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Can you post the set list if you know it

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Immortal
  • Deja Vu
  • Ville Mentality
  • Change (with Ari Lennox)
  • Lights Please
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Neighbors
  • Interlude: Lonely Sock
  • Foldin’ Clothes
  • She’s Mine, Pt. 2
  • Everybody Dies
  • False Prophets
  • Wet Dreamz
  • A Tale of Two Citiez
  • G.O.M.D
  • Power Trip
  • No Role Modelz
  • 4 Your Eyez Only

He may also perform “Can’t Get Enough.”

soulmates! jaeno pt.1

anonymous asked: hey so i loved your nct soulmates and I was wondering if you could do it for jaemin and jeno too???? It would be amazing if you did~~~~ anyways have a good day cupcake :3333

a/n: agskahdkajs okay so I got an ask on anon asking for a soulmates! jaeno au and I was super happy and I’ve been planning to do this for forever so here it is!!!!!1!1!1!!!

concept: when you meet your soulmate, a mark appears on your right wrist that is identical to one on your soulmates left wrist (or vice versa)

everything is under the cut bc i got carried away oops

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"I wanted it to be you" + Nobuyuki (angst please?)

14. If Only

He sees the way she works her way to find a place in this castle–no, in the town, too. Nobuyuki watches her ingrain herself into the lives of their people, and become this constant, bustling presence of optimism. She has been sent here–a formality, at best–to act as that of a bride, and she continues to see to it that she fulfills the duties of one.

… And yet, despite her station, she still stalls her marriage–lots of pretty words on her part, but she manages it. Nobuyuki wishes she would stop, but he also knows where her intentions lie. Her fiance–his brother–has found himself in a tangled predicament of the heart in his attempt to save someone, and she is trying to help him. So she tries to push back the wedding, tries to  find loopholes so dear, good Yukimura can marry for love.

“… You realize you can only go on with this for so long.”

She doesn’t say anything, turning the page of her book–she doesn’t even spare him a glance. Nobuyuki sighs, and looks back at her.

“My father would make sure this alliance with your clan is secured. You’ll be my brother’s wife, eventually, whether you like it or not.”

She stays silent, again, but she responds this time. “… It’s not that I don’t want to–”

“Then why don’t you?”

“… You know,” she says, a secret in the air between them.

“First loves always hurt, dear,” Nobuyuki says, patient, like he’s scolding a child. “He will get over it, eventually.”

“… I just wanted to give him a chance–”

“And yet you also know that’s not a luxury people like us can afford.”

She goes silent then, looking back down. Nobuyuki feels his heart swell for a girl he’d gladly call sister.

I wanted it to be you.

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HI!!!! Happy (late) Holidays! How are you? I just wanted to say I absolutely adore ur blog- it's so awesome!!!!! (I love the way you draw Sonny and everyone!) if you're taking requests, can you please do a smol vanessa perhaps??

thank you so much!!! im doing good, i finally bought myself a new tablet and im getting the hang of it so to practice– 


she got a doll for christmas and together theyre getting their revenge on usnavi because one time he told her and nina that they couldnt play with his star wars toys because they were for boys only

he learnt his lesson that year

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Minho in bed 😭 sorry I had to😭😭😭

lmfao, i would’ve done the same thing, xD

  • minho is very dominant– but we already knew that
    • he wont hesitate to let you ride the hell out of him
  • he like to give hickeys
  • like
  • a lot of hickeys
  • but he leaves them in places only you and him can see ;)
  • minho can go for hours and hours but not when he’s exhausted.
    • he’d need to chill for a good two hours or so when he comes from  the maze
      • meaning you two have some really late nights. ccccc;
  • minho strokes very deep, not only that he goes fast
    • but some how he’s really sensual about it and loves touching you and holding you
  • he loves kissing you so much
    • both him and you wake up with swollen lips
  • he likes to try out different positions, bc he tends to get tired of the same old same old. 
  • he loves making you scream
    • he loves to tease you
    • and make you squirm under him
  • he’s very vocal when you give him bjs or ride him
  • he enjoys seeing you naked
    • vice versa
  • you challenge him a lot and he challenges you back
    • that equals some crazy frickle frack right there.
  • some days both of you are in need of relief and go slow
    • when this happens minho is sOOO PASSIONATE. 
    • this sex brings you to tears
    • muttering “i love yous” every 30 seconds
  • sometimes you both fall asleep while he’s still inside of you
  • and when this happens you finish in the morning
    • no one cares about morning breathe
  • he loves eating you out
    • thats like his second fav thing to do
    • first thing is to frickle frack you and you only
    • he gives the best head
  • he can make you come in minutes
    • vice versa ;)
  • minho doesn’t brag about you
    • vice versa
    • he respects your privacy and doesn’t want the rest of the gladers seeing you in that light
    • but if he has to, he will give you a nice sized hickey on your neck

