greatest lie

the greatest lie i have told myself

was not that 

i loved you

because i know that i loved you.

loved you so loud that your


was the onlyt hing i could hear

when i looked at you.

instead, the greatest lie i told

was that i got rid of you–

and never missed you.

i never missed you because you 

never left my mind

or the crook of my elbow

or in between my shoulders.

there are remnants of you stuck

in the hollows of my bones

and wedged between my teeth.

i am worried 

that other boy sand girls

with their hands ready

to touch me,

will ask me why there are pieces of 

someone else on my skin

and i will have to

continue the lie.

anonymous asked:

hello just a quick question to clarify. do you every of the way we talk in New College of Florida have sm ? i'm familiar with a variety of figures, but i've onlyt heard bad things. and asfar as politics is concerned, the generalk consensis of sociologiy

I’m sorry but I honestly don’t know what you’re asking? Can you clarify what this means?