This was from my first fitting for @gigionbroadway and what a wonderful ride it has been. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we only have one more week to share this wonderful love story on Broadway. I will be forever grateful for the audiences who came to see the show, everyone who made the show a reality and my cast mates who have become family. I have truly enjoyed every second of this journey and am very excited for the next chapter of my life.❤️❤️❤️


Here is my VOID SRT round 1 fight againt Monday.

It’s really dumb and I basically just made fun of everything. The deadlines are only one week per round and I think with more time I could do a lot better, but it is what it is. Gotta shake that rust off and gotta start somewhere.

Put an AU (letter and number) in my ask box along with a ship and I’ll write it

A. Established Relationship!AUs

  1. We decided it would be fun to go camping and now it’s raining and we can’t figure out how to set up the tent
  2. I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. xo’
  3. I beat you at Mario Kart and now I’ve been banished to the couch for the night

B. Single Parent!AUs

  1. You asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks I’m married with a baby
  2. You’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “I’ll go” I feel like we might as well be married
  3. We’ve been on a few dates and my child just asked us when we are getting married

C. School!AUs

  1. We go to the same coffee shop every evening to do homework but we never speak to each other until today
  2. Detention on a Saturday afternoon
  3. We met at a really strict summer camp and ended up breaking all the rules together one by one
  4. There’s one copy of the biology textbook in the library and you always have it checked out when I need it the most
  5. You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and I’m really just trying to study over here so I’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game
  6. We were partnered together for this project and we both forgot to do it, now we have to pull an all-nighter at my house

D. Random AUs

  1. You got ditched at a carnival and I work there so I’m giving you free rides on the ferris wheel until you lighten up
  2. We have to meet up at least once a week to trade mail because someone keeps messing up our addresses
  3. I’m a flower deliverer and you live on top of this big ass hill and I hate you and the person who keeps sending you flowers
  4. Our flight was delayed due to bad weather so now we’re having to stay overnight at the airport and somehow, we end up sleeping next to each other
  5. Hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and I’m sorry but not really
  6. You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk
  7. I got to comic con and you are dressed as the character that many people ship with the character I am dressed up as
  8. I was walking down the sidewalk and you fell out of a tree just as I walked by
  9. The bus broke down near your house, I know we’re not super close but I live three miles away and this storm is horrible, can I stay over?
Another Crazy Week

Another week of long hours and a couple really rough euths including a young dog with spinal damage (otherwise healthy and happy) and a 5 week old puppy that started seizing. . Got a phone call this morning from the bosses wife, turns out that no one showed up to work in our jammed packed kennels this morning! AWESOME!

On the upside still made it to my trail ride. First time i was on a horse in a while, and it was only an hour walk, but still felt good. Even better the one working said to me, “You’ve ridden before haven’t you” big compliment to me:)

Preference #14 Cock Block


For the last couple days, Harry was living with you and Liam while his house was being renovated. You both didn’t mind having Harry around, but it was killing the sexual tension around the house with you and Liam. Your sex life had been expectantly cut short.  

“Liam, please,” you begged once again.

“It’s only for one more week, babe,” Liam reminded you, walking into the kitchen with him. “We can do whatever you want then.

“I know; I just miss doing certain things with you around the house,” you sighed, wrapping you arms around his neck. “Things like coming home and spending personal time with you or making breakfast in your t-shirts after what I would call a very eventful night,” you said below whisper.

“Y/N…” He softly warned. He tried not looking at you directly because he knew exactly what you were trying to do.

“Or lazy Saturdays in bed with me asleep on your chest or me screaming your name any where in the house because of how good you make me feel when you fuck me,” you moaned with a hot breathe against his neck.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he groaned before crashing his lips on yours. He backed you up onto the table with his hands tight on your waist. “Harry will be back in an hour, babe, so can be as loud as you want for me,” Liam reminded you while lifting up your shirt, throwing it behind him, and sucking on your collarbone.

You closed your eyes in pure bliss as each mark Liam made felt like fire on your skin. You gripped his biceps, trying to stay on the table. “Baby, please, I need more.” You begged, laying your back on the table.

“Tell me what you want,” He told you with his forehead pressed up on yours.

“I kinda want you guys to stop since I eat there with you,” Harry said, walking to the fridge, stopping you and Liam in your tracks.

Liam was quick to cover you up by shielding your body with his. You had a complete look of terror in your eyes.

“Harry! I thought you were going out for like an hour!” you yelled, frantically putting on your shirt that had been thrown on the floor.

