nishiuraboys asked:

22, 32, and 69

22. Do you wear game related clothing/accessories?

  • I used to but I have learned that people treat me differently when they learn my interests from first impression ;_;

32. Did you ever play a game based on your favorite show/cartoon/movie/comic?

  • Only as a kid, and they were mostly Spongebob games. I’m probably only interested in fandom-based games if it works like a visual novel. (like Durarara, Haganai, and Boueibu, but I can’t play these games because I don’t know enough Japanese to understand what’s going on…)

69. In your opinion, best game ever made?

  • Rune Factory 4. It’s not my all-time favorite (that would be Persona 3) but it does have a majority of things that I like in video games. Easy accessibility, a good story (imo), characters with cute designs that you can befriend and get to know better, and the slow progression can be really satisfying after playing for awhile. I can sit back and enjoy the game without having to put all my attention into it, so it’s really one of those games that helps me relax. This is just based on my interests, though,,

Oh holy crap so years ago I made this story concept based on Rayman and honestly it’s one of the best fan pieces that I have ever come up with and I’ve kept it pretty quiet that whole time so the only thing I ever posted about it was this preview

and apparently there are a bunch of sprites that I had a go at making and they’re pretty terrible

And then I saw sasoreo‘s post about her characters and how she had been promising a comic for years which reminded me that when I started this project I’d stared planning a comic using those sprites

and I absolutely sucked at comics and still do so I’m certainly not going to do that.

But I still really want to do something with the story and characters but I honestly have no idea which direction to take this project in.