I guess this is a new-ish trailer for Xenoverse 2.  Some observations:

Trunks used the Dragon Balls in XV1 to recruit a “powerful ally”.  Now he’s just doing infomercials.

According to Trunks, it’s the Time Patrol’s job to protect everyone’s memories, and prevent history from being changed.  That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who recons his hair color whenever it suits him.  Also, I’m pretty sure Cell remembers killing Trunks, so who’s going to protect that memory, huh?

Trunks is also like “We have a school for Time Patrollers!”  I was starting to come around on Trunks, but now I’m remembering why I hated his guts in the first place.  I specifically created a character for this game who is too cool for school, so what possible use would I have for such an institution?

Then the bad guys interrupt with a vague heel promo.  Towa’s all “Those jerks can’t fix history!  Not while I have Turles and Slug backing me up!  They’re like the eighth and ninth strongest movie villains!” 

There seems to be a major emphasis on fighting battles as part of a team.  That’s funny, but I seem to recall a certain DVD from the Kid Buu Saga entitled “True Saiyans Fight Alone”.  Also XV1 was laggy as hell whenever six guys were on the screen at the same time.

FUCK YEAR FINAL EXPLOSION.  I’m gonna spam the hell out of that. Unless that’s just a cut scene, and Majin Vegeta doesn’t actually have that in his move set.  Then I’m gonna be pissed. 

Also FUCK YEAR SUPER DRAGON FIST.  This time they showed the player using the move, so that’s gotta be in there. 

Pre-Order now and get a crappy Re-skin of Goku that everyone was already making as a custom character in the last game!  Plus… a stick!  No seriously, it’s a stick and you stand on it and hover around like a dumbass.

No Demigra in the trailer.  I don’t know if that means they’re saving him as a surprise reveal, or he actually stayed dead from the first game.  I like Demigra as a villain, but there’s something about killing him with your own custom character that would make it really frustrating if they revived him.  Besides, Towa’s ready for the main event.  She’s paid her dues.  #PushTowa2K16.

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Becoming a father never fails to make me one of the happiest people that anyone has probably ever seen. Granted, I now have three children, a soon to be step-son…but only one of them was biologically mine before my new little one came along. I haven’t been able to wipe this smile off of my face for…hours. I don’t even know how long, but I don’t even mind it. Watching my fiancée bring our new daughter into the world was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed and it made me fall in love with her more than I already have, more than I already do every single day. Now, I’m happy that my beautiful daughter and my beautiful fiancée are happy, healthy, and resting. I can’t wait to take little miss Hadlee Grace Levine home to meet her siblings and everyone else waiting to meet her. Welcome to the world, Hadlee Grace. Daddy loves you more than words can even explain.

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I met Jazzie a few weekends ago at Midoricon and she’s honestly one of the sweetest, funniest people I’ve met on this crazy website. When she told me the backstory of her OC Leona, I was like … aww shizz, I gotta draw this in the only way I know how … animal-fied! Hope you like, seriously, Leona is so badass.

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“Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Sunset…. It honestly seemed like you’ve been avoiding me for a while,” rather apparently drunk, Flash was rather blunt about the issues that were standing between the two. Flash didn’t quite know weather to be mad, or open to her, considering all that had happened since they had last spoke when they broke up.