i’ll probably think of more later but here’s just some. :)) <3

Being In A Poly Relationship With SugaKookie Would Involve

  • This will be a very well balanced relationship
  • And this might not be as easily as you expect
  • Because these two are initially very shy
  • You are brought in as a friend of one of the other members
  • And everyone is acting normal and casual and nice
  • And then there is Kookie who looks like he is chewing on his foot
  • Or Yoongi who minds himself and himself only
  • He might even glare at your once or twice
  • Namjoon of course asks both of them what their game is when you are not around
  • And he just gets a shitstorm of explainations
  • Concluding they like you
  • He sets up a blind date for the three of you
  • Because Kookie still has no idea what to say to you
  • And Yoongi probably doesn’t want to talk yet
  • So you just sit there in a restaurant with two mute men
  • And then you are so done with them that you want to up and leave
  • But then Kookie manages to open his mouth and convinces you to say
  • It is slowly uphill from there
  • Even though it takes you a few months to be exclusive
  • Once hey got over themselves, they are wonderful boyfriends
  • They provide a good balance
  • Yoongi is very mature where Kookie can be rather playful and sometimes childish
  • But they are both snugglebugs
  • Cuddling into you like pro’s
  • They will never argue about your attention
  • They know there can not be a perfect 50/50 balance
  • And they will mostly go with the shots you call
  • As long as it doesn’t collide with their studio schedule
  • When they are on tour they text you and Kookie sends a lot of Selca’s
  • Sweet, slow midnight skyping with Yoongi
  • When they come back from tour they stumble into your apartment and fall into your bed to cuddle up to you
  • They are both kinky fucks
  • And both rather dominant
  • Although Yoongi always has the upper hand over Kookie
  • Kookie tends to give you hickies and giggles out them the next day
  • Yoongi ffing loves morning sex
  • While Kookie is too groggy for it
JiKook Stormy Night Prompts
  • Jeongguk hates it when it’s storming. It’s not that he’s scared, it’s just that it causes his internet to go out and as a college student trying to research for his paper, that cannot happen.
  • Jimin is quite the opposite, it gives him an excuse to procrastinate (never mind the ‘back in my days, I went to the library to research’ lecture).
  • So once again their internet goes out and the lights are flickering, Jeongguk is texting a friend to see if their internet is still working.
  • Jimin starts pouring the alcohol in the kitchen, cheers coming from him and him only
  • He stops Jeongguk on the way out because who the hell is miserable enough to spend New Years alone in their college dorm with only a glass of wine?
  • Jeongguk reminds Jimin that he has a paper due the day they’re back and Jimin only pushes on because why would you work on a paper when it was time to party?
  • Jeongguk raises a brow and doesn’t even have to say anything before Jimin takes it back because after all, he was drinking alcohol alone in their kitchen a couple minutes ago.
  • Somehow, Jimin convinces him to just wait for the internet to come back on in their dorm, and wait with him (and with a bottle of alcohol).
  • Both manage to learn how to play ‘Never Have I Ever” with only two people and really they’re just using it as an excuse to go out and get more alcohol.
  • Now they’re sitting under the safety of a shop overhang while it rained, Jimin has the hiccups and can barely keep his eyes open.
  • Jeongguk is a talkative drunk and thank goodness the shop is already closed because they could be chased away for scaring away costumers.
  • Someone confesses, neither of them remember who the next morning, but the bruise on Jimin’s collarbone and the wrinkles of Jeongguk’s shirt gives them the hint.

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National Poetry Month Day 15: "Exercises in Breathing" by Kimberly Southwick


knowing the rules is not enough. when it snows,
it doesn’t always mean it. when it snows, sometimes
it snows for the museums and sometimes it snows
for the papers and sometimes it snows for only
her majesty, the sea.


following the rules is not enough. when he breathes—
remember this one please—when he breathes he breathes
for himself. when he breathes he doesn’t breathe for her or
for you or for his son or for his future sons, when he breathes,
he breathes for how it feels to be standing
in the public gardens knee-deep in snow, smoking
a cigarette and watching the statues still and cold
and unbreathing and having it mean something.


breaking the rules is not enough. the sea is his mother.
the sea gives back in fish. the sea tells you: this
is what your voice sounds like. the sea reminds you to breathe.
the sea, the sea. she knows the rules are never enough.

-Kimberly Southwick