How Hufflepuff #37

Being a Hufflepuff doesn’t mean that you have to be the life of the party, or social all the time. Where does it say Hufflepuffs can’t be introverts, can never have bad days, and always have to be the first and last ones at the party? Nowhere. Never feel like you are a letdown because you don’t live up to a ridiculous stereotype.

Badgers, do what you want. Binge watch Netflix instead of going to that party. Cut your date short because you have bigger issues to deal with then your friend’s petty dramas. It’s okay. Real friends understand you aren’t perfect, that you are human too. Just keep working hard, be friendly, and be patient, for this too shall pass.

People might be wondering what I have been doing since I made it to Korea. To put it lightly, it hasn’t been too great. But it’s all my American bank fault. I haven’t been able to eat for 3 days. -.- I had a lil bit of Korean cash and spent that getting small drinks from the vending machines in various places because it was better to be hydrated cus I’ve been walking around on and off campus for several hours. And also the jet lag is doing a great number on me. Each time I say I will only nap 1 hour… It turns into 7 hours and it gets too late and dark to do anything. Ughhh. But hopefully things get turned around.


i’ve been on the road for almost three weeks.

we’ve driven a little over 4,000 miles. i did my first hike through grizzly bear country- we spent two nights, three days in glacier national park. we bought bear mace, and befriended a guy named zach who just happens to be from long island who was working the front desk of the ‘many glacier hotel’.

we camped in the badlands of north dakota for two days, nat found a bisons jawbone down by the river. i stalked wild prairie dogs and called chipmunks- who scampered around my feet. we stayed with a friend from burning man in ohio, stopped to see a train-hopper we know from the nyc rave scene in a walmart parking lot. 

sunny seattle left us in the living room of an ex boyfriend, the living room of an old friend- who took us to his job and made us mixology-style cocktails. we drove south through oregon, watched the wildfires burn through the sides of mountains- the air heavy with smoke. 

with reno in our sights, and a short stop in california- we continued south east. 

burning man starts on monday. 

i’m almost home.