The other night I had a dream where all the teams in Pokemon Go got little mascots. Team mystic’s was this little tubby penguin holding a tiny flag, team valor’s was a little round fox thing with a leather jacket, and team instinct’s was just. The minions. Like the minions from despicable me. I wanted To Die.

I switched to team valor after that

I remember seeing you in my dreams. I remember being so uneasy; anxious over everything, so I thought of you to fall asleep; to feel at ease. I remember looking at you in the eyes and falling even more for you. I remember the words you told me. “Be who you are. I love you this way.”. I remember the hug that lasted for longer than words can describe. I remember the touch of your skin, the softness of your lips, the kindness in your eyes. I remember it all, my dear. Even if it was only a dream. I remember…

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Do you think I have enough tattoos?

white woman, in Boulder, covered in tattoos, at the Farmer’s Market

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One song: It’s Not A Fashion Statement It’s a Deathwish by My Chemical Romance

Two films: The Crow and House of Dark Shadows (1970)

Three tv shows: Orange is the new black, Stargate SG-1, and The Outer Limits

Four people: David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Gerard Way, and Brody Dalle

Five foods: cheese pizza, lasagna, bagel bites, oatmeal (the fun ones w/the dinosaur eggs i liked as a kid), and ziti pasta (im trash i pretty much only eat pizza and italian food)

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since I got it off steam, all the dlc kicked in after I left the doc’s house and now I’m like, ok, pls chill, im level 1

he felt kinda shady tho. I mean, I’m glad he helped but… let me just leave you undressed while I do all this. ummm… how about no



Kinda have a hard time believing Riley didn’t know anything about “the real world”. Like….this is the same girl who was in complete awe when talking about Malala, the same girl who cried thinking about how blessed her life is compared to others, the same girl who seemed to know like the entire history of the feminism movement only a season ago. It is a little frustrating that they take such a sweet and optimistic character who has shown how smart she is previously….and just make her into this? I’m not at all supportive of the notion that being positive means you’re immature and don’t know anything. 


Inspired by Haikyuu and the football AU by Tumblr user @trashyscarface :)