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People made characters parallels between Marinette and Chloe, and I noticed that both of them had similar purses. But now that I've seen your Animal Kwami AU, does that mean that your AU includes Chloe speaking to a bee like Marinette speaking to a ladybug? "Marinette, you look lame speaking alone" "Hey, you always do that too!"

I went to several episodes to check, and Chloe really does have a purse that looks very similar to Marinette’s(it shows up in Dark Cupid for reference)! Wow. Better than that, imagine how they look when they’re talking to their very similar bags concurrently. 

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2, 3, 21, 30 and 33!

2) Do you believe in aliens?
Honestly? No.

3) Name three artists ( musical or art ) that have inspired you or impacted you.
1) This is going to sound odd but Willie Nelson. Literally the first artist I recall ever hearing and also one of my father’s favorites.
2) My mentor, whom I won’t name because he’s kind of obscure, but has also made history. He’s a saxophonist.
3) And stupid, nerdy answer but Stan Lee or Jack Kirby because I grew up drawing comic characters and it’s largely how my art got to where it is now.
I could name more, but it only says three… ._.

21) What is the best dream you’ve ever had?
One telling me my student loans would be erased. >.> Like I don’t think anything could ever top that, no matter how funny or strange.

30) What is your favourite feeling?
That feeling you get watching people who are happy and learning something they enjoy? Yeah, that one.

33) What has been the highlight of your week?
One of my friends teaching me what was wrong with my pathetic, standard American language learning materials probably. He sent me the title of his textbook that he’s using in Canada and his tips have made a huge difference in studying. A lot of standard “For Dummies” or “Complete Idiot’s Guides” or “Transparent Language” materials and the like are often really bad on how they teach grammar, at least in my experience.

Thanks for the asks! :3

Thinking about it & crazy enough that Deadpool was actually ever made into a movie at all (making his big screen debute this weekend) but the fact that Ryan Reynolds had been wanting to try and get the movie not only made but done the right way for fans and himself after 11 years is crazy. The passion he shares with us over this unique complex fun character with all the amazing promos, interviews and otherwise has just been the best. Plus the R rating if this does well can be used as a gateway for other darker comic films to come out too.

I have not been this passionate over something in a long time & will probably fangirl with every emotion while watching it. It’s like nerdy Christmas right now.

Anyway, point being please go see Deadpool multiple times if you can opening weekend & make Wade/Ryan proud ;D