Happy birthday, Tom Petty! (October 20, 1950-October 2, 2017)

Part of you we carry and part of you is gone, but we will treasure your legacy and the music and stories you shared with us, forever. As long as your music lives on, so, too, shall you…

Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real. And it moves and it heals and it communicates and does all these incredible things. It’s been so good to me that I want to be good to it. I want to make music that’s worth making.

How INFPs Feel About Intimacy

INFPs truly crave intimacy, and desire to feel connected to the people they love. INFPs don’t feel comfortable opening up to just anyone though, and are often searching for the right person. They love feeling completely intimate with someone, and enjoy being able to feel their souls connecting in a deep and meaningful way. INFPs do not want to feel detached from the people they love, and only want to have real connections in their lives. Without true intimacy in their relationships the INFP will feel like they are completely pointless.

Dating the pack members would involve...

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you do the “dating ___ would involve” type of stuff? If you do pls do one for leah (╥_╥) i never find anything with her it’s sad (ಥ_ಥ) if you don’t do them it’s ok but do you know any blog that writes her? I’m just a sad gay girl who loves leah T_T

(I will never exclude Leah from these so don’t worry, I love her too)

Leah is naturally protective of you, but she ensures never to cross a line and become over-bearing. She respects your independence and understands how frustrating it is when people get too controlling. Everyone assumes she would be dominant, the ‘strong one’ or the ‘rock’ in your relationship. However, only you see the real side of her, which was vulnerable. You are able to comfort her when she needs to spill her feelings, and as you are the only person she feels comfortable being completely open with (aside from Seth, but she doesn’t want him to worry for her as he already had enough to deal with). Although she is a werewolf, you are the most protective, for example if anyone were to be rude to you both at a bar or in the street it would Leah having to calm you down; as you have seen how much people have upset her before, you never want it to happen again. But Leah finds your temper cute, and sometimes she struggles to hide her smug smile as she sees how fiercely you love her. Your relationship is built on a lot of trust. After Sam she has always been hesitant to let her guard down again, but with you she knows she will never have to worry about being hurt. Also the pack had never seen Leah giggle so much since she has been with you, as much as she tried to suppress her laughter in front of the guys, she just couldn’t help it when you were clumsy tripping over or because of your numerous inside jokes.

Paul is obviously big spoon for a start. You know he has problems with his temper, who doesn’t know tbh, but he always makes conscious effort to keep calm around you. Not just so he doesn’t risk phasing and hurting you, but because he doesn’t want you to see him stressed or make you uncomfortable. He is the most supportive boyfriend, especially when you’re on your period. He will cuddle you and be your hot water bottle, make popcorn, and proudly strut around shops to buy you: tampons,sanitary pads, chocolate and snacks so he can tell almost everyone he sees in the store that he is doing his duty as a boyfriend. He loves bragging about you, he will post pictures on his instagram of you all the time and he wouldn’t care about the pack winding him up for being all mushy. He is romantic in his own way, not the typical flowers and chocolate way, but by giving you the last cookie in the pack or when you can’t decide on a take away he will order your favourite meals from a few different places to save you having to decide. One of your selfies is his lock-screen. He walks round the house naked all the time too, not that you mind at all.

Jacob is super romantic, even after you’ve been in a relationship for a long time he still takes you on dates and loves to make an effort. His favourite date usually is a nice drive along the coast where you two find a spot to have a picnic or if its raining you two would sit in the car cuddled up next to each other chatting until you usually end up falling asleep against solid but warm chest. After you and Jake watched Grease together he wanted to take you to one of those drive in movies for a date so he spent the next few days driving around Washington trying to find one to take you to. Eventually he found one in Seattle and you now have a tradition to go on a date there every month. Also he definitely posts pictures of you with soppy captions on your anniversaries. 

Seth is an actual sweetheart, and the pack give him a ribbing about it all the time but he doesn’t mind or get embarrassed. There is a field near Seth’s house filled with flowers and he always picks a bunch for you whenever he goes to meet you. Everyone knows how happy Seth, and when he is with you he smiles non-stop. However, when he’s upset he doesn’t want you to worry so he keeps his thoughts to himself until you persuade him to tell you what he’s honestly feeling;which is usually when you two are lying in bed at night. Pillow talk sometimes lasts for hours with you two, you talk about anything from plain nonsense to having deep conversations where you both spill all your emotions. On the year anniversary of your first date he made you a scrap book and the front cover was the first picture you took together.

