both so sweet :’)
  5. top 5 songs?moments,more than this,up all night,what makes you beautiful,torn (1D version)
  6. 10 things you love about one direction?humor,voices,looks,how much they care  about us,hotness,cute,sweet,songs,funny,everything about them
  7. favourite food?hm..souvlaki
  8. how many boyfriends have you had?i never had a boyfriend,not even a crush!
  9. your favourite gif?zayn saying “vas happenin’?”
  10. why is Kristina so awesomee!?because she’s everything i could ask for a bff!


1. Would you ever, if you had the chance, push someone you didn’t like off a cliff?no

2. Favourite Colour?blue

3. Fanta or Coke?fanta,i hate coke

4. Boobs or Bum? bum

5. What is your worst fear?heights

6. Would you have a camp out or sleep under a tree?camp out

7. City or Country?city

8. If you were in a sticky situation, who would you call first?my twin

9. Would you break the rules to help a friend?i don’t know,maybe..

10. Do you currently like someone?only Louis

11. Lucky number?7


  1. What time is it, wherever you are?It’s 12:13pm and I’m in Greece,Thessaloniki
  2. What is your best friend’s name?Joanna
  3. How did you meet your best friend?She was leaving next door and our moms introduced us
  4. How would you describe your style?casual,sport
  5. Are your nails done?no
  6. Do you consider yourself materialistic?sometimes
  7. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?playing guitar
  8. What do you see yourself doing in ten years?living in england with my bff’s
  9. Is there anybody that you currently can’t stand?some people..
  10. Do you have a crush on anybody?one word Louis
  11. How would you describe your relationship with your family?we’re really close to eachother


  1. Whats your tags?eleanor calder,gottabeboobear,eleanorcalder-facts,gottabeboobear-psd,one direction
  2. What’s your favorite TV show?grey’s anatomy
  3. Whats your fav song?beez in the trap by nicky minaj at the moment
  4. Converse or Nike?converse
  5. Boys with brown or blonde hair?i can’t coose
  6. If you could change your hair color which would you choose?light red
  7. If you could make 3 wishes they’d be? (have more wishes doesnt count ;D)go to london,meet the boys,marry Louis
  8. Do you read fanfics?yeah when I’m bored
  9. Whats your favorite singer?demi lovato
  10. Do you like Tim Burton  movies?i don’t even know them lol
  11. Have you ever been out of your country?not yet
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  2. Favorite color?
  3. Favorite movie?
  4. Do you cry/laugh easily?
  5. Who inspires you?
  6. Favorite song?
  7. Have you ever kissed someone? if yes how was it?
  8. Do you have siblings?
  9. Do you trust your bff’s?
  10. Lucky numbers?
  11. Are you a good student?
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