“I came back early,” he simply replied, grabbing a water.

“You could of least said something,” Liam shot back.

“What’s the fun in that?” Harry chuckled. “Baby, please, I need more.” he mimicked in a high pitched voice.

“Get out of here!” you yelled, shoving him.

“Someone has to keep you kids in line.”

“We could just kick you out of our home and make you stay at a hotel and tell fans about it,” Liam threatened.

“I’ll be in my room,” Harry decided before walking away.

You sighed in frustration.

“Just one more week babe,” Liam repeated. “Just one.”


“Niall, can you pass me new sheets for the guest room,” you called out. 

Your parents wanted to visit you and Niall ever since you moved in together. They were actually surprised to hear you and Niall were moving in together. You were quickly trying to clean the house since it was last minute. You wanted to make a good impression with Niall’s home since they only met him once. They liked him, but it was once. 

“Babe, these sheets aren’t even dirty,” Niall said, handing you the new white sheets. 

“I’m sorry. It’s just I’m nervous,” you sighed, sitting on the bed. “They have never been at your house before, and they wanna know why in the hell does their little girl wanna move in with her boyfriend of barely over a year, and what’s so special and I just don’t want to disapp-” you panicked before Niall cut you off by putting his lips on yours. 

This was always his favorite way to call you down. All your worries seemed to melt away just by the kiss of his lips. 

“Stop stressing. You’ve been cleaning for days, and it’s perfect; you’re perfect,” he reassured you. “Just relax,” he whispered with his lips barely touching yours. 

You pulled him in, closing the small gap in between you both. He hovered over you and had hand placed on your cheek and the over your bra under your shirt. 

“Maybe we could give a reason for these sheets to be washed, yeah?” he asked making you blush. 

You smiled before backing up onto the bed, laying you head on the pillows. Niall grabbed your thighs to stop your movement. You giggled when the pad of his fingers went up your thighs. 

“This needs to be quick, baby,” you reminded him, propping yourself with your elbows. 

“Don’t stress and just relax, Y/N,” he repeated. He quickly undid your jeans as you slipped off your shirt. Before you could you take off anything of Niall’s, you heard the doorbell ring throughout the house. 

“Niall, my parents are here!” you exclaimed, pushing him off you. 

“Shit uh I’ll get them and you can get dressed,” he said, throwing you your shirt. “Is it gonna be like this while they’re here?” he asked with a small pout. 

“Probably but you’ll mange,” you said, pushing him out the guest room. 

“I’ll find a way, Y/N. Don’t you worry,” he laughed before walking down stairs to greet your parents at the door.

“I wasn’t concerned.” 


“Zayn, where do you have to go today?” you asked with regret. 

When Zayn got off touring, you thought you both would finally have some alone time and together. You were wrong. When he got back, he had interviews, award shows, album releasing, and a music video. Your patience was running thin, but you waited. 

“I have absolutely nothing to do today,” Zayn said while walking into the bedroom. You felt yourself light up like a Christmas tree. 

“Seriously, babe?” you smiled, feeling yourself get excited. 

“Yes and I really just want to spend the day with my girl,” he smiled, taking your hands into his. He softly rubbed his thumb across your hand. “I’m sorry about the last couple weeks,” he apologized. 

“You don’t have to apologize for being at work Zayn; I understand. It’s just that I miss us; I miss you,” you whispered. 

“Show me how much you missed me,” he smirked before kissing you. 

It had been five long months of not touching or kissing him like this. He guided you to the bed to gently lay you down. 

“Let me show how much I missed you,” he said while slipping off your shirt and kissing around your collar bone. Your eyes closed in complete bliss under Zayn’s touch. Your fingers ran through his black hair. 

“Zayn!” an Irish voice yelled through the house, making Zayn freeze in his place. 

“Is that Niall?” you asked. 

“I don’t know why he’s here,” he groaned, handing you your shirt off the floor. 

“There you are,” Niall said with Louis right behind him. 

“Uh yeah, what are you guys doing here?” Zayn asked, trying fix his hair. 

“You said Niall and I could come over and watch the game last week,” Louis reminded him. 

“Yeah and we brought pizza,” Niall mentioned. 

You in looked at Zayn, waiting for him to say something. “Guys, Y/N and I were actually-" 

"No Zayn, it’s fine,” you said cutting him off. “Go and have fun,” you decided before kissing him on his cheek and walking to the bathroom. 

