hey! i’m still taking my art break, it’s been only like a week of not drawing and i am feeling some improvement in my arm, but i’m not jumping back into my usual amount because i don’t want it to get worse ;; thankfully furvilla and pokemon go has kept me busy but occasionally when i’ve been REALLY bored working on this and i’ve finally finished it ;;

money has been really tight now since i cant draw, i made this to auction and hopefully help out and ease some stress, i promise i’m not gonna push myself, so this’ll be the only pic you’ll see for a while. i appreciate all the kind messages ive been getting it means so much ;o; <3

if you’re interested in bidding, please go here:

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So you're from the same place as Zarya :O, no wonder why the mun is a badass

Yes, exactly : > 

I’m nowhere near as strong though %)

I want to draw Zarya as well as some of the overwatch crew later but.. very later. 

HI I HAVE A QUESTION 🖐 do u like that I only post pics of outfits and a quote once in a while?? What else should I post? MSG ME THE ANSWER I WANT TO MAKE U HAPPY ❤️

IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW from seeing Hamilton the 4th:

Lin-Manuel Miranda shows SO MUCH more emotion as Ham on stage than in the cast album. The emotion in his voice for stay alive/it’s quiet uptown will BREAK YOU.

And when Pippa takes his hand he just … collapses on himself while THE WHOLE FUCKING THEATER SOBS.

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Why dont you ever reblog any Harry pics? I am genuinely curious? Cause you will reblog pics of the other 3 doing diverse things but never Harry

He didn’t do anything particularly interesting during these months if not walking on the road, going to the gym or sitting at cafe habana so I am not going to reblog meaningless pap pics as I don’t do it with Louis+stunts nor Liam+stunts. These pics from Dunkirk set were sold from a stalker photographer to the press and even if Harry was aware of their presence and waved at them is still something yikes for me hence I don’t reblog them. I only reblog what I like to see. Also I don’t like the fact that they are flaunting how Harry is working with Nolan while the others are only doing pap pics when stunts happen as if they werent do anything else in their life. Once all of them will promote themselves with what they do as artist, I’ll reblog all the pics. it’s nothing aganist Harry himself it’s not his fault this is the situation, he’s lucky to be able to do what he wanted/liked/planned publicly since the beginning of his hiatus but as I don’t like the situation in general, I’d rather reblog something else.