things taylor is:

  • robber
  • phantom
  • thief
  • his daisy
  • his baby
  • the actress starring in your bad dreams
  • his illusionist
  • so chill
  • motown beat
  • a mess (but she’s the mess that he wanted)
  • doing better than she ever was
  • cleaning up bottles with him on new year’s day

things joe is:

  • killer
  • ghost
  • jailor
  • “mine”
  • mansion with a view
  • her magician
  • so cool (it makes her hate him so much)
  • gorgeous
  • king of her heart, body, and soul
  • her one and only
  • her lifeline
  • fit like a daydream
  • fly like a jet stream

anonymous asked:

hi mom i love your work so much!! and also can i request enemies to lovers with our precious red haired mark tuan?

to celebrate their come back!! and mark’s cute hair!! 

  • mark tuan,,,,,becomes a problem in your life because of one reason and one reason only
  • he thinks he’s jackson’s bestfriend
  • which is NOT the case,,,,,not since you spent your childhood with jackson. making fun of each other’s nicknames, scouring the streets for vendors who will give you free food, playing old arcade games, cheering jackson on in his first fencing competitions
  • you had been there through it all - just the way a best friend would 
  • and just because jackson was now an idol, with more than enough friends in korea, didn’t mean you still weren’t number one
  • even when they weren’t allowed to use phones, jackson hand wrote you letters - you were best friends till the end and he was going to debut to make his family proud but also to make you proud
  • so, finally after all four years of got7 doing well, you were visiting and seeing jackson for the first time in korea
  • and it was all going swell till you met mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and it was fine with got7, jaebum seemed more like an older brother - mature and serious, yugyeom and bambam like younger brothers - always looking to jackson for advice and laughs, youngjae was close but not too close, jinyoung seemed to be important to jackson and that was ok because it wasn’t like mark,,,,,,,,,,,
  • whose inside jokes resembled you and jacksons, who had no barrier when it came to closeness and who knew secrets about jackson that you thought only you knew,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t sure what irked you so much,,,,,,people could have more than one best friend,,,,,,you were happy jackson had a loving group of friends,,,,,,but mark freaking tuan
  • who jokingly sat beside you at the table when you all went out to eat and when you introduced yourself as jackson’s best friend went “so am i, and the rest of the world!”
  • you knew he was just being silly, jackson even assured you of this
  • but you weren’t going to lie - the idea of losing jackson stung a lot
  • it was your paranoia eating at you, the fear of being left by the person you considered closest - so you were taking it out on mark
  • cold shoulder, blank stares, all that jazz - but mark didn’t seem to take a hint
  • he smiled at you when you walked into a room, shrugged at your cold shoulders and told jackson he thought you were being ‘cute’
  • he was mocking you - you were sure - it made you dislike him more
  • until jackson finally broke and told you, as you two took a walk by the dorms
  • “you know he isn’t making fun of you.”
  • “who?”
  • you knew who, you just didn’t want to say it
  • “mark. he actually really likes you, and im not even talking in a friend way”
  • your head almost snapped off your neck when you turned to jackson
  • “excuse me?”
  • jackson sighs, stopping to lean against a wall you narrow your eyes and wait for him to explain
  • “i hate being in the middle of these thing-”
  • “jackson ive known you for like eighteen years, i know you love being in the middle of things.”
  • a hint of a smile creeps up on his face
  • “you’re right, i do. but basically mark has liked you since i told him about you. like the guys not very straightforward or talkative, but he isn’t subtle. he literally asked me if you were single the day your flight landed.”
  • you stare at jackson, eyes wide and mouth open in shock
  • jackson laughs and goes “im not even joking, since day one he’s been trying to flirt. why do you hate him so much? i mean ,,,,,”
  • you feel a shiver down your spine,,,,you didn’t want to tell jackson about these dumb feelings you’ve been having
  • “i just,,,,,,,he ,,,,,,,,, he’s your best friend in got7,,,,,,,,and i just,,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,im your best friend too,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jackson stops you with a shake of his head
  • “you’re BOTH my best friends. no need to be jealous, im not going to love either on of you more - you should know im not that kind of person. what did you say, eighteen years?”
  • you scrunch up your nose, but hearing jackson say it makes you realize maybe your thinking was slightly,,,,,,much
  • but also - what the hell how were you supposed to know mark was interested in you,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “i just think you should give him a chance. he’s not bad. and believe me ive roomed with him enough to know that he’s got a pretty ni-”
  • you turn around with your hands on your ears,,,,,,jackson really has a way of saying tOO much sometimes 
  • but even through it, you hear him laughing as you walk away 
  • catching up with you, jackson wraps an arm around your shoulders - and it feels like a minute like you’re kids again
  • the next morning you find mark sitting on the couch, he’s got a controller in his hand and he’s lazily playing some kind of game
  • you take a moment to look at him - he,,,,,,,,,,is cute
  • with bright red hair, a cute smile, and this perpetual daydreamy look in his eyes
  • you wonder - he’s probably a good kisser right? ,,,,,,,,
  • walking over you take a seat beside him and mark pauses the game, one eyebrow lifted
  • “,,,,,,,,are you going to play that game all afternoon?” you ask, pretending to look vaguely interested at the screen
  • he sits ups, “if you have something better in mind, i wont be.”
  • you look at him and see a small smirk, jackson was right he’s not ‘straightforward’ but not subtle at all
  • you like it,,,,,,,,,it’s fun
  • “well,,,,,,,,,let’s see if what i have in mind is something you like?” you get up and mark follows suit, you take a hold of his hand and giggle as you lead him down the hall back to his room
  • you pass by jackson whose coming from the shower, eyeballing you two like oh?
  • but mark closes the door before jackson can say anything and winks.
  • turning to make his way to the kitchen, jinyoung asks jackson why he looks like he’s seen a ghost
  • “jinyoung, don’t get me wrong. i love my best friends, but i think they’re hooking up right now.”
  • jinyoung drops his piece of toast to the floor like what is going on in my house right now 
HeroAca on Ice [Figure Skating AU]

Listen, in order to stop myself from starting a novel length fic, have my AU ideas. Liberally inspired by the madness of the 2016-17 FS season. Relevant picture.

