Since memes is the only language Tumblr understands. Congrats on proving that all for your talk of diversity at the end of the day you only care about keeping racists happy. 

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tbh I'd love to see u talk abt more rpg maker games !! Do you have recs for non horror ones? :0c

Ahh, that’s nice to hear!! RPG Maker games are my special interest so I can get a little too excited about them. ;;

And yes! Some of my fave games are non-horror, aaa

There is

Follows the story of a young robot boy who was recently created (by two scientists who are also a canon lesbian couple!) and how he learns about the world around him, often through the help of those around him. Heavily influenced/inspired by the book The Little Prince. (Almost cried! Or I did. Don’t remember. Has some cute, positive lessons, good to play when you’re feeling sad.)


Corinne Cross’ Dead & Breakfast
About a young woman who starts working at a “bed and breakfast” place to help the place’s owner and quickly finds out the place is haunted during the night. (This one made me tear up and it’s just really sweet, re-playing it helps me when I start having suicidal thoughts again because it makes me start seeing my life in a not so heavy way, this game helped me through bad times.)


Pom Gets Wi-Fi
You will love this one! Very funny, lots of jokes only Tumblr users would understand. It makes me laugh and it’s just great to cheer up when you’re feeling upset. Follows the story of two dogs that die when there’s a fire at their owner’s house and, next thing they know, they’re in dog heaven. But there’s no Wi-Fi there! And one of the dogs loves being on the internet. So the two dogs go on a journey in heaven to find Wi-Fi.


Melon Journey
A bunny boy and a bunny girl are friends having a picnic but get separated when there’s a huge rainstorm. One figures out the other must have found shelter somewhere or went home, and the next day one goes look for the other. You can play as the boy or the girl.


The simple daily life of a girl who lives with her auntie and brothers in the attic of a seemingly empty apartment complex that is actually inhabitated by ghosts that had nowhere else to go.

I can think of some others too, if you want!! :0 *Kisses your nose*

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Sending death threats just because you used a gif? That could only happen on Tumblr. I understand it's hard to ignore, but those anons are assholes and not worth listening to. You're awesome so is your blog! You don't deserve any of this. If I could take your place in this, I would. Sadly I can't, but I can send you support, love and virtual hugs ♡♡

Who Companions on Tumblr

Ian: The Science Side of Tumblr. Every so often makes unsubtle jokes about alien life existing and tags Barbara, Susan and Vicki in it.

Nyssa: The Science Side of Tumblr 2.0. Occasionally corrects Ian’s science, leading to long discussions into the night on the subject, and has become good online friends with him. Text posts complaining about her irrational siblings.

Susan: Loves pretty aesthetics (like flower crowns and space), tagging mutuals in stuff, reblogging stuff from Ian and Barbara, and meme culture.

Evelyn: Reblogs recipes, practical travel suggestions, crazy university life stories (and adds her own), and awesome history facts. Loves @historyisntboring

Sarah Jane: Posts lots of photos of her happy friends and family, and public warnings to stay away from certain famous places or household items for the time being.
Every so often, odd posts in an unknown font are posted, often about computer-related humour. All such posts are tagged “Mr Smith speaks”, despite Sarah Jane having confirmed that she has never been married. Conspiracy theories about Mr Smith’s identity has become a meme. (*photo of Obama on a computer* “Obama is Mr Smith!!”)

Turlough: Almost exclusively creates popular short text posts about how much he hates Earth. People assume they’re shitposts. They’re not. He really hates Earth that much.

Sam: Used to be a textbook-stereotypical SJW. After three years offline, she realised that lecturing at and insulting random strangers on the internet isn’t really as effective as she used to think. She posts a lot less now, but still reblogs posts about stories she thinks more people need to hear. Likes and reblogs everything that Izzy creates.

Izzy: Didn’t discover side blogs until it was too late. Her blog is an absolute mess of sci-fi, superheroes and pop-culture. Wouldn’t be too bad if she could tag to save her life, but she can’t. Makes lots of popular edits. Reblogs all the signal boost stories that Sam posts.

Kroton: Somehow maintains a blog from within the multiversal spectrum. No one knows how. He and Izzy are always tagging each other in things, and he often posts reactions to various tv shows Izzy has told him to watch.

K9: Liveblogs chess matches with the Doctor. Everyone loves when he wins, because he always posts a photo of the Doctor’s face the exact moment (calculated to the nearest microsecond) that he realises he’s lost. These photos have become popular reaction pics.

Compassion: Is notorious for spamming the dashes of her followers, because she trawls through Tumblr on her earpiece and reblogs like 500 popular posts a day. People usually think she’s a bot until they find the one-in-a-thousand personal text post, which almost always starts “You will not believe what f**king Fitz has done now”.

Frobisher: Lots of photos of the Doctor looking ridiculous, and gifs of penguins tagged “me”.

The TARDIS: Follows all of her crew’s blogs. Claims that it’s only to monitor for S.O.S. messages, but really she enjoys interacting with them on something other than the usual boring three or four n-space dimensions. Posts jokes about multi-dimensional engineering that only other TARDISes on Tumblr understand.

I want to share something that I think only you people on tumblr understand and that is that:
I am deeply and profoundly in love with Will and Hannibal. Something about their connection just touches me in a way that is almost too much to verbalize. I believe that Hannibal - by the use of symbolism - tells a much more complex story than the surface reveals. Hannibal is a cannibal and murderer on the show - but what series REALLY portrays is a man who decides, for the first time in his life, to show his darkest parts to someone else. And doing so actually is the boldest thing in the world. To be ,seen’ in all your most shameful and destructive flaws and to still be loved and accepted. I guess that’s the deepest wish we all share. I don’t know if I have ever seen anything more beautiful in my life - even though on the surface we see a sick, twisted relationship and two people fighting each other in agony. But what we see too is the true level of grief that comes with abandonment..and the sadness that can linger for years. We also see acts of vulnerability that are the only way to real intimacy - on both sides. The reality behind it is true connection and belonging and I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what Hannibal has done to my soul. How it has enriched me, every part of me and taken a hold on my entire being. I love this show. I love the characters so so much. Yes I find it sexy and special and extremely desireful that they are portrayed by two men. But that is not the major point. The most important thing about Hannibal is that it has showed me again, that good storytelling can transcent real life - can be even more meaningful or powerful than a rel life experience and that in the very end it can even change the world by changing individual people. I thank the actors, the writers and the showrunner for this amazing gift. And I think at least some of you here will know what I mean and understand…

Me at Disney parks with friends...

In Buena Vista Street


In Cars Land

On Main Street, USA


Soarin’ over California




Haunted Mansion




My friends: What