Enemy Ace (from the DC Comics WWI flying ace series) and Captain Nemo (from H.G. Wells’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  These are two custom character bookplates that are one of the tiers if you order 555 CHARACTER DRAWINGS.  Only two custom bookplate options remaining!  Orders for the book only go until Sunday, April 12th (6 more days!).

Joe Kubert’s art on Enemy Ace is hands-down the best aerial combat comic art ever made, with some of the finest examples of directional reading in any comics, ever.  I was asked to draw his rescue dog Schatzi, who tragically falls to his death from an open cockpit.  

For Captain Nemo I tried to go with the book description (straight nose, swarthy countenance, tall, wide-set eyes) with the knowledge that he’s Indian (revealed in Mysterious Island) and use the book description of his gear: Indian rubber diving suit (said in the book to be seamless, but that would just look like a blobby man-shape), an air-compressed gun with a boxy clip full of electric bullets, etc.  Kevin O’Neil’s art (based on Alan Moore’s descriptions) for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a huge influence on me, getting me to rethink popular iconography as it related to well-known characters, and his Sikh Nemo was the top of the heap for that, so I went as far from that direction as I could.


“ Word to God, I will never watch Arrow again.

Let me rewind a minute.

This past weekend was the first weekend of spring weather in New York City, and instead of running through Central Park or eating ice cream from the street vendors that appeared like spring flowers, I spent 13 hours indoors watching Daredevil. And I regret nothing. Daredevilis – and I don’t say this lightly – the best superhero show ever made.

Expectations of the Netflix series were mixed as most fans didn’t know what to expect, which is rather understandable given the previous butchery of the character in the 2003 film. In this new rendition – the “dark and gritty” remake, as everyone is keen to call it –Daredevil offers exposition that is effectively an origin story, yet without ever feeling like one. Its outstanding writing makes it a series not only a staple for comic fans, but also for any casual Netflix viewer who decided to see what this whole thing was about. In fact, the casual viewer might even enjoy it more thanks to the amazing portrayal of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, played by Vincent D’Onofrio…..”

- Jordan Calhoun and his thoughts on how the surprise Netflix hit Daredevil changed the game completely. 

Thinking about it & crazy enough that Deadpool was actually ever made into a movie at all (making his big screen debute this weekend) but the fact that Ryan Reynolds had been wanting to try and get the movie not only made but done the right way for fans and himself after 11 years is crazy. The passion he shares with us over this unique complex fun character with all the amazing promos, interviews and otherwise has just been the best. Plus the R rating if this does well can be used as a gateway for other darker comic films to come out too.

I have not been this passionate over something in a long time & will probably fangirl with every emotion while watching it. It’s like nerdy Christmas right now.

Anyway, point being please go see Deadpool multiple times if you can opening weekend & make Wade/Ryan proud ;D



By Chris Sims

One of the great thing about the Adventure Time comics — and there are a lot of great things about the Adventure Time comics — is how great they are for telling stories with the familiar Cartoon Network characters that you could only really tell in comics. The best example might have been the fantastic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure issue, but next week, writer Ryan North and artists Kat Philbin, Missy Pena, Becca Tobin, Liz Prince, Carey Pietsch, Jesse Tise, Ian McGinty, T. Zysk, David Cutler, Yumi Sakugawa, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (phew) are doing it again with a special issue that’s all about the cast making their own zines.

That’s right, everyone: If you’ve ever wanted to know what a zine would look like if it was made by BMO, now is your chance to find out. It’s about a bear named Cool Bear, and it is amazing.