Our health care costs include profits. Those profits are in the billions. CEOs are rewarded for creating the most profits.

People are getting rich off sick people. #OnlyInAmerica

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“America is not allowing openly gay boys to be a boy scout.

THEY ARE FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS FOR FUCKS SAKE. If they want to do something they should be allowed to do it regardless of their faith, colour of their skin, gender or even sexual orientation.
Stop discriminating people, America. 
Get your shit together! ”

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The Clock is Ticking...

If Congress does not pass a bill for the upcoming fiscal year by midnight tonight, the government will shut down. 

This is completely outrageous. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, here’s the deal. Republicans are unwilling to fund a program called, “Planned Parenthood,” which helps prevent unplanned pregnancies. They deem this unnecessary, while the Democrats believe that this is a vital part of women’s health. John Boehner, leading the Republican party, refuses to bend to the Democrats’ requests, especially since it will cut his paycheck. In addition, if the government does shut down, he will still continue to be paid. (Hypocrite much?)

Why can’t America, for once, just be a united country? There’s a reason why we’re called the United States of America, not the Separated Countries of America. I am frankly getting tired of the constant bipartisan bickering in this country. It’s not about Republicans or Democrats, it’s about America. I say that we should all stand up and remind the government that. Stop your foolish games and arguing, and be what the government should be, and that’s doing what’s best for this nation.

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Hij heeft gewoon een fucking achtbaan in zijn achtertuin! EEN FUCKING ACHTBAAN. IN DE ACHTERTUIN. IK WIL DAT OOK.  + veel. Nee, + heel veel.