“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)


This week’s spread featuring my winter essentials. I’ve been waking up rather anxious every morning this week (for no legit reason), so I’ve been trying to wake up earlier than usual. Having lots of time for your morning routine really allows you to go slow on groggy mornings; It’s never too early for some self care, and starting the morning out right will make your whole day feel a lot less tiring!

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🍁⭐And here the last part of 🌿“Floraison”🍂, It was at first a challenge, because i never do backgrounds, big illustrations with perspective, indoors design etc… I wanted to add it to my portfolio too, last year. But the first one took me.. like more than one week only for the color, so I choose to take the time to learn, analyse, think etc… and now it’s finish, and I’m happy :) Thank’s again, for your kind words, it’s always motivating !🌟👍👏 and I called the character Yori yeah.


“Think you can keep up with me?” phone wallpapers! feel free to use!

edit: blue versions of the wallpaper found here!


i almost forgot about taz lady week, but here’s the director for day 1!! (plus a close up cuz it looks rly nice)

hoo boy this was a lot of fun! i don’t normally do lineless stuff, but lineart takes me forever and i wanted to finish this asap. its a bit late, but i like how it turned out! ^u^


Throwback to when the Suggs were in on the DanAndPhilCRAFTS hype

If you have any ounce of hope in “The Lost Special” do NOT engage the crew of the show about it. You know there’s only one more week left to hope for this. Our codes and analysis fail after the 29th. Those 100s of details we found only work until the 29th. Do not go to Gatiss and Moffat looking for answers. Do not go to anyone related to that show looking for validation. You’ll get your feelings hurt. It happens every year. Do not do this to yourselves. Do not let them control your emotions because they will stomp them out. File complaints with the BBC, make your voice heard, but don’t go to them for guidance. They have never given it and they never will. If you believe in The Lost Special, as I do, you must treat it logically. Do not invite the crew into our space. It is not their game to play.


Two, four, six, eight. Who did we annihilate? -  Badass female antagonists of Leverage

jir4chis  asked:

write me a short 200 words fic on nozoeli

“Elichi?” She calls softly. The fan whirls in their small apartment, summer is relentless with the heat but that also gives her plenty of opportunities to catch glimpses of Eli’s middle. Eli’s middle which she is currently lying on. Exposed, because of the cropped top.

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I just really like the idea of an au where the foxhole court is set in present day and Twenty One Pilots just decide to do their music video for ‘Heathens’ purely about the Foxes because they’re such a big thing and their PR say it’s a good idea etc.

  • so Wymack gets an email saying can they have the foxes for a week or so, to film them for this music video
  • Wymack is like, you can have them if they agree to it but Wymack kinda pushes the idea with the team because it’s good PR
  • so they agree but to only one week no more
  • no one is hugely enthusiastic about it because none of them are into acting or strutting around or being filmed
  • the upperclassmen are kind of excited but not that psyched
  • the monsters only agree to go because the filming people agreed to one week only of their time
  • so the cameramen are really pushed to their limit trying desperately to create this music video out of this really uncooperative grumpy sports team in one week only 
  • the week is boring because it contains a lot of just standing around and having to be around other people a lot and being yelled at by various people
  • Andrew is completely apathetic because he really doesn’t care about it at all
  • although Neil is kind of interested as to how they’re gonna pull a whole music video out of the multiple videos of the team just standing or walking around
  • after the week is over they all kind of forget about it because it wasn’t that interesting being filmed walking a round through the woods a lot
  • until Wymack calls them all into his office before practise one day and shows them the finished product on his computer
  • and it’s actually turned out surprisingly good
  • at the beginning, it shows flashes of their different faces, like dan’s eyes, then matt’s mouth, Kevin’s profile etc. all kind of in shadow
  • and then it flashes to a wide shot of all of them standing against a white wall, all with their arms crossed looking directly at the camera and terrifying
  • then it goes to them all walking along to the beat, zooming in on their feet and then moving up to a shot that shows all their side profiles at the same time as they walk to the beat and they look really fucking badass
  • and then when the first verse starts, it shows that shot of them all standing against a white wall again, but this time, they’re all in a different position; so Dan is leaning on Matt and Allison has an arm draped around Renee and Nicky has his arms back behind his head and Kevin has an exy racquet over his shoulder, dead centre, and then either side of him are Aaron and Andrew who are both still standing with their arms crossed and looking downright murderous, and Neil has his hands in his pockets next to Andrew, melancholically looking off to the side 
  • and then when there comes the line ‘you’re loving on the psychopath sitting next to you’ it has a moving shot of Andrew looking utterly bored but chilling, his face half in shadow 
  • and then on the line ‘you’re loving on the murderer sitting next to you’ it has a moving shot of Aaron’s face, glaring at the camera real intensely
  • on the last two lines of that verse, it has a shot of each of the upperclassmen smiling ominously and confidently into the camera, looking flawless and terrifying at the same time
  • and then there’s another shot of them all walking but it’s face on now, so it looks like they’re walking towards the camera
  • and on the last line 'you don’t know the half of the abuse’ it zooms in on Kevin’s face and his tattoo
  • on the line 'we don’t deal with outsiders very well’ there’s this really poignant shot of Neil standing a little apart from the others, which must have happened while they were on a lunch break or unaware of being filmed
  • and then a really lovely shot of Neil running a hand through his hair, and a couple of the others looking up over at him as he does it
  • and they have this shot of Andrew just looking Neil up and down really slowly before catching his eye
  • 'you’re loving on the freak show sitting next to you’ has a fast moving shot over all their faces
  • 'you’ll have some weird people sitting next to you’ pans out to look at all of them again
  • and then it goes in to this montage of shots of the foxes stadium
  • and on the first line of the chorus again, it has a shot of all the foxes walking on to the court for a game
  • and the during the bridge there’s a montage of the greatest violent moments of the foxes during games
  • so it builds up and has the moment of the hit or punch or whatever, right on the beat on the line 'watch it’
  • so they have one for Andrew, Matt and Neil all throwing a terrific punch and the slow mo reaction of the offending player 
  • 'why’d you come you knew you should have stayed’ shows the upperclassmen walking with all their arms around each other, laughing
  • 'I tried to warn you just to stay away’ shows Kevin gesturing to Aaron and Nicky animatedly about exy
  • 'And now they’re outside ready to bust’ shows Andrew standing just away from the group looking at something away from then camera 
  • 'It looks like you might be one of us’ the camera follows Andrew’s gaze to Neil standing with his gaze directed downwards, but his face looks really a soft, and relaxed and almost happy and he looks like he belongs 
  • and as the music dies away everyone just kind of stays quiet because it’s way better than any of them thought it could be 
  • and everyone’s surprised at how they’ve been conveyed by the music video and they all kind of walk slowly out of the office, glancing at each other, especially Neil
  • and Neil and Andrew don’t speak but their arms brush very very slightly as they walk and they both acknowledge it
  • everyone slowly gets going in practise, but everyone’s a little contemplative of how they all look now to the public but also to each other

“I…wasn’t gone…for that long.”