In honour of my Only Time Will Tell oracle deck that is soon to be up for sale, I present: A Giveaway!

I love sharing my work with you guys and want to give back to my supporters. So here is a chance to win this deck before it goes up for sale!


  • Each reblog counts as an entry, likes don’t count for anything
  • Don’t be annoying about it
  • International shipping!
  • DO NOT tag as giveaway
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re following me or not
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Respond within 48 hours or I will pick a new winner!

Giveaway will end June 3, 2016.

Good luck y’all.

Fine print: This is not affiliated with Tumblr in anyway shape or form. ALSO! You won’t receive your prize immediately, you’re going to have to wait until I get the decks printed. Shouldn’t be any longer than a month though. So no worries, it won’t be that long. And this is the one I will mail out first. Promise.


I’ve seen people try to divine time using tarot cards. It always seemed so complicated to me. Then I thought; why not just make a deck purely for telling time?

I present to you:

The Only Time Will Tell Oracle Deck

Filled with bright swirling colours, these abstract backgrounds let you focus on the message of the card. From a vague “eventually” to a specific “midnight”, and lots of time in between, this deck is sure to know “when”!

okay so i’m THINKING of doing some one-off pieces (like this tiny 5″x5.5″ one) and selling them a bit cheaper than society6 stuff ????? i’ve also started making stickers (aliens, dogs, cute words etc etc) so i could also do some cute handmade sticker packs as well ?!! anyway so i’m just WONDERING if any of you would be into this or not ???? pls let me know either way bc i don’t want to waste my sweet sweet time if no one wants to buy my art !