  • In which it’s the year before the Olympics and Todoroki who was supposedly a top candidate tanks nationals because of his inconsistent jumps and artistic stagnation
  • His father doesn’t approve of figure skating wanting him to pursued a more ‘masculine’ activity and to inherit his company (fuck u Endeavor)
  • Todoroki picked up skating from his mom
  • In a desperate attempt to prove himself as he has this wager with his father which is the moment he stops winning at the international levels he will retire and such, he switches coaches to the former legendary men’s skater, All Might, and moves to America to train.
  • (Btw Bakugo who is known for like no artistic expression but like a gazillion jumps is the one that wants to take gold from Todoroki)
  • In America, he notices this injured skater who is always at the rink muttering to himself and turns out this is the former us men’s champion who was supposed to represent the US. But Midoriya fucking broke himself trying to do quads during his exhibition  (durrrhurrr Nathan Chen)
  • Midoriya still comes to the rink often to cheer on his rink mates and to work on his own programs off ice and he ends up getting up in Todoroki’s face about the kind of programs Todoroki is doing
  • “You’re playing safe and everyone will outstrip you that way! Don’t you want to win? Your skating is plenty beautiful but you lack passion!” 
  • They go to New York dance studios together and Todoroki helps him with PT. But halfway through the season, Midoriya gets cleared to start skating and transforms into Todoroki’s biggest competitor
  • Todoroki who was struggling all this time to enjoy his skating again and Midoriya who skates like he only has one shot, one opportunity
  • (Also Bakugo is there causing problems hahahah
  • Saying shit like "I’m going to steal your Olympic spot by getting gold”
  • And Todoroki going “….there are three Olympic spots”
  • “That’s not the fucking point dumbass!!!!!)
  • But yeah Todoroki lands a quad Lutz for Midoriya and Midoriya breaks away from his quads or bust lifestyle and learns how to do beautiful spins??? And Todoroki decides at the end that he’s not going to retire and flips his old man the bird.
  • And he wears a sheer backside shirt and Midoriya works up the courage with that shiny gold medal to touch those quad making core muscles yes
  • Also All Might as a coach, I love him. He’s definitely the kind to lovingly smack down the criticism at the kiss and cry. When Todoroki fucking trips out of the gate he is the embodiment of the SHRUG emoji
  • Also Iida and Ochako being power pair skaters. He throws her like fucking 15 feet in the air.
  • Yaomomo being the darling of Japan but she has trouble landing her 3a consistently and always does classical routines but one year her gf choreographed her exhibition to rock and Japan collectively lost their mind
  • Also Tsuyu as a rising ladies skater who skates to no classical whatsoever, has landed a 4salchow in practice, and always gets called on her edges
  • Aoyama being the most extra of extra
  • He pops his fucking triple Axel regularly
  • Tokoyami: Only wears black, is an ice dancer with Dark Shadow, face always constipated or grimacing 
  • He fucking danced firebird and it was simultaneously refreshing because not a bright red costume and awful because he had a choreographic sequence reminiscent of laying an egg
  • The villains are the sports commentators:
  • Shiragaki is the one that always talks in points and tec scores
  • What is pcs? He doesn’t give a shit. He’s condescending to every skater
  • Stain is always talking about the good old days before one million quads. Says every skater after lysachek is a hack and wants to bring back the ice carving figures
  • Himiko Toga is that inappropo commentator that is making lewd comments at her favorites
  • Kirishima can’t jump to save his life but has massive crowd appeal. Everyone has prayer circles for his jumps. Many people think he should switch to ice dancing already because all the women love him for his pure and goodness.
  • Mina is another ice dancer. She does the WEIRD costumes and programs but they’re a great break from the super saturated romance
  • Kaminari is the kind of skater who can take gold at one event and then place 11th in another. If he does well in his sp, he flunks his fp
  • SHINSO Is a total pairs skater but he wants to be a singles
  • His partner doesn’t get along with him that much but they perform well
  • Inevitably does ‘edgey’ exhibition programs that people are like… uh
  • Aside from All Might, Todoroki really looks up to a ladies skater who revolutionized the field aka Shimura Nana
  • Nana was the one that combined power and grace but she never won much because back then she was ROBBED
  • Midoriya on the other hand aside from All Might looked up to this old dude named Gran Torino haha known for his incredible skating speed and rotation. A kind of electric power and skating that catches the eye
  • BONUS:
  • One of Todoroki’s most famous programs is a Phantom of the Opera program but he hates that one. His coach at the time suggested he actually wear a half mask and he was like
  • fUCK no

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Can you do a similar scenario where the female crush has a cheating boyfriend but with the NDRV3 boys?

Of course of course!

DRV3 Boys & crush with cheating boyfriend

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He was just out and about
  • Getting shopping
  • When he saw you and your boyfriend
  • He felt the familiar pang in his chest
  • But he knew he needed to just deal with it
  • That was, until, he saw you leave, and your boyfriend immediately meet up with another
  • Kissing them on arrival
  • He couldn’t bring himself to speak
  • Instead quickly taking a photo
  • Before hurrying after you
  • He knew that without evidence it would come across as him being jealous
  • But he was there when he showed you the photo
  • And was there to back you up when you confronted your boyfriend
  • And in the days after he was also there to help build you back up and help you move on
  • Ignoring his feelings and prioritising yours instead

Kaito Momota

  • The second he saw your boyfriend he felt himself bristle
  • They’d had their encounters before
  • When he’d upset you and Kaito had protected you as a brother
  • But now he wasn’t holding back
  • The second he saw your boyfriend’s hand on another’s ass he was there
  • “Hey mate, remember me?”
  • Oomph
  • Kaito shook his hand and flexed his knuckle in preparation for another punch
  • But addressed quickly informed the other person that they certainly weren’t your boyfriend’s one and only
  • He refrained from hitting your boyfriend again
  • Instead picking him up by the collar and warning him with a low growl
  • “If you don’t tell Y/N what you’ve been doing right now I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”
  • He stayed away from you in person for some time
  • Because he knew his own incentives would cloud his judgement
  • Instead offering you support over the phone
  • And contacting some of your other friends to go and see you and help you move on


  • He didn’t know what to do
  • He didn’t register that it was wrong at first
  • But when he told you he saw your boyfriend in passing conversation he suddenly realised it was wrong
  • And your reaction told him enough
  • So he just told you what he’d seen
  • In all honesty
  • And then helped to support you in the time after
  • Bringing movies over
  • Getting a blanket fort ready
  • Just doing what he could to help you
  • Not pausing to think about his feelings for you

Rantaro Amami

  • He felt his anger rising when he saw your boyfriend
  • And how they were behaving told him enough
  • Without him later seeing them kiss another
  • He didn’t really know what to do
  • So he rang you
  • Suggesting you come meet him
  • And then you witnessed it yourself
  • And your boyfriend caught sight of you
  • Trying to accuse you of cheating with Rantaro before you got to speak to him
  • At which point Amami snapped
  • And slapped your boyfriend
  • “I called Y/N here because of what I saw you doing, don’t try to accuse her of anything!”
  • He didn’t think it would be wise for him to stay there though
  • Instead calling your friends too and then once they supported you leaving
  • Before he could get too deeply invested
  • Though he checked on you over text every day after