You heard Zayn groan before saying something to Louis and Niall. He walked behind you before saying, “Y/N, come on, Y/N, I’m sorry.” 

"You said you didn’t have any plans today,” you reminded him. 

“I forgot, babe,” he said, hugging you from behind. “They can leave. I really want you,” he said with a hot breath on your neck. “I need you." 

"You can blame your boys,” you giggled, pushing him out.


“Dinner was great and today was great,” you smiled as you and Harry drove up to your house. 

Today was your birthday, and it had been perfect with Harry from start to finish. You had your favorite doughnuts for breakfast and you had lunch with your friends while Harry made reservations for the two of you for dinner. He was the ringleader to the perfect day. 

“Anything for you, and it was my pleasure,” he smiled as you both got out the car. 

“I can honestly say this was one of best birthdays I have had in awhile,” you said as he walked you to your front door. 

“You deserve the best and only the best, Y/N,” he said before kissing your cheek. “And tonight doesn’t have to end here,” he mentioned as you stopped by your front door. 

“What did you have in mind then, Mr. Styles?” you asked, playing with the collar of his jacket. 

“What ever you want tonight birthday girl. You call the shots,” he smirked before kissing you sweetly. 

You felt your back hit your door making you moan. He smiled into the kiss before kissing down to your neck, quickly sucking on your sweet spot. 

“Harry,” you whispered running your hands through his hair. “I have to open the door,” you said, trying to get your keys out to open the door. 

“Well hurry up,” he said, hugging you from behind and putting his head on your shoulder. 

You fumbled with the keys before opening up the door to come face to face with your dark flat. 

“Now you can meet me up stairs because I have one more surprise gift for the birthday girl before we get started,” he smirked pressing you against him. 

All the lights suddenly turned on before the sound of many people yelled, “Surprise!” A group of your friends and family yelled, scaring you and Harry both. 

“Happy Birthday Y/N!” your best friend, Ava, smiled hugging you. 

“Ava, I thought I left you a voice mail that said the surprise was off. I mean I didn’t even see any cars outside.” Harry said nervously trying to straighten himself up. 

“I didn’t get your message and we carpooled, and we didn’t park near the house,” she smiled. “But you guys can go tidy yourselves up upstairs. You look kinda rough,” Ava joked letting you both go up stairs. 

“We can do something really quick,” Harry whispered, wrapping his arms around you. “Just a quickie. Something! 

"Harry, my parents, friends, and your band mates are waiting on us,” you reminded him, pushing him off. 

“Y/N!” Harry whined. 

“Just a couple hours.” You smiled, fixing his hair. 


You had just put down your five month old son for his afternoon nap before you came down stairs. You were snuggled up on the couch with your book waiting on Louis to come home. You heard the sound of the back door open. 

“Y/N, is game still on?” Louis asked walking into the living room. 

“No, it ended about thirty minutes ago,” you answered, making him sigh. “But I recorded it for you,” you smiled, putting down your book and standing up to meet him. 

“And that’s why I love you,” he said kissing your cheek. “But where’s Drew?" 

"I just put him down for his nap and now it’s just us,” you smiled putting your arms around his neck. 

“But what about the game?” he asked, pulling you in closer by your waist. 

“We can either watch the game or we can see what you can do with me in your football jersey upstairs because I may or may not of heard you talking about that with Niall the other week,” you mentioned pulling him closer. “I personally prefer option number two, but it’s totally your choice,” you whispered in his ear. 

He softly moaned before crashing his lips on yours. The kiss was desperate and hungry considering the fact it has been almost a month since you and Louis have been intimate. Between you working, Louis working, and taking care of Drew, there was only a small time for just you and Louis. 

“How about you go up stairs, slip my jersey on, and be ready for me when I get up there,” Louis mumbled against you skin. 

“Just your jersey? Nothing else?" 

"You know what to do and if you aren’t ready when I get up there-” he began before a small cry came from up stairs, drawing you attention away from Louis.

“No no no no no,” Louis whined. 

“Louis, I’m sorry, but our son is crying,” you laughed ,leading him up stairs.

“But he doesn’t know how long it has been since I have been able to show his mommy how much I love her in the way we both love,” he sighed. 

“He’ll be able to sleep better as he gets older, and when he is able to, then we can have our time,” you reminded him before his phone started ringing. “And that’s probably some type of business call, isn’t it?” you said as he checked his phone and he groaned. 

“I’ll put Drew to sleep while you take that call,” you smiled before heading to Drew’s room.