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Guys…so as you know I have been interning at the sex offender management unit parole office this entire semester…sitting in on the group therapy sessions with the offenders on parole and…today I cried because I only have one more week left and the group was so powerful and…the psychologist, this amazing young woman who has made this experience absolutely amazing as well…

asked me to work with her on her 2nd book that’s in the works, to work with her on writing it and conducting research about female sex offenders and forensic psychology, and it would be paid and I would have my name published in the book as well…of course I literally exclaimed YES


Prompt: Could you write something about Tim having a s/o who’s a doctor or nurse? Love your writing!

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    Your relationship is a bit unorthodox. You know this. You embrace it. As you trudge into your apartment, you open the doors on the balcony before sliding your shoes off. You pad into the kitchen, take out the two cartons of Thai food, and pop yours into the microwave first.

    A few moments later, you hear the rustling of curtains, and Tim comes in. It’s six in the morning, and the sun is just starting to rise. Tim is dressed in his full suit, and you smile as he pulls off the hood. A moment later, he’s left in nothing but his pants. As your food finishes, you pop his into the microwave.

    With a smile you watch him move around the kitchen pulling out glasses of water and silverware. When the microwave dings you pull out his food and bring both plates to the table. You eat in silence, both reading and unwinding.

    Dinner is followed by a quick shower together before collapsing into bed. You wake up six hours later to the sound of clacking. Dressed in one of Tim’s shirts, you pad out to the den and take a seat next to him while he taps away on his laptop. You open your book and wait for him to finish. He wraps things up fairly quickly before sliding the laptop away.

    Finishing your page, you slide the book away before saying, “You sent seven henchmen to my ER tonight.”

    He smiles, “Jason and Bruce sent seven henchmen to your ER. I was busy hacking a security system.”

    You scowl, “It’s not funny, Tim. The doctors always get cranky when they have to work on bad guys. Not to mention it backs us up big time, and then there’s the security protocols.”

    He leans over and kisses you, “Next time we’ll deposit them closer to another hospital.”

    You smile, “That’s all I ask.”

    You sit there for another minute before saying, “We have to go to the store.”

    “Why, did the take-out menus catch on fire?”

    “Not since Alfred was here last time. We’re out of food, and just about everything else. We really need to clean too.”

    “You only have one more shift this week, right?” You nod, “Then I’ll take the rest of the week off and we’ll run errands and clean, and all that good stuff.”

    You smile, before saying, “You are such a liar.”

    He laughs, “I’ll call the cleaning service tomorrow. Alfred’s due for a visit, and I’d rather not get a lecture again.”

    You nod, “Okay I’ll make a list so you can run to the store.”

“Why do I have to go to the store?”

“Because I’m the one that can cook.”

He shrugs, “Send it to my phone.”  

You nod before curling up next to him. Your relationship is weird and you love it.

Commission for @gerdavonrinnlingen of her Sith Warrior Ringa and Quinn’s reunion! Basically a sequel to this :3

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"Sorry, were you sleeping?"

Harry had been gone for a few weeks in LA, meeting with different writers and working in the studio. I, however, was stuck in London without him.

“Hello?” I smiled at the sound of his sleepy voice on the other line as I shrugged out of my coat and tossed my keys onto the side table in the hallway that Harry had insisted we didn’t need.

“Hey, sleepy head.”

“Mmmm, g’mornin’, love.” He paused and I could practically see him stretching his long limbs in my head, “S’pose it’s not morning for you though, huh?”

“You would be correct, it is 5 PM here.”

“Just getting in from work then, yeah?”

I smiled at his complete memorization of my schedule, “Indeed, I am.”

“How was your day?”

“It was alright, it’s raining here.”

“Wow that’s some amazing news, never would’ve guessed that.” He teased.

I laughed and then sighed, “I miss you.”

“Miss you too, only one more week though, love.”

I ran a hand through my hair, closing my eyes, trying to imagine he’s next to me rather than half a world away. “One more week.” I whisper. “How’s thee studio going?”

I could hear the excitement in his voice as he talked about the new music and it made my heart swell. After about a half hour of talking (mostly listening on my part) I frowned at the sound of wind in the phone, “Babe? Are you outside?”