Kokichi Ouma

  • He would lose it
  • Immediately
  • But then when he want to confront your boyfriend he would be calm af
  • Playing mind games
  • “Did you really think you wouldn’t get caught?”
  • He would start to make them question their morals
  • Until they were begging him to stop
  • And calling you
  • Confessing everything
  • Before Ouma took the phone off of them
  • And just said to you
  • “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll be right over,”

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He couldn’t believe his eyes
  • He would just march over to them
  • And turn them by force
  • “This isn’t how a gentleman should act!”
  • He refrained from hitting them
  • In fear he’d slap their face into another dimension
  • But instead gripped their shoulders
  • Until they confessed to you over the phone
  • And even then Gonta wouldn’t let them leave
  • He would tell them to get their stuff out and give you some space
  • “Gonta will let Y/N decide whether to forgive you.”
  • And with that he would turn and leave
  • Only picking up the phone when you called to check you were okay

Korekiyo Shunguji

  • He felt everything inside him writhing
  • Across the street he could see your boyfriend
  • His hand running over another’s thigh
  • Licking his lips
  • He just filmed it
  • Knowing if he confronted them he would lose his mind
  • So he just text you
  • Saying there was something you should see
  • And then sent the video
  • He would be on his way to your place before your boyfriend got there
  • Looking after you with snacks and a blanket
  • And when your boyfriend showed his face he would just raise an eyebrow
  • “Did you enjoy your date earlier?”
  • He would make sure you were okay but then leave it to you
  • Trusting you to make the right decision

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Pro of being small
  • He was perfect height to deal your boyfriend significant damage
  • And boy did he
  • He didn’t even notice Hoshi until the punch was delivered
  • And then he heard Hoshi chuckle to himself
  • “I thought you loved Y/N?”
  • The person your boyfriend was with glared down at Hoshi
  • Before demanding to know who you were to your boyfriend
  • And then Hoshi sighed and took their hand
  • “You deserve better than this man, go get yourself someone who will dedicate themself to you 100%, okay?”
  • They didn’t stick around long
  • And then your boyfriend was making comments to Hoshi
  • “I’m going to call Y/N now and explain what happened. If you don’t explain everything I’ll be back, alright?”

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Could I have a, uhhhh, RFA with a MC who has extreme anxiety and can't leave the house without a panic attack.

Of course, anon! I don’t have panic attacks, so I really don’t know much about them other than what I’ve heard/read online, so I’m sorry if it isn’t want you wanted. I’m also sorry that it took so long to get out! I’ve had it done for a while, but I got sick and never posted it oops. Anywho, I hope this is to your liking! Let me know if you want anything changed, I will gladly do it for you!

-mod Sarin


  • We all know this boy has been dying to get a s/o
  • He wants to go on dates and walk through the park and do couple-y things
  • So when you tell him you tend to have panic attacks when you leave the house, he is crushed
  • But he wants you to be happy so he brings the couple-y things to you
  • He creates mini movie theaters in your living room, creates romantic candlelit dinners in your kitchen, strings fairy lights up and sticks little glow in the dark stars to the ceiling so you could stargaze
  • You love all of it
  • He still is sad he can’t go on dates, but your face when he brings it to you makes up for it all


  • Like, Yoosung, he is upset
  • He wants to show off his s/o to everyone!
  • He also doesn’t understand what’s so scary about going outside, being the extrovert he is
  • Doesn’t want to push you to go out, but really wants you to try
  • Just as you expected, you had a panic attack in the middle of the park
  • You can bet he never forces you out again, but slowly tries to get you used to going out
  • Always offers to take you out on a date, or invites you to his rehearsals
  • You always say no, and he tries not to show how sad he is about it
  • Fair warning, he also posts a lot of pics of the two of you together on social media
  • If he can’t show you off in person, he will do it on social media


  • She would never do anything to make you have a panic attack
  • If she wants to visit you, she goes to your house, no ifs ands or buts
  • Never forces you to leave, or makes you feel bad for not leaving your house because of your panic attacks
  • Totally brings you coffee and baked goods from the coffee shop from time to time
  • Will also go out and buy you groceries so you don’t need to go out
  • It’s also most likely filled with a lot of healthy and organic foods and very little treats, being the mom friend she is
  • Still thinks you should experience the outdoors some, so she encourages you to open the windows if the weather is right
  • You do, and she is very happy that you are happy, too


  • He is a little surprised when you tell him, but doesn’t question it
  • He is more than happy to have you stay in the penthouse while he is out
  • Part of him wants to bring you out into the world to show you off, the other wants to keep you sheltered so you put your love and affection towards him only
  • He comes up with a happy medium
  • He is able to mostly pass up the panic attacks by taking you places where he can rent out the whole place so it’s just you and him he’s so extra
  • Ensures you are comfortable while you are out so that you avoid panic attacks, and though he tries his best, they still sometimes come, but he helps you through and mentally notes what triggered it so he can avoid it at all costs


  • He understands what you go through with the panic attacks, as he has had a few of his own
  • Usually he would tease you about it and try to make you laugh, but not with this
  • He is super serious, to the point that you wonder where your boyfriend disappeared to
  • Never forces you to go outside, but always asks if you want to tag along, in hopes that you would say yes
  • Very rarely you do, but the most you do is drive slowly down woodsy roads, never around people or anything that may trigger you
  • If you have a panic attack while out on a drive, he immediately pulls over, turns the engine off, and comforts you as much as he can
  • He also totally does the things that Yoosung does, too, but on a bigger scale (i.e, making an actual star machine or something that puts stars on the ceiling, probably including a 707 constellation)
  • It always makes you smile, which makes him happy, too
Envy (Changkyun)

Type: Seven Deadly Sins AU


Seven Deadly Sins Masterpost

Based off THIS post by @shownusdarling

WARNING: lots of angst and sadness

A/N: The final part to the series! Hope you all enjoyed it! Also, I apologize for the gif. I am out to wreck y’all. I can’t stop staring someone help pls

