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Bob Dylan has always loved boxing. At his private boxing club behind his 18th Street Coffee House in Santa Monica Dylan has sparred with the likes of Will Smith, Quentin Tarantino and Mickey Rourke. He visited Manny Pacquiao this week at the wild card gym in Hollywood to wish him well ahead of his rematch with “Desert Storm” Bradley on April 12th.

That’s Ali at the top left filming Dylan in the 70’s. 

onlyinboxing  asked:

Great site man --- What was the first fight that truly blew you away, the fight were you knew you'd have to 'carry the ancient torch'?

Thank you for your kind words! I can’t answer your question in the way you want, though, because I wanted to be a boxer before I ever followed or appreciated the sport. I was a really scrappy kid, the kind who picked fights with bigger boys for kicks. I knew very early on that boxing was the only sport for me - to me, it represented strength of will and martial valor, things very important to me. But my parents, staunchly conservative Christians, disapproved, and so my boxing education was deferred. 

When I reached my teens, I began researching the sport, figuring that even if I couldn’t participate, I could at least appreciate the art. The first fight that struck me was Ali’s first battle with Joe Frazier. As a new student of the sport, all you hear about is that Ali was the greatest of all time, but there he was, beaten in an all-out war. 

I never stopped wanting to be a fighter, but that fight opened my eyes to the drama and glory of the sport. My research began to pick up momentum. I began to check out library books, sift through ancient Sports Illustrated articles and scour YouTube for great fights gone by. The more I learned, the deeper I fell in love with boxing, but there was no gym within twenty-five miles of my hometown.

As soon as I got a car, I drove to New Orleans and joined a boxing gym. I was seventeen. I’ve been a first-hand student of the sweet science ever since.


The cheapest of cheap shots.


Is it just me that thinks that in the 80’s everyone in boxing had a highway of cocaine flowing through them? All the mad crowds (Bowe/Golata Riot) and the violent corner guys (Rooftop Flying Fanman beatdown), they even had cocaine energy drink for god’s sake (Panama Lewis & Aaron Pryor).