kelly + yorkie [black mirror] • forever young


“Press on, press on” say the ocean waves

so this is a song inspired on Hijikata Toshizō and its beautiful and sad and i am now sad


Payback to @thelonelybrilliance for the vid she tagged me in earlier! I had to dig deep to find this one again, but it’s a vid edited to one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, I knew I still had it in my favorites file from college somewhere! I guess we are having a Winchester brothers fanvid battle now :P

The real question isn’t “Do you think Larry is real ?” 

The real question is “Do you believe that Simon Cowell would go as far as taking advantage of five young boys freshly eliminated from a rigged competition by offering them extremely binding contracts including ‘image clauses’ under the pretense that ‘gay men don’t sell music’ and that it’s only ‘temporary’ ‘just long enough until we’ve managed to build a solid fan-base’ ?” 

To that question the only answer is yes. 

EDIT : this not only applies for Larry, but for any member of the band. Should have made it clearer. It’s not limited to one direction either, this industry is sadly very homophobic and closeting people under this kind of pretenses is still a thing in 2016.