Originally posted by won-kyun

~ Envy - resentful longing by the possessions of another ~

  • as the youngest of the Angels, Changkyun looked up to his older brothers
  • despite his seemingly serious demeanor, he always cared for others deeply, and made sure that opportunities were always found
  • he thought outside the box, always finding a new solution to obstacles that others would have missed
  • because of his willingness and ability to find new opportunities, he was nicknamed the Provider
  • he provided outcomes and opportunities for the humans, giving them solutions to obstacles that they needed to guide them on the heavenly path
  • this all became much more difficult after watching all of his brothers being kicked out of heaven, out of their home
  • he watched as his duties now applied to his excommunicated brothers
  • he now had to provide for them what he would usually provide for the humans only
  • he was now in charge of all the duties of heaven, making him more busy than ever
  • watching the humans was incredibly difficult, especially since he was now in charge of the entire human race and not just a portion of it
  • Chankgyun became ever so weary, since he never had a chance to rest or do the things he desired to do like he used to
  • when his brothers were still around, he was able to have some free time, time to do things that he wished to do
  • now, all he did was work, and he hated it
  • he began to envy the leisure and opportunity of the humans lives, the very opportunities that he was duty-bound to provide them
  • he watched as humans went to school, made beautiful art and music, fell in love, making way for themselves in the world
  • these were all things that he desired to do, but no longer could
  • happiness radiated from the earth because of the human’s prosperity, and yet, the one providing them with that looked at it with jealousy
  • because of his duties and the laws of heaven, there were so many things that Changkyun could not have
  • and after being forced to provide these things to his own brothers, something inside of the young Angel snapped
  • if he could not have those things, no one could
  • Changkyun began to refrain from giving people their opportunities
  • people who were supposed to get into their dream colleges got rejected
  • people who strived to make art and music no longer could
  • people who were bound to meet their soulmate continued to miss their opportunities to
  • Changkyun took these things from them and kept them to himself, giving him more time to himself
  • but soon, his jealousy began to expand
  • he began to take more from the humans, more than just opportunities
  • he began to take the very livelihoods that he had given them
  • people he granted to get an education were forced to drop out, leaving it all behind because they could no longer afford it
  • artists and musicians who had made names for themselves were barred from creating their works because their companies dropped them
  • lovers and soulmates who had found each other were ripped apart with hatred because they no longer loved each other
  • lives were torn apart piece by piece, all because of his jealousy
  • the more he desired what the humans had, the more he took, and soon, it grew to be too much
  • he had begun to take lives from those who he deemed unworthy of the opportunity
  • he believed that if he could not have a life like them, then they could not have it either
  • death, destruction, war, and turmoil reigned over the earth, and the more time went on, the more opportunities were taken
  • yet, Changkyun was never satisfied
  • he wanted more from the humans, more to his life than just what he had
  • there were still opportunities left, and he wanted them desperately
  • however, after witnessing the mass genocide of the humans that had begun on earth, the heavens knew it was time to intervene
  • lightning crashed, storms raged, and earth quaked as the rage of heaven began to grow
  • they confronted the young angel for his misdeeds, and Changkyun explained to them his desire and envy for life
  • he told them that if he could not live, no one deserved to live, not even his own brothers
  • he believed that he was equally deserving of opportunity, just like the humans
  • to this extent, he was correct–he was deserving of opportunity
  • that is what heaven conceded
  • but they explained to him what while that was true, he could not forget that the humans were the means of that opportunity
  • for neither the Angels or the humans could thrive without the other
  • Changkyun tried to reason with heaven, begging them to reconsider
  • he was stressed and tired, and he tried to convince them that he could do better
  • sadly, heaven had already made the decision
  • with a strike of lightning, the wings were torn from his back, and with another strike he was tossed down to heaven
  • he landed on a long mountain, far from any form of civilization that he could see with his now-human eyes
  • the rain poured down as he screamed out in anger and frustration, knowing that he had just ruined everything for himself and the world
  • the storm continued to rage as he cried, never showing any sign of stopping
  • the end of humanity was on the rise
  • the last of the Angles, protectors of the earth, had fallen to sin
  • the human race was now left on its own to fend for itself
  • the world began to crumble apart, leaving death and destruction in its wake
  • and so, the pearly gates of heaven closed forever, never to let another soul inside again


anonymous asked:

I saw this thing on an urban legend site once where this couple turned on a porno film only to discover that it was of the two of them on their honeymoon (and was filmed without their knowledge). How would the NDRV3 guys react in that situation?

Hahahahaha omg okay I think I heard of something similar or saw it in a film maybe – either way it’s a great idea xD

DRV3 Boys & S/O discovering their honeymoon on a porno film

Shuuichi Saihara

  • It had taken a while for you to persuade him to watch it with you
  • But neither of you had expected this
  • As the camera panned out the two of you both reacted similarly
  • No identifiable features of you had become obvious
  • But you both recognised the room
  • Oh shit
  • Saihara gulped audibly
  • But didn’t stop it
  • Because maybe it was just a coinci-
  • Nope those where his legs
  • And that was your ass
  • He is mortified
  • Stops it immediately
  • And it working out how the f that happened
  • Who was filming you
  • He was going to work it out
  • And he was going to make sure they were arrested
  • Or something
  • Because this was very compromising material
  • And he didn’t want anyone else to-
  • Oh god how many people had already seen this
  • First he would make sure it was removed from the internet completely
  • And then would find out who was possible
  • This. Was. Not. Okay.
  • Plus you thought the poor guy was gunna melt into the floor from the scarlet hues in his cheeks of embarrassment

Kaito Momota

  • I mean it was probably his idea to watch it in the first place
  • But as the camera panned around he started to notice things
  • As did you
  • Firstly, his coat slung over a chair
  • But he wasn’t about to stop watching it
  • Because if it was what he thought it was he didn’t mind reliving it
  • And would probably end up quite turned on by the end
  • But he stopped it half way through
  • Mostly because you seemed uncomfortable
  • And honestly he didn’t really know how to react
  • Like what were you supposed to do
  • Yes he was quite angry that people had invaded your privacy like this
  • And he was going to make sure it was taken down permanently
  • But maybe keep a personal copy?
  • He didn’t have the first clue on how to report it though
  • He didn’t even realise he would be able to report it
  • But once he did the culprits were dealt with
  • He also made sure to report it to those where you’d spent your honeymoon
  • Before booking a holiday somewhere else for the two of you so you could temporarily escape the hassle
  • But he was checking the new hotel room like a mad man for cameras


  • Well all the world knew whether he had a dick let’s put it that way
  • But that was beside the point
  • The second you both realised it was you he crashed
  • And whenever he rebooted a new thought would come into his mind and then he would crash again
  • How many people had seen this
  • How did this happen
  • Who filmed it
  • Who followed you
  • H o w   m a n y   p e o p l e   w a n t e d   r o b o t   p o r n
  • Mostly you had to deal with removing the film
  • Because he seemed mildly traumatised
  • He was planning what to say if someone ever recognised him
  • That he was a prototype?
  • That it wasn’t actually him
  • But then what about you
  • Did you just bang robots for fun
  • It was too messy for him to comprehend so he ended up just trying to wipe it from his memory