Sam is like your big cuddly teddy bear wolf, he’s always got his arms wrapped round your shoulders or waist. He loves making you breakfast in bed, or if he has to leave early for patrol he will make breakfast and leave it warm in the oven or when you wake-up. He loves listening to you talking about your day, what tv show your watching, the latest gossip about your friends; he could literally listen to you speak about anything for hours the sound of your voice is so soothing to him. You were surprised to find out then when you two were in bed you dominated him easily, you knew it was your smile that made the giant of a man putty in your hands- which you constantly used to your advantage when you wanted a snack or didn’t want to get up to reach the tv remote. You think the only reason Sam is so happy to do anything for you, apart from the fact he his absolutely smitten by you, is because he knows the pack wouldn’t dare taunt him about it.

Jared Being with Jared is fun, he never gets boring and neither does your relationship. You guys don’t really go on dates but rather spontaneous plans and adventures, you woke up one weekend to a bag packed with your clothes, Jared grinning and two plane tickets to California for a last minute holiday. Jared’s flirting is more immature as it usually takes the form as pranks, which he plays on you a lot- but you get him back of course. He is also big on PDA: always holding your hand, pulling you to sit on his lap, peppering your neck and face with kisses; especially when he notices other men looking at you for a few seconds too many.

Quil You had never met someone that loved cuddling so much before you started dating Quil. You two spend most your time cuddled up on the couch or in bed binge watching endless TV shows. One night Quil convinced you to watch a horror film with him, his plan was too scare you so that he can hold you whilst you hid in his arms (not that he needed an excuse to hold you) but it backfired when you both ended up under-estimating how scary the film was resulting in you two shitting yourselves and having to sleep with the lights on for the next few days. Quil isn’t that physical in public, only the occasional kiss on the cheek and holding hands, but once you two are alone you can barely keep his hands off you.

Embry When you first started dating the majority of your dates were double-dates with Quil and someone he was seeing. You knew that Embry and Quil had a close friendship, but you knew it was because Embry got nervous about messing up on dates and ruining his chance with you. Embry likes to think he comes across as confident and charming, especially in front of the pack, but with you he becomes such a flustered wreck, blushing cheeks and all. His favourite dates with you are the classic long walks on the beach holding hands and then taking you out for dinner; every time he refuses to let you pay the bill.

I’ll Find You

Pairing: Troy Otto x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3590

Author’s Note: So, this is for my fave @lovefilledtragedy writing competition! I did Troy because it’s her fix right now, plus Daniel is absolutely good looking in Fear the Walking Dead. But uhhh yeah. I hope you guys like this. :) Thanks to ma hoe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!

No Goodbyes - Dua Lipa

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Tumblr is my favourite escapism,my favourite alt reality, but I tell you something, climate change is so real that only an idiot with his head up his ass will think differently.

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HC that Someone holds Max for ransom because they’re salty that David retired because he’s hella good at what he does, except they took Max when he was taking a nap and this boyo is a REALLY HEAVY sleeper that only real bad nightmares can wake him from and just sleeps through the w ho l e thing — He wakes up on the car ride home and is just like “huh” and David stops the car to talk it out but Max has nO Idea what he’s talking about and David’s like “okay nvm :)))) let’s go out for icecream!”

Ohmygod- I might actually do a small drawing out of this that is so adorably funny– 

Anyone else notice that this fandom used to have severe “I’m not like other girls” syndrome? Back in the day, I saw so many posts that were like “I’m not like those other STUPID girls who only listen to SHITTY POP MUSIC like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. I only listen to REAL MUSIC like MCR and Good Charlotte because I’m a VAMPIRE.” Kinda glad that this fandom has moved past that.

Chloe Price + “Otherness”

What makes Episode 2 so good is the writing quality, especially when it comes to Chloe. Deck Nine’s portrayal of Chloe is convincing because you can tell that they understand that Chloe’s ostracism from Arcadia Bay’s society stems from more than just being stoner or a high school dropout. They have perfectly captured what it is like to be “othered.”

While the ostracism does start with Chloe’s acting out due to losing her father at a young age, it really goes down to being forced to live in a world that truly does not care about young kids who have suffered. If a child cannot abide by the expectations of society, regardless of reason, they become an “other.” Characters in positions of authority rarely show genuine moments of empathy because at the end of the day, their insistence on Chloe acting “okay” or “normal” takes precedence over the fact that she’s suffered great loss and is hurting. The only real authoritative figure who sympathizes with her is Joyce, who is tied down by the greater authority of the hard-ass, by-the-book caricature that is David. 