“Yeah, um, listen I have to go, alright? I’ll try and call you later when I’m at lunch to say goodnight. I love you.”

I bit the inside of my cheek, trying not to feel the disappointment, “Okay, love you.”

I sighed as the line went dead and with nothing else to do, I tied my hair up and started working on dinner, opening a bottle of wine as I did so. I remembered buying it with Harry when he was still here. We were supposed to drink it together on the date night that was promised weeks ago but was always pushed aside for other commitments.

I sighed as I finished making dinner, realizing I made enough for two out of habit and I nearly cried right there. He didn’t know just how much I missed him, how lonely I felt when he was gone. I tried to hide it from him because it wasn’t his fault, he had to work. And if I was being honest, maybe I was being a little dramatic because he usually did work from home. But the house still felt too empty when he was gone, impossibly big, and the bed practically swallowed me up without his long limbs taking up two-thirds of it.

I showered and crawled into bed in one of Harry’s shirts that still smelled vaguely like him. I knew as the time passed with my phone in my hand that he wasn’t calling me. My phone slipped out of my hand onto the floor as I slipped into sleep.


I was sleeping, but some part of my mind registered the door of the house opening, but ignored it. I heard the door of our bedroom open, but ignored it. I ignored the sound of a bag falling to the floor and boots being kicked off.

But then the bed shifted, and someone was jumping up and down on the mattress, making my body jolt violently. I groaned and began to open my eyes, “What the—“

The bed stopped moving and as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, I saw Harry’s silhouette looming over me. “Sorry, were you sleeping?” That impossibly cocky grin on his face as he stared down at me.

It took my mind a few moments to process, my brain working through the fog of sleep, but it was Harry. Harry was really here. I finally screamed his name and jumped up, tackling him to the bed and kissing him all over as he laughed, his arms wrapped around me fiercely, just as unwilling to let me go as I was him.

“You said… You said one more week.”

He kissed me before answering, “Missed you too much, decided to come home early. I wanted to surprise you.”

I thought back to our conversation earlier, “The wind…”

He smirked, “I was boarding the plane.”

I shook my head, grabbing a pillow and hitting him over the head with it, “You sneak!” I accused.

He laughed, “You don’t wanna do that, love.” He gestured to the pillow.

I quirked an eyebrow, “Oh really?” And hit him with it again.

His smile remained, but his voice was low and dangerous as he said, “I’m warning you.”

“What’re you gonna do?” I stood up on the bed and took a swing at his stomach. He caught it against his body and with a tug brought me down on the bed next to him, beginning to hit me with the pillow as well as I laughed uncontrollably. “Okay, okay!” I squealed, “I give up, I give up, you win.” He sinks down to his knees beside me on the bed and sweeps the hair out of my face. “Hotels are really lonely when you’re not there to have a good pillow fight with me.”

I smirked, “I can imagine.” I pulled him by the shirt until he was kissing me again. I sighed against his mouth, “I can’t believe you’re home.”

He kissed me again quickly, “Can’t get rid of me that easily, love. You’re stuck with me.“


Seventeen’s Reaction To: Their Crush Kissing Them On The Cheek

brb2132 said to reactingkpop:Seventeen reaction to their crush kissing them on the cheek? 

Coming right up! Only one more week until i’m finally a senior in high school! I’m ready for this hellish year to end *-*)/ ….


  • Would be so damn frazzled, but would recover quickly with a greasy ass pickup line. 
  • But we both know that coups would be fangirling on the inside over how he finally kissed you and that you initiated it.
  • He’d be ok with the fact that you kissed him first though. 

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  • Wouldn’t seem too fazed by it, but it’d have him reeling for days over how lucky he was to experience that. 
  • Is the type to play it cool after it happened, and would be successful with hiding his feelings.

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  • He’d actually freak the fuck out.
  •  Like wow? You kissed me first?? That’s my job babe, but ok??? 
  • He’d find the whole exchange to be cute and would find your panicky face to be adorable. 
  • He’d definitely remember that exchange.

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  • Would be greasy as hell after you pull away!
  •  Would throw a million different pickup lines at you just to see you fumble your words even more. 
  • Would be like Joshua and get a lil upset that he didn’t initiate the kiss. But you best believe that you would be sending this boy over the moon.

