Only on tumblr do people observe the progressions made for and within marginalized communities over the years and call it a “privilege” to accept them

Hi @taylorswift my name is Karen and I will be 43 on October 25. I’ve been a Swiftie for 11 years! I only have Tumblr bc of you! I would love to meet you before I’m a 50yroldswiftie. Please 💙🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


LOOK WHO’S BACK! I missed you so I came back. now I will continue with the tumblr only with separate icons and headers, no packs. I’m kind of out of time to be combining packs. will be: icons of girls, lourry and friends. headers: lourry, friends and random. I love you all // OLHA QUEM VOLTOU!!! eu senti muitas saudades então resolvi voltar. agora irei continuar com o tumblr apenas com icons e headers avulsas, sem packs. to meio sem tempo de ficar combinando. será: girls, lourry e friends icons. headers: lourry, friends e random. amo todos vocês.

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Young girl! what do you think you are saying? You wanna know something? I love you! With all my hear, even if i don't know you at all! And that's because only by here on Tumblr i can see that you are an awesome human! -Hugs- So don't sat thing like that! How many times do i have to say that everything you do is cool and beautiful -trows petals at you- 3:< And if you are sad then i will cry! -M

Awww I love you too!!! You’re very sweet :’)

The Paladins as Things Tumblr Users Do


Shiro: passive :) aggressive :) smiley faces :))

Keith: using,,,,,commas as ellipses,,,,,,

Hunk: lots of question marks???? after things that aren’t necessarily questions???

Pidge: when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about and end up never using punctuation ever not even one comma so before you know it you have a whole run on paragraph and don’t stop until you’re forced to


Yoongi Throughout the Years

i was going to post these as separate pictures but i forgot that tumblr only lets you upload 10 pics at a time & i didn’t wanna make more than one posts lol so yeah enjoy this collage thing or whatever

bnha headcanons bc i have no impulse control
  • kaminari once staged a worker’s strike and refused to charge anyone’s phones. they glared him down for about an hour and he caved. he made picket signs and everything too
  • midoriya has the most heathenistic, gross food opinions it’s disgusting af
    • deku: “im glad everyone agrees that wasabi goes with chocolate milk” iida: “i’m sorry the whom
    • bakugou, in the distance: “why’re you always like this shut the fuck up you’re gonna make me fuckin’ hurl again–”
    • nobody can tell when midoriya genuinely means it or when he’s just fucking with them to gross ‘em out and nobody wants to ask
  • don’t sneak up on kirishima in the middle of the night he’ll harden and accidentally stab you in the face trying to defend himself
  • wildly mispronouncing uraraka’s name is fun
    • “uarakrara” “urethra” “release the urararakraken” “durarara”
  • mineta kicks ass at wii bowling but that’s about all he’s good for
    • tsuyu, on the other hand, is strangely athletic and can beat many people in a variety of sports
  • sero is the resident tape dispenser. he too attempts to stage a strike. it also ends up failing
  • todoroki got a fever once and taking care of him was A Fucking Nightmare
    • “do we give him ice packs or heating pads?” “wait shouldn’t he be able to regulate his own body temperature?” “no illness causes hormones and quirks to go out of whack right” “ahHHHH wait you give sick people soup right–” “–and medicine and blankets and pillows and shit right f uckajfjdks ;fjldsfja;”
    • everyone’s running around panicking meanwhile todoroki is motionless in bed trying to get everyone’s attention 
    • “guys. guys recovery girl is in the building next door. as in the hero who can literally cure sick and injured people in an instant. g u y s
  • aizawa: “i’m a hero trained for a wide variety of situations” [gets handed a small human child] “wait not like that”
  • present mic’s parents are both deaf and he knows sign language
  • sometimes random snippets of childhood memories come up in bakugou and midoriya’s conversations and it’s wild to listen to them pulling receipts on each other
    • “remember how dad used to make you pee your pants crying by pretending to attack you with his fire breath whenever you came over for sleepovers lmaooo”
    • “oh shut the fuck up as if you didn’t cry whenever you came over and the food was too spicy for your bitch ass to handle”
    • “oh what’s that?? hm??? i can’t hear you over the sound of you falling face-first into the sandbox in front of that super cute girl you liked back in daycare– megumi yamamoto was her name right? smoooooth, kacchan <3”
    • “why the fuck do you fucking remember that, you little fucking shit did you write that in your shitty notebooks or something i’ll fuckign kill you–”
    • midoriya [laughing while crying hysterically and running away from bakugou, who is equipped with explodo-hands]
    • rest of 1-a, listening in: ?????????????????????????