Rantaro Amami

  • Well
  • Let’s say
  • He wouldn’t be too bothered
  • With his playboy attitude and whatnot
  • But yea it was clearly filmed without consent
  • And that was a problem
  • So he just kindly got in contact with the creators
  • And made sure to get it taken down
  • Because it wasn’t right to be watching something without those involved’ knowledge
  • But once it was taken down
  • He just
  • Suggested
  • Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad filming things
  • For your own purposes
  • And for your eyes only
  • I mean he probably had that idea before but he wouldn’t bring it up
  • But if you were game he was
  • And he would make sure it was filmed 10 times better than that

Kokichi Ouma

  • Nishinishi
  • Let’s watch something naughty Y/N
  • The two of you were just cuddling
  • Until
  • You recognised the setting
  • And those were your clothes
  • Oh shit lolololol
  • Before the seriousness set in Ouma would probably just burst out laughing
  • The fact someone had managed to film him undetected
  • Nah that was not on
  • He would find out who it was who did it
  • And then just
  • Conduct a background check on them
  • Before getting his own revenge
  • In the same form as the original problem
  • His contacts made sure to film their sexual activities for a month or so
  • But rather than posting it online like revenge porn
  • He would just
  • Send one or two videos to them
  • And say that if they didn’t take down your honeymoon video he was going to post all the videos he had of them online
  • And surely enough that solved the problem

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You would to persuade him to watch it
  • Because tHaT’s vErY gEntLEmaNly
  • But once you both settled down and began to watch his alarm bells rang
  • Because
  • He knew those clothes
  • And his own memories weren’t failing him
  • Immediately turns it off
  • Takes him about an hour to work out what happened
  • And he’s just like
  • H O W
  • So many people could have seen you two
  • This was not okay!!!
  • So he was firing a million questions at you
  • He was going to literally do everything
  • Probably would call the police
  • And then fail to find the words to tell them what happened
  • And then just hang up awkwardly
  • Would probably not leave the house for a week or two
  • Because what if someone recognised Gonta or you
  • The shame
  • The video was not gentlemanly at all!!!
  • Poor babs would need your reassurance before doing anything like that again for his paranoia of being filmed

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • I mean he would probably intend to watch it alone
  • While you were out
  • But when you came back early he’d just invite you to watch with him
  • Until you both recognised each other
  • On the porno
  • There would just be silence when you both realised
  • And then you stopped the film
  • And more silence would follow
  • “Did you kn-”
  • “Did you?”
  • When you both realised it wasn’t filmed with either of your knowledge more silence would hang over you
  • “What do you suggest we do Y/N?”
  • He seems like he doesn’t care that much
  • He’s mostly worried about other people seeing you naked
  • Because that was for his eyes only
  • He would just ‘kindly’ get in contact with those who posted the film
  • And make a few threats
  • Before it got taken down
  • Though he too probably didn’t think it was a bad idea to maybe have a film of the two of you
  • If you were okay with it of course
  • Just for his personal use

Ryoma Hoshi

  • When you began to watch it took him a minute to catch on
  • You seemed to have recognised it immediately
  • But it was only when he saw you on the tape he realise
  • Well this is problematic
  • At first he’s kinda in control of his rage
  • But then he just
  • Get increasingly pissed
  • And would probably make a couple of death threats to the creators
  • And when they realised who he was they would hastily take it down
  • But that was not good enough
  • No no he was going to make sure they posted what they did
  • Because no one got away with that
  • If they didn’t make sure to apologise publicly profusely, they would have him to deal with in person
  • Tho having watched the film he was reliving the honeymoon
  • And would probably apologise for his rage earlier on and make it up to you that evening
soulmates! jaeno pt.1

anonymous asked: hey so i loved your nct soulmates and I was wondering if you could do it for jaemin and jeno too???? It would be amazing if you did~~~~ anyways have a good day cupcake :3333

a/n: agskahdkajs okay so I got an ask on anon asking for a soulmates! jaeno au and I was super happy and I’ve been planning to do this for forever so here it is!!!!!1!1!1!!!

concept: when you meet your soulmate, a mark appears on your right wrist that is identical to one on your soulmates left wrist (or vice versa)

everything is under the cut bc i got carried away oops

Part Two

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Jin | Boyfriend

Imajin Jin as your boyfriend.

A/N: …and I’ve finally finished this series!! it would probably be a while before i’ll start another boyfriend series…

