I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must have been having the whole camp on her shoulders, specially during wars where if she had been faster, stronger, wiser, better maybe there would’ve been less corpses

I’m glad she’s not alone anymore :)

States that exist and why

pennsylvania - i live here

delaware - i live near here

new jersey - angry governor

new york - honestly what do you expect

massachusetts - weird accent

vermont - shaped like a v

new hampshire - almost looks like ‘new hamster’

rhode island - smoll

maryland - idk. my grandparents live here

virginia - haha virgin

north carolina - honestly ive seen like half my school wearing shirts from the outer banks

south carolina - like north carolina but more south

kentucky - fried chicken

tennessee - country music

georgia - the nicer “southern hospitality” rednecks?

florida - oranges gators and death

mississippi - georgias racist cousin

alabama - mississippi’s equally racist cousin

arkansas - pisses me off because its pronounced arkansaw

missouri - sounds almost exactly like misery which is probably accurate

iowa - elections

ohio - the gateway to midwestern hell

indiana - i always get this mixed up with illinois

michigan - split into two big parts which pisses me off

illinois - probably the only decent part of the midwest

wisconsin - cheese

minnesota - looks like a mini soda can that got crushed

south dakota - mount rushmore. thats it

kansas - the wizard of oz

oklahoma - looks like a pot

texas - hell

new mexico - aliens

colorado - square

idaho - potato

utah - mormons

arizona - more racists

nevada - gambling

california - everything

oregon - liberals

washington - “the state not the capital”

alaska - cold

hawaii - hot

the few rest of them are irrelevant

I’ve had ~4 cisbians reject me in the last month. Two of them said something along the lines of “Sorry, I like women.” with that little smirk when they say ‘women’. One of them had the fucking nerve to say “I’m not into dick.” One decent one said “I’m not looking to date right now,” and didn’t try to passive aggressively insult me, but of course I knew the real reason.
This is the kind of discrimination trans women face. Especially lesbian trans women.
But of course, TERFs have the gall to deny it, and not only that; no, we have “male privilege” too.
Transmisogynists do not care about women. They care about those they deem “good enough”.

something occurred to me today so I decided to share

When I was 17 I fangirled over The V/ampire D/iaries and shipped De/lena so hard and now I’m 23 and horrified at my previous choices because D/amon is an incredibly abusive toxic person who literally won E/lena like some prize just for being only slightly decent sometimes and he kept being awful and depended on a girl to keep him in line and went batshit crazy SEVERAL TIMES when she rejected him and it’s the absolute opposite of a healthy relationship. THE THING IS, I only fully understood what a horrible ship De/lena was when I began shipping Clexa and Lexa showed me what actual supportive partner should be like.

What I’m saying is, Clexa taught me the difference between abuse and sexual tension and the difference between caring for each other vs controlling and manipulating each other and it actually helped me mend my own relationship and prompted me to make better choices and I was so incredibly happy with myself and my life and this is why we need healthy relationship portrayal in media instead of glorified abuse and emotional manipulation that’s mistaken for sexual tension like honey if a person is looking at you with a ‘smoldering gaze’ as you argue chances are they aren’t hot for you they’re actively planning on cutting you up and control your every choice to assert their dominance over you and I just wish young teen girls like I was once would recognize that ugh


A day with Cora-san (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

(I cannot believe I found the willpower to finish this, wow. Anyway, this… is basically me throwing this and this into one pile so it’s not just random doodling, but something that actually makes sense. Never mind the fact that I started with the third page and it really was two random doodles at first. Also I obviously had no more patience at the end, but wanted to finish it asap since I know my procrastination habits… anyway, hope ya like it! (waiting for high res then copying image link to see properly may be recommended))


haven’t posted selfies in a while so???

What we’d like to do is encourage kids to read outside their comfort zones. If they don’t read at all, just pick up one book. If they are readers, we want them to challenge themselves.

Number one, pick up a book by someone who doesn’t look like them, from another culture or faith tradition or way of life. Two is to pick up a book on a topic they might have previously found intimidating. One of my little pet projects is figuring out ways of getting kids engaged in STEM topics—science, technology, engineering, and math—through stories. The third way is to experience stories in different formats.

When I was growing up, a lot of my science fiction geek friends would only read prose books. They looked down on comics. Now we have a decent number of kids who are the opposite—they only read comics.

You never really know someone as well as you think you do. Like many people, I have managed to hide depression and self-harm from my family and friends for 6 years now. They are completely unaware. Only a few weeks ago I attended a funeral for a woman with two children, who had committed suicide after struggling with depression for years. I, like every other person there had no idea what she had been through until we were looking at a coffin.