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  • Would be greasy like Jun, but wouldn’t be as forward. 
  • He’d be a little surprised by the sudden affection, but would find the situation to be cute as heck! 
  • Wouldn’t mind that you initiated the kiss; In fact, I think he would love your sudden bold move. 

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  • Small bean would be so damn confused about what just happened.
  • Like hold up, did you just? Did we just? Okay…
  • Would think back on it and think about how cute you looked when you’re frazzled. 

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  • Would definitely be the strong silent type in this situation, but deep down he’s screaming internally solely because you kissed him. 
  • Would admire the fact that you had the guts to initiate the kiss. 
  • Would find your flustered face to be so cute after you pulled away.

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  • Not gonna lie, this boy would panic a bit. Like shit that just happened! 
  • He would try to stay calm for as long as possible, but in the end he would panic a bit. 
  • Like I thought that I was supposed to go for the kiss?? BUT clearly that did not happen.

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  • Would scream out in excitement over how cute that was. 
  • Would also be screaming, because holy shit balls my crush just frick fracking kissed me. 
  • It could just be a small quick peck ‘cause he did something sweet and he’d still flip shit. He would love it!

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  • Would be just like DK, and would scream with happiness.
  • Just the sheer fact that you willingly kissed him would send him over the moon! Like wow! 
  • Thank you for initiating our new found skinship!!

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  • Would be so damn over the top about he finally got you to fall for him. 
  • Would low key replay that memory every time he thinks of you. Would be so happy that you started the skinship, because he wasn’t about to!

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  • Would try to be like Wonwoo and act like it didn’t even faze him, but nope! 
  • He would actually scream about it later and tell all of the members about how cute you were for the next month. 
  • You would’e had to start the skinship, because this boy would be way too shy.

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  • Would be like Woozi and be so freaked out and confused. 
  • Don’t get him wrong though. You just blew his mind since he thought that he would never have the courage to initiate skinship on that level. 
  • But BOY is he glad that you did!

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Fluffy fluff please! Tsuki getting excited about seeing his GF, who's been away for a little while on a trip, and she surprises him by coming home early and going to a game or visiting him at school? :D

Ah, how happy I am to receive requests for my darling husband! I am sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy this slice of fluff! 💕

-Admin Lana

When Tsukishima first learned of your trip to America for a two week-long study program, he had been indifferent, only telling you to make the decision based on what was best for you. Although he would never openly admit this to you while in range of hearing, you could tell he was slightly bothered for your impending extended absence. Even when you tried to assure him that it was only ‘two weeks’ he had brushed it off with a nonchalant shrug before giving you a kiss goodbye. The first week by as usual with the exception of not having to walk to class with you or eat lunch together. It was a bit lonelier than had had expected, but Yamaguchi filled the empty space with friendly chatter. ‘Only one more week’ he’d think before bed each night. 

Wednesday’s match arrived without event, the team fired up with the hope of victory by the end of the evening. The blonde has never expressed an inkling of excitement when it came to a game, simply writing it off as another to cross. He at least had a little enthusiasm when you were cheering him on from the audience. It irritated him how much your presence had an influence on him, but even more so when his teammates would comment on it. 

He was relieved to finally escape the energy from the gym, opting to take a breather in the hall. His moment of peace didn’t last long when a light voice addressed him. “Good game, Tsukishima. You played well today.” His first instinct was to roll his eyes and ignore whoever it was, thinking it might be someone trying to make a move on him, but was pleasantly surprised to find you beaming at him instead. 

The tall male did nothing but stare at you, unfamiliar feelings stirring in his chest that he couldn’t quite put a name too. From a logical stance, two weeks was hardly a long amount of time, but after becoming so used to seeing you most days out of the week, he didn’t realise how dull his life was without you to liven it up.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to hug me?” You pouted, only to find your form being swallowed in his embrace. An airy sigh escaped your lips as you leaned into him, content to finally see his face again.

“Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to be back home this early.” It wasn’t often that you were able to surprise the blonde like this, and the expression on his face was well worth it.

“I was able to get an earlier flight back to Japan, and since I knew you had a match today it worked out perfectly.” You leaned back slightly, hands sliding up his arms to gently cup his cheeks. “I really missed you, Kei.”