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • im still messy and random after two…three…four? months of writing this okay?
  • jin is my ultimate bias over all my ultimate biases
  • so this is probably me daydreaming
  • but then, that’s why it’s called Imajine, right?
  • don’t you dare read it as ee-mah-jhigh-nnn or something that sounds like cline
  • sorry
  • okay let’s start
  • jin and you met at a highschool reunion. you were good friends before but not that close, you know? like, he did your homework once and since then, you lent him your pencil sharpener or maybe he was your seatmate. anyway, with everyone married and/or engaged, sticking together was the only way to survive the excruciating reunion.
  • after funny bitter talks about significant others and exes, you both just clicked! soon, your friendship with him is rekindled and it’s not just you lending him sharpeners but it’s turn out to you and him hanging out
  • you’d both go out to little dates that everyone would tease you two to date already
  • jin is kind of reluctant because he is unsure about what you felt for him.
  • like both of you have mutual feelings for each other but someone just have to voice it out
  • one day he does
  • and he’s all awkward and giddy and you grin at him, saying you like him too
  • and he’s the happiest man on earth
  • jin is the PDA type
  • but would like your intimate moments like kissing to be only between the two of you only
  • he loves buying you sweaters and hoodies
  • but probably regrets it because then, you wouldn’t be wearing his hoodies and sweaters
  • but
  • “yah! why are you wearing my clothes? don’t i buy you enough?”
  • but secretly giggling with love inside
  • would spoil you
  • he loves your fingers and he loves tracing little hearts on the back of your hand
  • piggy-back rides
  • random messy dance sessions lol
  • dancing to TWICE, SNSD, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO and sooo many more
  • hearing his glorious laugh
  • or his old-man jokes
  • invites you a lot to dinners with his family
  • complaining about physical activities together
  • in the middle of a date, his eyes would suddenly widen
  • “oh my god, y/n. i just thought of a good joke.”
  • protective of you
  • says “i love you” a lot because he doesn’t want you to forget
  • calls and video calls and texts with him are either funnily cringey or just too sweet
  • does funny antics to make you laugh when you’re in a sad mood
  • the guy you can tell anything to
  • he’d be open to you too
  • but sometimes
  • i think Jin is the closed-up type of guy, he thinks opening up to you would be a burden to you.
  • always blames himself :(
  • comforting each other
  • sweet and loving kisses
  • but he’d get cocky
  • my god this boy
  • his effort in showing you that he loves you is so EXTRA
  • coos a lot about you
  • cuddles
  • wrapping you into a sushi with a blanket
  • his cooking!
  • breakfast in bed
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • neck kisses
  • ohgawdlawrd
  • sharing the earphones with him.
  • plays the guitar for you.
  • tries to teach you how to play the guitar
  • absolutely loves your hugs
  • he just loves how he buries his head on the crook of your neck and then you just rub his back with comforting words
  • adventures at night
  • no not THOSE adventures
  • i meant
  • late night driving with the windows down
  • causing troubles in hotel rooms
  • secret little rendezvous
  • going to place you both can’t pronounce
  • yes, im just typing one direction’s perfect lyrics
  • but that’s how i see jin
  • just being fools together
  • deep talks about life and the future
  • someone who’d run like crazy when you call him in the middle of the day/night/anytime crying
  • him defending you from haters or mean people
  • couple rings and a lot of couple stuff
  • watching drama and comedies with him
  • foodtrip
  • said he wanted a sweet and romantic date
  • loves teasing and tickling you
  • loves hugging your midriffs
  • loves taking your pictures
  • traveling around the world with him
  • is soo overprotective when you have your menstruation. first it takes him by surprise. then, he’d research about it and would be telling you to do this or that
  • “jin why is….’girlfriend leaking blood from below’ on your search history?”
  • takes you to a lot of expensive dates
  • days with him are always filled with smiles and laughter
  • he cherishes you so much and it’s as if he’s all new to this and is not aware of the evil things in love like fights and dishonesty and cheating
  • because just by looking at you, he forgets everything
  • gawks at you a lot
  • jin is very awkward so i guess he fusses a lot about what he does
  • always worries whether he would be too boring or that you wouldn’t like the movie showing on the cinema.
  • always buys you a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates
  • when you get too sexy, he clears his throat
  • “jagi…you’re too…er…”
  • “huh?”
  • grabs your ice cream and shoves it into his mouth
  • “you were too not unsexy to look at. you should be banned from eating ice cream.”
  • daydreams about you a lot
  • talks about you to namjoon a lot
  • “aish…you should have seen the way she licked the ice cream….”
  • why am i like this
  • have i read too much smut?
  • the sad comments from people online took a toll on jin and he comes home really upset. it was a really really bad day. you check on him and are determined to make him feel better so you try to make him laugh or just be really concerned
  • he gets annoyed because you kept talking and it was just really annoying that he explodes and says something really mean or maybe grabs your arm really harshly that it left a mark.
  • you fall silent and jin knows what he’s done but he just stays where he is and doesn’t budge until you walk away. he’ll crumple and frustrated tears will come out.
  • he’s hurt you and he hates himself for that. but he doesn’t know what to do except cry
  • probably left you a letter that you’d both just “take a time off from each other”
  • it hurts but you let him go
  • i was gonna leave it like that lol but here goes.
  • you hear someone throw a pebble on your window and when you peer out, jin is sat on a tree branch with a guitar, looking scared and nervous
  • he sings this song he had written for you
  • everyone’s crying and it’s just so sweet
  • and everyone lives happily ever after
  • makes dramatical monologues before saving you from cockroaches
random macgyver hcs

tagging my known mac hoes @shirostellations and @toddcowardd

  • this boy loves you and shows it in little ways all around the house
    • sticky notes with “I love you” hidden everywhere
    • tiny paperclip hearts
  • Always has a hand touching you
    • like an arm around you shoulders or waist
    • hand holding
    • something to make sure you’re still there
  • You met on a hike by the Hollywood sign
    • you asked if he could take a picture of you and your friends but he started typing on your phone to
    • “I think you’re pretty so I’m giving you my number so we can get coffee”
  • You adopt a dog together
    • and name him Angus as a joke
  • Angus MacGyver is the biggest cuddler in the world
    • cuddles in the early morning before work
    • after he gets back from business trips
    • after ;)))))))))
    • just any free time you have, he loves to hold you
  • He tries to bring you back a t-shirt from everywhere he goes for work
    • so you just have this collection of cheesy tourist shirts that have become your pajamas
  • you and Jack are bffs
    • you just get along really well and love to roast Mac together
  •  F O R E H E A D  K I S S E S
    • A L L  T H E  T I M E
  • Mac can do anything but art
    • like this boy is stick figures only
    • he just has no artistic creativity at all
  • He’s one of those people that can pick up any piece of sports equipment and be perfect at it
    • you’re highkey jealous
Forbidden Love Part 1 - Princess (Y/N) - Soulmates AU

Pairing: Dean x reader, dad!Crowley x daughter!reader
Warnings: slow burn, mention of death

A/N: Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language and I didn’t have much time because I was in hospital -_- Enjoy! ;*

Have you ever heard about (Y/N) MacLeod? Yes, the (y/e/c) eyed, (y/h/c) haired beautiful (Y/N) MacLeod. (Y/N) MacLeod is the Princess of Hell. She is daughter of Crowley and a witch. Well Crowley killed this witch two weeks after (Y/N) was born. Why he killed her? Well Crowley found out that this witch never loved him, she had an affair with another demon and she just wanted to use Crowley. Crowley felt betrayed. He thought she loved him and he loved her, of course he loved her as much demon can. He was furious. Crowley killed her and her lover, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill (Y/N). He knew that she is indeed his daughter. He made himself a promise to be a better father for (Y/N) and to do everything in his power to make her life happy. 


 You were walking down the corridor to your dad’s throne room with your hellhound Hades. Demons bowed with respect when they saw you. Demons love, fear and respect you. They know you’re very kind and cute, but they also know you’re powerful and dangerous. You opened the door and walked in. Then you saw that your father is not alone. Your dad was sitting on his throne and he talked with two men. The first one was very tall with long brown hair and the second one was a little smaller, but still tall, with apple green eyes. The green eyed man saw you and he turned his attention to you. His eyes met yours.

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“Hello there beautiful if you weren’t a demon I’d love to date you” he winked.
“I’m half demon” you replied.
“Then maybe I should cure you…” he suggested and licked his lips.
“In your bloody dreams Squirrel.” Crowley said angry.
“So you must be Sam and Dean Winchester. What are you two do-” you stopped in mid-sentence when another demon come in.
“My King, my Princess.” He bowed. Winchester brothers looked at you and mouthed ‘Princess?’ “Don’t you know how to knock on the bloody doors!?” Your father asked annoyed.
“I am truly sorry my King, but it’s important sir.” he told a little scared.
“It better be important.” you spoke up this time.
“It is my Princess.” He said and handed your father something what’s looking like a file with old pieces of paper inside it.
“You may go” your dad spoke up and the demon went back to do his job.
Dean was watching you curiously. "Wait you are Princess of Hell?“ Sam asked surprised.
“Yes” you answered shortly.
Then the realization hit the Winchesters hard.
“CROWLEY YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER! A VERY HOT ONE! HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE!?” Dean yelled shocked and you blushed.
“I don’t understand why you are so shocked” Crowley grinned and you walk up to him to stood beside him.
Your father finally glanced at the file. “Holy Mother of Sin” he whispered.