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is bisexuality transphobic? idk as a non binary person I feel nervous&confused exploring relationships w ppl who identify as bi (but express interest in me)

*Cracks knuckles* Alright Anon you just found a cornerstone of the bi discourse from, like, 2015, so I’m going to settle this.

Bisexuality is defined by the bi community* as attraction to two or more genders**. This can be confusing because of the existence of polysexuality (attraction to several genders) and pansexuality (attraction to all genders). Unfortunately a lot of people assume that bisexuality means you’re attracted to cis men and cis women, which is false and also inherently transphobic. Bisexuality is not inherently binarist or transphobic. In fact, I know a lot of nonbinary people, myself included, who identify as bisexual.

*Obviously not a monolith. Other definitions include attraction to one’s own gender and also other genders, which still doesn’t exclude trans people.

**Dividing up by genders seems kind of ridiculous to me bc of gender expression things but y’all get it.


the writing process for The Last of The Real Ones (x)


09.30.17 • some of my most recent bujo spreads

So sorry I haven’t been as active lately… I’m trying to be more academically focused, so I’ll only be on tumblr during the weekends for the most part.

The state of the Jacksepticeye community.

I have stated this a couple of weeks ago and it seems that my assumptions were not wrong.
I said that this fandom is decreasing in safety at an alarming rate. Sadly it is true. I’ve personally wanted to speak up and talk to Jack personally about this for a while now and sadly to even today, he hasn’t realized it.
I know its understandable for a creator to stay out of their own fandom drama but honestly I am worrying for the safety and the good atmosphere our fandom is known for. Coming across as a social media manager, or an advocate or representative of the fandom is not my intention.
I just really, really want Jack to atleast be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes in his own fandom.


People are harassing eachother, and I see it more and more each day. Not only on Tumblr, but on twitter, the youtube comments, or even on discord servers.

There is a girl harassing Jack and Wiishu on Twitter.
There are friends of mine being harassed and blamed for abuse.
There are minors who are toxic to other fellow fans in a way of guilt-tripping.
People hate on eachother for the fact that they enjoy Anti’s existance.


Before I saw that gifs from @marielgum, @lum1natrix, @irosl6, @markired, @booperdoopcr, the deactivated blog jacksepticeyegifs were being stolen every once in a while.
Now I see it happen every single day. I’m filing reports everyday now.

For your aesthetic blogs: Stop stealing edits
For your “imagine”blogs: Stop stealing gifs
For any other fan account with compliations of anything in this fandom

Caption abuse:

How many more times do I need to speak up about this? I am a freelance captioner and since a few months, every video I watch, I see incorrect captions.
They are not there for your own fun! They are a tool for the hearing impaired! Its not cute or quirky to write your own comments there!

This is what I see in the captions in every video:
Self-made comments
People putting words in Jack’s mouth
People captioning in zalgo text
Putting in fake Anti hints
Full on caps-lock captions
People putting in random words
And this way I could rant about it for ages.


Jack I am seriously concerned and I’d love an opportunity  to speak up to the entire fandom about this.
It’s not fun anymore to see your hard work being stolen.
It’s not fun to see people mess up captions for other people.
It’s not fun to see your friends being abused by other fans.

Stop the toxicity.
Please Jack. I beg you to be atleast somewhat aware of what’s going on. People you reblog everyday are harassing other fans behind the scenes. Its devastating to see toxic community members get praise, Its devastating for artists to see you reblog stolen fanart or gifs sometimes. And personally, it hurts a lot to see people like the “funny captions you put in” on videos.