He had a feeling that his teammates would hound him after this, but only for you would he show a soft side to. “I missed you too. It’s nice to have you back.” You thought your eyes were deceiving you as red flushed his ears, stemming down to his cheeks as he glanced away, unable to meet your gaze.

“Cute…” The simple word left your lips in a hushed voice as you committed this scene to memory. There was no telling when you’d ever see your boyfriend blush like this again. 

Tsukishima whipped around furiously in an attempt to hide his face. “Stop calling me cute! I did not miss this at all!” You couldn’t help but laugh, a warm feeling spreading through your chest at the usual banter. He missed you as much as you missed him.

This is based on that really good art by @masdanii a little while ago captioned with “Words Were Said” and a conversation I had with @sovvung about that (awesome) art. This kind of started as an excuse for me to practice writing in Angry Stan’s voice and try to get better at it. Thanks to those two users for being awesome writing inspiration!!

Stan stumbled over something in the dying light of the shack’s living room. He caught his balance on the wall, stopping himself from face planting to the ground. Grumbling, he turned around to see what it was. A backpack. Jeez, thought Stan, Mabel must have left it down here. Stan was worried about the girl—she’d just come home and flung her stuff down, apparently, and tore up to the attic without even a ‘hello’ thrown back. She came home much sooner than he expected. Stan had noticed little things that seemed to be inconsequential, but were slowly stealing Mabel’s happiness. Mainly- Dipper spending so much time without her and with Ford instead.

Stan sighed and leaned down to pick up the pack. He was sure Mabel would miss her things soon, and he wanted to at least try and make her smile today. As he bent down, he heard a rush of static and the edge of a conversation.

Mabel will be fine on her own. She has a magnetic personality—“a rush of static came over the line and then cleared up into Dipper’s voice, “We’ve never really been apart before.” Another shift and Ford’s voice came over the line again “And isn’t it suffocating?” with another screech of static the walkie-talkie Stan found in the bag went silent. Obviously this conversation was not meant to be heard, the button was probably accidentally pushed down to communicate. Nevertheless, Stan crushed the walkie-talkie to pieces in his hand, his arm shaking with barely concealed rage. He set the bag down and flung the pieces from his hand. The plastic aggravated the cut he’d received a couple weeks ago from the portal on his hand, but this time he didn’t even wrap it.

Stan sat down unsteadily in his chair. His entire body was shaking with anger over what he heard.

How dare he say that about Mabel? How dare he! If she hadn’t dropped her bag—no she can never hear that—Dipper’s a good kid, he wouldn’t leave his sister, right? What is he doing to this family? He had one job, stay away from the kids, and now, n-now he’s, ugh… Stan’s thoughts chased themselves in circles as his body gave way to tears. He made no noise, just sat in his chair, letting his thoughts run wild circles through his brain, working himself up over the words he’d heard exchanged more and more, but trying to ignore the last sentence as it kept building within him.

Stan struggled to draw in a breath in between his quiet sobs, and suddenly Ford’s words hit him harder than before. Isn’t it suffocating? I’m SUFFOCATING? Did—did he ever…Was I always just…Too dumb, slowed him down, held him back, s u f f o c a t e d my brother?

Stan pushed down with his thumb on the new cut on his hand and hissed out an expletive. But the pain served his purpose and cleared his head. Looking around him, he swallowed the rest of his tears and stood up, straightening his Mr. Mystery suit. He grabbed the broom and swept up the broken walkie-talkie pieces, dumping it in the trash. Everything his right hand touched hurt, but he let himself feel that pain rather than keep thinking too hard about what he heard.

Finally, he wrapped it up, grabbed a pitt cola to hide the injury, and walked up to the attic to talk to Mabel. Stan listened to her sadness over growing up, her fears and her worries, and gave the best advice he could. He allowed his own vulnerability to shine through for a second, the old ache that his twin didn’t stick with him through thick and thin, before rubbing Mabel’s hair affectionately with a small smile. Mabel responded in kind, smiling up at Stan and told him thanks. When Stan left her room, she was smiling again, picking out pictures for the scrapbook and getting back to her normal, upbeat self.

And Stan was going to make sure that whatever had transpired after the static on that walkie-talkie, nothing would take that happiness away from his grandniece.


