Billy & Teddy: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, today is a day about love and that’s why I want to share the story of this two heroes in love. Enjoy! (This could be long)

They met when they were like fifteen or sixteen and they fell crazy in love with each other.

They starting to be superheroes.

Their parents found out (kind of..) 

But not everything was good, sometimes life is just cruel.

But you keep going.

There’s also been awkward moments (c’mon they newly (kind of) boyfriends)

Moments of caring

Some flirting.

Some Lover letters.

A proposal.

And a (perfect) kiss.

And yeah, even if it hurts, a break up.

But, love unite. (And apparently can also save the universe or multiuniverse)

And their story continue.

They grown up (more), keep being superheroes (with a new team) and not even some evil future can’t torn them apart.

And with all the grown up thing came the changes, like a place for both of them (finally)

Because their future=happy+married+and+family (and Sorcerer Supreme)

But life goes and goes and the time flies, but true love never dies (just get older) 

A life together… with your best friend, your partner, your lover.

A life with all the good and bad.

A love story that still has a lot to tell and show.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!


that sounded rly scary im crying i just wanted ur attention this isnt even super imp i just didn’t want y’all to like !! waste time on threads n stuff bc !!! as some of u kno i’ve been struggling w muse for sohyun since like day 2 kdfsfldf n i rly hav been trying but giving y’all replies i pull outta my ass isn’t rly doing anyone any favors i think ? so i have exactly 2 replies drafted for sohyun, but after those r posted it’s the curtain call n i’m dropping her which makes me super sad bc i was rly enjoying her development n i loved all her connections. i just simply dont have the muse n im ??? rly sorry yall this is not ideal ;(( but thank u all for helping me develop her n pls hav fun w tae n inwoo instead kldflslflks


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Genji is the true superior ninja bro bc he can actually cross the death gorge gap in his own home and NOT DIE LIKE A USELESS LOSER ALL THE TIME, UNLIKE SOMEBODY-

-How do you know if a guy likes you?

-Does he get that look in his eye when he’s with you?

@jckeass  ||  that high school au. 

        parties aren’t his scene, and his unease manifests in the way that he stands idly against the wall, hands in his pockets, and quietly studies his classmates as they get far more personal with each other than he’s even comfortable watching at a distance.  

       why’d he even come here?  in what awful corner of his brain had a little voice encouraged this sort of behavior?  he’d been invited, sure, but he could undoubtedly say that he didn’t know a single soul here  –  he’s used to the isolation in the lunchroom, but this was different.  this somehow felt even more embarrassing.  

      fuck this.  with a sigh of resignation, he ultimately decides it’s a waste of time; he’s not social enough to mingle with his peers, and they sure as hell won’t go out of their way to talk to a wallflower, so he pushes himself off the wall and trudges past a few classmates taking the old bump ‘n grind to a new level, on the lookout for the front door.  


A couple of Lex doodles that i’m just gonna post together

On the top is Lex as she was back on earth… she looked like this until she was… 23-24? so her current look is a relatively recent change (she’s 26). I’ve really gotta go more into her backstory one of these days…

Tbh i only drew the bottom pic cuz Lex looks so miserable in the first one? look at how happy she is now. how far she’s come