when raven said “do you know what it’s like to be in pain every day,” i remembered every time i have ever said those exact words to people who don’t understand.

when raven said that she wanted to go back to space because that was the last time she felt free, i remembered every time i wished for things i used to be able to do before my chronic pain started.

when raven chose her own path instead of following the one that other people have set out for her, i thought of every time i have refused medication or have had to stand up for myself because i know what i want to do with my body, no matter how sick or in pain i am.

raven reyes is important representation for people with chronic pain. we may not be a large group but we’re here and we love raven reyes with all of our hearts.

Here, watch. I can make anything sad.

Steve is the one who first started calling Diana “Diana Prince” as we just learned from that TV spot.

Years later, she’s still going by that name, as we heard in BvS when the flight attendant called her “Ms. Prince.” Diana is still going by the name Steve called her, all these years later, long after he’s gone.