There are other characters who suffer from this, like Nathan, but Chloe’s case is slightly different. She isn’t just othered because she acts out; she’s othered because she overtly refuses to conform to what is demanded of her. Time after time she refuses to accept that she, and everything she feels, is the inherent problem, and even when she tries to make amends, the situation is so skewed against her that she practically has no choice but to resist. Society around her takes this resistance as unwillingness to try to recover, but the reality is that society has boxed her tightly into this “otherness.” She’s in a lose-lose situation because the system isn’t built around understanding and accepting the “other.” 

Even Rachel is othered to some extent. While she doesn’t suffer from the same ostracism as Chloe, she is put up on a pedestal and expected to behave a certain way. In this narrative, her character acts as Chloe’s double. Despite her own sufferings, she supposedly conforms, but it isn’t without sacrifice. We can see that through Rachel’s break at the end of both episode 1 and 2, and it’s those breaks that “other” her. They show that she, like Chloe, cannot truly conform, and that’s exactly why her and Chloe get along so well so quickly. They’re outliers of society, good or bad, and like othered people in real life, they gravitate to one another because they find safety from judgment when they’re together.

Their relationship is also important beyond connections through isolation. Themes of conformity are often seen in struggles surrounding sexuality. Chloe’s and Rachel’s sexualities are important details in the theme of otherness . While it isn’t seen as an overt problem, especially considering Steph’s role in the story and how normalized her own sexuality is, it is important to consider how sexuality plays into otherness when comparing it to real life scenarios. Having two othered characters of the same gender express interest and attachment to each other strengthens this person vs. society theme because as potentially non-straight players, many can connect and empathize based on their own experiences of ostracism based on sexuality. 

What makes this game stand out is its willingness to critique systems in place that make it near impossible for young people to thrive without sacrifice. Young kids are expected to swallow their hurt, confusion, and anger in favor of following the status quo and doing what they’re told no matter what. Chloe is, and always will be, an outcast in this kind of society, but it’s her perspective that allows players to see exactly what it feels like to be an “other.”

Well a cute little farewell between our siblings. ;p 

Elyon died and turned slowly into a demon, her body is no longer real, the only remaining things of her is her weapon and her purple ribbon.

Let’s get something clear…i hate my new support…. all colors are way too clear…. aside from some very few ones….

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Oh my god, what you wrote for my prompt was more than I was ever hoping for, I don't even have words. I love the a/b/o you write and Shinsou being integrated into their cluster was just so heartwarming?? If you ever have a craving for more of your spitefic, I wholeheartedly support it, no joke. Thank you for the amazing writing and I look forward to whatever you write next, whether it be more prompts or more fics

I’m looking into getting more spitefic done for November’s NaNo challenge. I… kinda ended up really wanting to do it for October, but I’ve been pushing it off trying to get the creature fics done. Except none of the creature fics want to budge, so I think I might be screwed. *sweat*

But yeah, more a/b/o spitefic will be happening! I have the series planned out. :D My only real debate is if I want to end it as a poly fic or not. Not necessarily sexual, just like, everyone being in love and taking care of everyone else. It’s just stupidly easy for me to see happening for them, but at the same time I’m aware that I came here specifically to escape that kinda stuff, and I don’t want to accidentally become a hypocrite.

Fact Time!

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1. They claim to not really remember their real name, only that it started with a V, which inspired choosing the name Vaya.

2. Used to LOVE collecting action figures.

3. Natural blue hair, or dye? They’ll never tell. (But it’s totally dyed, and they only allow Vamos to dye it for them)

4. Fashion is everything to them, they always want to look good and feel good.

5. Though they don’t always act like it, they do have a shy side that no one other than Vamos has really seen.

6. They don’t like to think about their past. It brings up some terrible memories and regrets for them.

7. Insecure about their height, but bring it up and you may not make it out alive.

8. Can be quick to trust people, but if you break that trust, you will NEVER gain it back.

9. They’re torn on whether or not to believe in the Witch, so they stay away from the subject most of the time.

10. Their twin is the most important thing in the world to them. Their other half, who’d they’d be absolutely lost without.