Finally as the sun was starting to go down, Dipper and Ford returned home. Stan saw Dipper covered in scratch marks and looking generally beat up. Stan swallowed another wave of anger and told him to go clean up and head straight to bed. Dipper dropped his bag and ran up the stairs, looking too excited about whatever they’d done that day to argue back at Stan.

Ford comes in behind him, not even sparing Stanley a glance, and heads to the kitchen. Stan hears him puttering around in there, probably making coffee. He stands and makes his way into the kitchen, coming to stand just behind his brother.

“Ford,” he starts, his gruff voice quiet. Ford doesn’t turn around, but a tensing of the shoulders means he knows his brother heard him.

Stan tries again, “Stanford,” and winces, his voice cracking. At that Ford turns around, his face hardening into a mask of annoyance, to ask what Stan wants with him.

Stan feels a tremor go through him and he shudders. For as much time as he’s had to think, he still doesn’t know what he wants to say. Luckily, Ford makes it easy for him.

“What do you want now, Stanley? I’ve had a long day and I don’t have time for whatever nonsense you’re giving me right now.”

Stanley feels his spine go rigid with resolve, an angry light in his eyes. His voice is low and strong when he speaks this time. “Ford, have you ever been choked nearly to death? Have you ever been thrown into such a tiny space that you can feel the air go stale and you start to panic, thinking ‘this is it, this is the end’? Have you ever been suffocated?” Another tremor goes through Stan and he lets it show, his arms shaking slightly. “Have you ever felt their hands close around your neck as you try to get away, only to be dragged back into them, to watch the look of glee in their eye as they slowly kill you? Or worse, the complete lack of caring as you’re slowly drifting into nothing, just another check mark on a list of things to take care of.” Stan takes a deep breath and raises his voice, “have you ever suffocated?

Stan never took his eyes off of his brother’s face. At first it was still that hard annoyance, then confusion, a flash of recognition, a wince of sympathetic pain, eyes wide and features going slack. When Stan repeated suffocated though, is when Stan saw a light click on in his big brain, and Ford’s expression turned defensive.

“Don’t be over dramatic Stanley. Where are these questions coming from?”

No puedo respirar!I know what it feels like to be suffocating, Stanford. All you know is a brother who has always had your back and stood by you! A brother willing to do anything for you, a brother willing to spend 40 years of his life making up for an accident! And you have the gall to call me suffocating?

“Stan, that’s not what I—“

“No! How could you say,” Stan’s voice cracked but he didn’t stop, plowing on, feeling his anger turn to sadness, “that about me? How could you j-just dismiss our entire childhood like that? Did you ever even like me—or was I just the dumb muscle in your shadow?” Stan’s voice was cracking and his gestures were less sporadic. He could feel the tears threatening to spill over, but still he waited for his brother’s words. If his brother could contradict him, he’d stay.

Stanford looked back, surprise and hurt written over his face. His jaw was slack, hanging open like a fish. But he didn’t say anything. Stanley swallowed hard and turned away. “I’ll be out of your space soon, then. Only one more week until this suffocating nuisance is away from you forever. Sorry I can’t make summer end faster.”

And with that he stalked out of the house, straight to his car, and drove away.

He didn’t see Stanford crouch down in the kitchen, one hand to his heart, the other to his mouth, stifling himself as he cried. He didn’t see Stanford stay that way for over an hour. He didn’t see Stanford rock himself to his feet and into the bathroom. He didn’t hear his brother retching into the toilet, sick at his own thoughts and actions. He didn’t hear the muffled gasps of pain as Stanford took care of his injuries. He didn’t see Stanford stop outside of his own room and lean his head against the old wood, guilt spread across the planes of his face. He didn’t hear Stanford walk woodenly down to the basement, snagging Dipper’s backpack as he went. He didn’t know his brother was finally sealing the problem they created in front of the machine that started it. He didn’t know everything he wanted from his brother was just subverted by the wrong set of twins fighting.

And at the end of the summer, after the twins had left (together—Stan hadn’t heard Stanford rescinded his offer to Dipper), he didn’t see Stanford offer him their childhood dreams. All he saw was the open road blurred by tears, barely choking out breaths between his sobs.

Stan almost laughed at how suffocated he felt.