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“It’s seems like we have to talk later” Crowley said to Sam and Dean.
“But-” your father snapped his fingers and the boys disappeared.

*Winchesters’ P.O.V*

Boys appeared at the Bunker.
“That son of a bitch!” Dean screamed and punched wall.
“Calm down Dean. We’ll summon him” Sam said and touched Dean’s shoulder.
“What do you think Sam?”
“About what?” Sam asked a question.
“About ‘The Princess of Hell’”
“Well… Crowley has a daughter. I have never expected that. I must say I’m very surprised.” Younger Winchester answered honestly. “Why do you ask?”
“I just wanted to know Sammy” Sam smirked. “What?”

*Back to Hell*

“Dad can we talk?” You asked.
“I’m busy right now, but yes” he gave you an answer.
“I want to make deals with humans. I want you to be proud of me. I came here to ask you for permission.” He looked not convinced, so you made your best puppy eyes. “Please allow me to go upside. I’ll take Hades with me. I’ll be safe with him.” You announced.
“(Y/N) I am proud of you. I taught you everything about crossroads’ deals. You can go” you had a huge grin on your face. “But you are also taking Juliet with you.” He smiled.
“THANK YOU DAD!” You hugged Crowley in bear hug.
“Just be careful” he hugged you back. You pulled away. “Hades, Juliet we’re going upside!” You snapped your fingers and you together with two hellhounds disappeared.
Crowley looked back at the old file with the words 'DEA/DEIFILIA’ on it and he called the demon that gave it to him.
The demon stood in front of his King.
“You called my King.”
“Gregory where do you found it?” Crowley showed him the file.
“I, Leonardo, Charlotte and Richard met an angel and we killed him, he had this file, he was supposed to hid it sir.” Gregory explained.
“Alright” Crowley snapped his fingers and  Leonardo, Charlotte and Richard appeared. “I want all of to look for more things about this project called 'Dea/Deifilia’, when you find something bring it to me and tell anybody about it.”
The King of Hell ordered and he begun to read the pieces of paper from the file.


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"I wanted it to be you" + Nobuyuki (angst please?)

14. If Only

He sees the way she works her way to find a place in this castle–no, in the town, too. Nobuyuki watches her ingrain herself into the lives of their people, and become this constant, bustling presence of optimism. She has been sent here–a formality, at best–to act as that of a bride, and she continues to see to it that she fulfills the duties of one.

… And yet, despite her station, she still stalls her marriage–lots of pretty words on her part, but she manages it. Nobuyuki wishes she would stop, but he also knows where her intentions lie. Her fiance–his brother–has found himself in a tangled predicament of the heart in his attempt to save someone, and she is trying to help him. So she tries to push back the wedding, tries to  find loopholes so dear, good Yukimura can marry for love.

“… You realize you can only go on with this for so long.”

She doesn’t say anything, turning the page of her book–she doesn’t even spare him a glance. Nobuyuki sighs, and looks back at her.

“My father would make sure this alliance with your clan is secured. You’ll be my brother’s wife, eventually, whether you like it or not.”

She stays silent, again, but she responds this time. “… It’s not that I don’t want to–”

“Then why don’t you?”

“… You know,” she says, a secret in the air between them.

“First loves always hurt, dear,” Nobuyuki says, patient, like he’s scolding a child. “He will get over it, eventually.”

“… I just wanted to give him a chance–”

“And yet you also know that’s not a luxury people like us can afford.”

She goes silent then, looking back down. Nobuyuki feels his heart swell for a girl he’d gladly call sister.

I wanted it to be you.

graysonpotter  asked:

HI!!!! Happy (late) Holidays! How are you? I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur blog- it's so awesome!!!!! (I love the way you draw Sonny and everyone!) if you're taking requests, can you please do a smol vanessa perhaps??

thank you so much!!! im doing good, i finally bought myself a new tablet and im getting the hang of it so to practice– 


she got a doll for christmas and together theyre getting their revenge on usnavi because one time he told her and nina that they couldnt play with his star wars toys because they were for boys only

he learnt his lesson that year

Lost Request: Kiiiiirrrra, it hot over here. No ⚡️ atm 😫. Fluff request needed! Fluff needed! Just don't hand me the fluff made of wool cause I will die in this heat! Soooo....Lavi, Allen and Kanda Headcanons of surviving a hot day with their s/o~ some ice cubes and lots of sweetness pls. And Admin Katsudon 😘welcome to the DGM imagine brigade.

((why does everything have to keep getting eatennnn tumblr plssssss))


  • Isn’t very comfortable without a shirt so he settles with a t-shirt and shorts
  • He isn’t too affected by the heat and stays quite normal but he’s trying to be sensitive to how you’re feeling
  • He won’t touch you or get too close in case you feel uncomfortable by it
  • Tries, and succeeds pretty well, to keep you chatting with him, just to keep you entertained
  • The conversation would literally go anywhere, he could be talking about a cat he saw the other day to ranting about Kanda
  • Eventually would move to sit next to you as he would start missing your touch
  • He would be really hesitant to move any closer than 30 cm because he promised himself not to touch you and make you feel gross with the sweat and would just sort of awkwardly fiddle with his thumbs
  • You would need to assure him for 5-10 min so that he would be sure that you would be fine with it
  • Gently eases his way into light cuddling with you, starting with holding hands
  • Even before you know it, he’s hoisted you up onto his lap so that he can wrap his arms around your waist and coo in happiness
  • “If you still want to cuddle or hold hands, we still can. The heat won’t come between us as long as I don’t let it.”


  • Has his shirt off and seems quite comfortable without it on
  • Doesn’t notice your stares at all and seems more concentrated at the fan that, in his opinion, isn’t cycling around fast enough
  • Would be quite moody and irritated because of the heat and doesn’t want to cuddle or touch you in any way shape or form
  • But he literally wants to stab himself when he sees you sitting on the couch by yourself all lonely looking
  • He’ll leave the room to get a bottle of water to help him stay hydrated and sit down next to you
  • Still wouldn’t really try touching you, but he leans his head on your shoulder and just lay there, staring at the fan
  • Has no idea what to say or talk about, so he patiently waits for you to say something so that he can answer (not very well, but it’s more than just one word that’s for sure)
  • This would be one of the few times he’d mention that he likes winter over summer (though he likes spring the best) because on the inside, he knows that winter is better if he wants to sit close to you (which he really does, it’s just way too hot)
  • Would not be able to fall asleep in the heat but if you end up sleeping, he’d pull you a little closer and set the fan up to blow in your direction only
  • He knows he can last at least a few more hours of the heat as long as he knows you’re happy
  • “If you don’t care about the heat, then I guess I’ll just have to ignore it for today.”


