speculation compilation #55

We only have the cover page, but people are already speculating what happens in our newest interlude!

Worry not! We never spoil the story, so your guess is as good as anyone’s!

I’d just like to point out that it was Asgore who let his emotions get the better of him and declared war on humans after his children were killed! Toriel? Against it from the start.

Voice to text isn’t always reliable. Glad you are excited!

Calling it right now:

This summer, there’s going to be another Bill secret revealed.

In the coloring book.

Think about it- it’s the same setup as last time! The Journal, and another, less important book for the younger kids. But which one of the two ended up housing the big Bill secret, the one that really changed the game?

The book deemed not as important as the Journal.

It’s the SAME thing- the Journal and a more fun book for kids. And going by the tweets, Bill will be there!

So I’m calling it. Either way, we’ll get SOMEthing.

anonymous asked:

So, I was seeing a nochocolate drawing, and saw Chara with a hair cut similar with Charataker's.. it was supposed to be like monster ears on that drawing, so is this why the hair style is like what is on this comic? Sorry for my bad english! I hope you can understand me.. ///-\\

you remembered my ancient doodle! that’s so sweet. i wonder if it has any relevance here..?