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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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Ive read your metas, the one about love in this series and the one you posted recently, explaining Rize's situation. Now, I know you said that Furuta wants to objectify her and keep under the control, but it's difficult to still believe he still loves her, if he still farms or lets her be farmed again. It's hard to imagine that he, as someone who loves, couldn't have any questions, regrets and remorse towards how he treats her, the person who is very important in his life. And ur metas are great

That’s exactly the theme of this manga though. 

Let’s look at this quote that I’ve already analyzed about 100 times.

I had a dream.

A failure of a God

She laughed and squeezed my throat.

It’s always like this.

Only people dull to pain hurt me.

She truly loved me,

Only she didn’t know how to love.

What a stupid God.


A quote which in itself is reiterated by the manga. 

Not even here, but also here as well with Suzuya.

It’s a complicated thing to process, but abuse doesn’t always come from hate. Sometimes it comes from love, which is what makes it so hard to identify and swallow. Suzuya, Kaneki, no matter how hard they try not to they’ll still be plagued by loving memories of the time they spent with their abusers. Which adds another layer of complexity, even abusive relationships are not marked by constant abuse all the time. There are always quiet times where it might not seem so bad. There are always reasons that the victim has some small attachment to their abuser. 

“She truly loved me, only she didn’t know how to love” is a quote I use a lot because it’s so resonant with this theme. These emotions don’t arise from hatred or indifference, but rather a flawed and twisted love. From people who possibly don’t even know how to love because they too were never shown it. 

If Furuta were indifferent he would just kill Rize, or he would just exploit her as V did without even caring that much. He’s far worse to Rize because he loves her. 

That’s the horrifying part. He’s not a sociopath inflicting harm on a test subject he doesn’t even care about like Kanou. He’s a person doing this because of a deep personal investment and deep history with Rize, to the point where the subject of his plans has to be Rize. 

It’s an obsession for sure, but I’ve never been one to say that bad, obsessive love doesn’t still count as love. Those who practice it are at least convinced it is.  I think that removes a layer of complexity to say that only good love is love. This is a manga that goes into great depth talking about the cycle of abuse after all and trying to portray it with characters as complex as it possibly can. 


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I would read the crap out of your bitty in the NHL fic

(anon is referring to these tags:  #b r a h#i have a solid 2k of backstory for how bitty could have started hockey earlier and been good enough to sign with the NHL after graduating#it involves bitty’s aunt connie john johnson’s mother and the edmonton oilers#idk if i’ll ever post it because i’m only done the outline of the fic#(thats just the 2k prologue lol) from this post

ME TOO!! I want to read it so bad, I just don’t…. want.. to write… it…… 

This is the summary though! 

Eric Bittle expected his first year in the NHL to be difficult. He expected the long road trips, the aggressive checks, the constant fatigue, the rampant homophobia lurking under the surface of a culture that put traditional masculinity on a pedestal. Less expected is the balancing act that is his social life. Putting up with a surly captain while keeping in contact with friends from college and slowly falling for an anonymous guy he met on tinder were not a part of Bitty’s contract with the Providence Falconers.

Yes, Jack is the guy he met on tinder. No, neither of them know that. 

I really want it to be a multi media story so it includes tumblr posts, newspaper headlines, text messages etc. for example, from chapter 3:

Tumblr post. fyeahjarse: Did you hear about Zimms helping Eric Bittle?? They’re doing extra morning practices together??? Look at my son helping my other son, what a good captain. -> reblogged and someone adds doodles of them as falcons a la the penguin artist on irl hockey tumblr (ninja omelet) 


A social experiment conducted with mutuals of various levels of friendship, ranging from in real life friends to those i have rarely or possibly never spoken to directly. Now we wait.

Shoutout to @reforge and @tumblrbot for answering too quickly and immediately ruining any chance of me getting the before picture. So now I will update with results as they come in. Not ideal, but adapting is a necessity in science