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Hihi my glazed donuts!!! (I’ve been great thanks for asking) GUESS WHAT? today I am announcing my first ever awards with a Game of Thrones thematic! I love GoT, you love GoT, Jimmy Fallon loves GoT and probably martians too so why not?

Did I mention that these are birthday awards? Oh yeah that makes them twice as special!

My birthday is on September 17th!!

(in case you wanna write that down) AND I hit 1k so these awards are extremely especial to me! Well, enough chat, let’s get to the nominations :)


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T H E    C H A R A C T H E R S

Daenerys Targaryen= Best overall (2x)

Tyrion Lannister= Best Theme (2x)

Sansa Stark= Best URL (2x)

Margaery Tyrell=   Best Posts (2x)

Jaqen H'ghar= Best extras (2x)

Brienne of Tarth=   Nicest Blogger (1x)

Jon Snow= Personal Favourite (1x)

T H E   P E R K S

  • A follow from me if not already
  • A charming, good looking, and not to mention HELLA FUNNY new friend a.k.a me
  • Q4Q or promos on request for a month (max. 2 per week)
  • A spot in my bubble tab// awards section (under construction)

H I G H E R   C H A N C E S

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  • Banner made by the lovely Haniah (@rehticent), check her blog out (@bannersbyrehticent) and ask for yours! (background found on we heart it)
  • I will be picking on SEPTEMBER 18th, a day after my birthday :)

Love you, pals!

Bella x

If this flops, pretend it never happened :(