it’s that time again helo

ANYWAYS for anyone who missed my complaining yesterday, i was told i actually need more money to fix my license. i live in a small town where the only real way to get to and from where i need to go is by myself, driving. and i really need my license reinstated, i don’t want to be pulled over for it and be in even MORE legal trouble.

so, it’s commission time!! my rates and examples are in the pics and as follows:

$3 black and white
$5 color

flats only

TRANSPARENT IMAGES (for side images and blogs and such):
$12 partial body
$20 full body
again, flats only

$15 first character
$7.50 for each additional character

$40 first character
$10 for each additional character

as for backgrounds or other additional parts, please ask. i have other art examples in my art tag, and on my art blog @purpleflyingwhale

if interested, please e-mail me at

and lastly, even if you can’t commission me, reblog please and get the word out!! thank you!!