  • Very, very comfortable without a shirt and seems even more comfortable every moment he catches your eyes on his chest
  • Would suggest for you to take off your shirt as well, but then add in that you could wear a sports bra or even the top of a bathing suit to keep you cool and out of your layers
  • As much as he would want to see more skin, he’s also very, very worried about heat stroke and dehydration
  • Is quite sluggish in the heat and quite bored but finds that playing with ice is relieving enough
  • He’d be balancing them everywhere: he forehead, head, hands, fingers, anywhere
  • Even though he doesn’t want to move at all, he’ll still get up to wet a cold towel or even get water for you (you are first priority, after all)
  • No problem with cuddling or getting close at all, since he loves being close with you but he doesn’t want you freaking out over too much heat in one day
  • Constantly trying to lighten up the mood with stories and jokes, just so that you don’t feel bored either
  • The only daring skin touching he would do would be hand holding (but he’d do more touching if you 100% wanted it too)
  • Definitely falls asleep even though it’s so hot with his fingers entwined with yours (he really likes sleeping but he doesn’t like just leaving you for dreamland so he apologized profusely later on)
  • “The heat isn’t so bad when you know someone who’s hotter than the temperature all the time.”.

- Admin Katsudon

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hii !! i was wondering if you could do a headcanon where MC is nonbinary and goes by they/them? like how they'd react and treat them yknow? (with RFA guys+V please !!) thank you so much !!!

sure! i don’t know much about nonbinary but i’ll write it as if they’re agender? i hope that’s okay! ~ Mod May


  • so obviously when you’re first introduced, seven calls you “she”
  • therefore yoosung and the rest call you “she”
  • you’re obviously very uncomfortable and yoosung messages you privately about it one day
  • you tell him that you go by they/them and he’s very confused
  • ”but they and them means plural.. and you’re just one person..”
  • you explain again what nonbinary means and how you don’t feel like a male or female
  • he understands it a little better but is still very confused
  • every now and then he slips up but always corrects himself (with a lottt of apologies following)
  • doesn’t actually call you that around everyone else until you say it’s okay/are comfortable with the others knowing


  • like yoosung, it didn’t take him long for him to figure out you were uncomfortable with being referred to as “she”
  • first asks if you’re transgender, explaining that he works with a few people who identify as trans
  • and then you tell him about being nonbinary and what it means
  • it automatically clicks with him and he never messes up your pronouns
  • also waits until you’re comfortable enough with telling the rest of the members before he starts using your correct pronouns
  • gets very defensive when someone calls you the wrong thing
  • “zen it’s fine!! it was a mistake”
  • he gets upset about it even more than you do tbh he;s so pure


  • doesn’t understand it at all
  • lacks the tact to ask you privately and instead brings it up in the chatroom
  • with no choice you have to explain to him and everyone else
  • jaehee, zen, and v are the ones to understand the fastest
  • jumin is so far behind and often uses the wrong pronouns
  • you know it’s not on purpose and he is struggling with it so you try to not take it to heart
  • over time he starts understanding it more and getting it right
  • also defends you if someone insults you or uses the wrong pronouns


  • your preferred pronouns aren’t a thing that he would have been able to find out about privately
  • but he’s not that shocked when you message him first and explain everything to him
  • “that actually makes a lot of sense”
  • slipped up once but it was one time only
  • he doesn’t fully understand it but still supports you
  • doesn’t bother defending you bc he expects you to do it
  • every now and then he will when he feels like someone severely crossed the line


  • besides zen, he was the one to understand it the fastest
  • doesn’t judge you for one second or even think about it twice
  • ”oh okay” is basically his reaction
  • also doesn’t bother to defend you that often as he feels you can handle it yourself
  • (but also confrontation isn’t his thing)
  • waits patiently until you’re ready to tell the others and never lets it slip
  • also never slips up with using your preferred pronouns
  • an actual angel

anonymous asked:

Yo may I have any headcanons about my husband, 2pFrance? Like, romantic or NSFW if it's okay with you!! (I thikn you said it was okay in the rules but im not sure ) Thank You!!

Here you go anon! and yes, nsfw is accepted (and low key encouraged)

  • you better have either a high sex drive or great stamina
  • or be ok with an open relationship
  • he sucks at romance
  • all the dates he brings you on are either to a bar or England chaperoning
  • since you said husband, his proposal would be shit
  • literally he would just toss you a box when you walk in and then he would walk away
  • but the reason would be because he’s scared and embarrassed if you say no
  • you two would probably start out as fuck buddies or drinking buddies
  • England would plan your wedding, cause Franny can’t do shit
  • if you don’t smoke or don’t like smoking, he will tone it down and smoke outside only
  • he really does love you
  • just can’t show it well

 Added NSFW

  • his “making love” is really just no kinks
  • and his main way of sex is rough fucking
  • can’t help himself
  • give him wine and he’ll mellow out though

anonymous asked:

Minho in bed 😭 sorry I had to😭😭😭

lmfao, i would’ve done the same thing, xD

  • minho is very dominant– but we already knew that
    • he wont hesitate to let you ride the hell out of him
  • he like to give hickeys
  • like
  • a lot of hickeys
  • but he leaves them in places only you and him can see ;)
  • minho can go for hours and hours but not when he’s exhausted.
    • he’d need to chill for a good two hours or so when he comes from  the maze
      • meaning you two have some really late nights. ccccc;
  • minho strokes very deep, not only that he goes fast
    • but some how he’s really sensual about it and loves touching you and holding you
  • he loves kissing you so much
    • both him and you wake up with swollen lips
  • he likes to try out different positions, bc he tends to get tired of the same old same old. 
  • he loves making you scream
    • he loves to tease you
    • and make you squirm under him
  • he’s very vocal when you give him bjs or ride him
  • he enjoys seeing you naked
    • vice versa
  • you challenge him a lot and he challenges you back
    • that equals some crazy frickle frack right there.
  • some days both of you are in need of relief and go slow
    • when this happens minho is sOOO PASSIONATE. 
    • this sex brings you to tears
    • muttering “i love yous” every 30 seconds
  • sometimes you both fall asleep while he’s still inside of you
  • and when this happens you finish in the morning
    • no one cares about morning breathe
  • he loves eating you out
    • thats like his second fav thing to do
    • first thing is to frickle frack you and you only
    • he gives the best head
  • he can make you come in minutes
    • vice versa ;)
  • minho doesn’t brag about you
    • vice versa
    • he respects your privacy and doesn’t want the rest of the gladers seeing you in that light
    • but if he has to, he will give you a nice sized hickey on your neck

i’ll probably think of more later but here’s just some. :)) <3