This doesn’t just apply to depression and unhappiness. You would be surprised how many decent people have extremely violent streaks that they are able to keep completely under control, showing only the occasional glimpse of their aggressive nature.

TL;DR - Yes the idea that we all wear a mask is cliché, but it is disturbingly true. Humans are extremely complicated, multi-faceted beings. Be aware of that when you deal with people; you have no idea what lies over on the dark side of the moon.

  • Every Top Ten list I've looked at for the past hour: Unfortunately, there just aren't a lot of animes with LGBT protagonists that are treated with respect... only these super obscure ones in genres you don't like... gee we sure wish there was at least one anime that wasn't just loaded with queerbaiting and actually had a a cool and unique plot with decent characters and great humor... if only there was one queer main character in a non-romantic genre... guess it won't happen for a few years yet...
  • me, screaming: SAMURAI FLAMENCO!!!!! SAMURAI !!!! fLAMENCO!!!!SAM URA I FL AME NCO!!!! S! A! M! U! R! A! I! F! L! A! M! E! N! C! O! SAmurAI FlamENco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bergmite and Avalugg.

I’m surprised that no Gen Wunner complains about these two. They’re icebergs. That’s kind of all I have to say. They aren’t pretty but it is kind of cool that Avalugg kind of looks like it was mixed with a turtle or some kind of reptile.

Avalugg on paper looks like it would be a defensive Titan. A base 184 defense, Rapid Spin, Recover, not a bad Attack stat, and Sturdy. What keeps it from being seen in top tier play? One: Ice is a horrible defensive type that only resists itself and has way too many weaknesses, including being weak to Stealth Rocks. Two: it’s very slow, so it has to take a hit before it can do anything back, especially with it’s bad Special Defense. Despite it’s drawbacks, it;s still a decent PU spinner.

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Idris was awesome. Took pictures with alot of people and signed alot, super patient and gracious considering how aggressive some people were.  I was literally pinned next to him because once I got my picture people swarmed, i was totally surrounded and people were pushing me harder into him, I nearly fell and he grabbed me!! it was only two second but I was like “OMG IDRIS ELBA IS TOUCHING ME” 

Originally posted by penultimxte

@lemonade-time​ I am tagging you in this even though I know you already saw this lolol! So the picture below is myself and Idris, it was extremely hot and humid yesterday in NYC so its a miracle I was able look marginally decent! I wasnt even going to post this picture, but I figured, why not?? Amirite??

  • Yes, he smells like chocolate heaven (pun intended) 
  • Yes, the man is pure class, its preety incredible. 
  • The man rolls with his own security team, employing men of color which is so nice to see 
  • I would say he’s about 6′2 
  • I would also say blue is his color (see above) 
  • When I asked for a pic, he said “Sure, no problem” in the midst of people hollering and shoving cameras and phones in his face. It took me 5 minutes to get the picture people because people kept pushing me! Truly it was madness. When I got pushed the second time, I stepped on Idris’s toe and dropped my umbrella, he then said, “You got my toe” and he looked at me with a smirk - I was slightly mortified. I was like, “OMG I am so sorry I cant help it people are pushing me,” at which point the New Yorker came out in me and I told people “TO BACK THE HELL UP!!!!!” (Might’ve said ‘fuck’ I cant recall LOL), people listened, and Idris was finally able to walk into the hotel. 
  • He stopped AGAIN to take pics with fans (gracious af and patient to boot) I said, “Idris I’m in love with you just so you know. I had to tell you that” He laughed and went in side #ZEROCHILL 

Here is some bonus Karl Urban (I felt really bad I brought nothing for him to sign)

He was also very gracious and patient, to his credit. I told him he looked great, he said, “Thank you” 

Final note:
Super dissapointed in Chris Pine.He was super diva-ish, very “I’m too cool for you” and had security blow through the fans, didn’t take pics with anyone, didn’t even stop to sign one photo. I didn’t even see his face, just the top of his head. Tsk, tsk Chris! The people you snub are the same people who waited hours just to get a glimpse of you. They are the same people paying their hard earned money to see your movies and buy your dvds. Maybe it would be advantageous to not be so quick to snub, because let’s not forget what a box-office bomb Finest Hours was. #justsaying 

All the cast members who attended did what you didn’t seem to have the time to do. It matters. At the very least, apologize. 

LEST WE FORGET: #RIP to #AntonYelchin, he was and will continue to be sorely missed.

Thanks for reading!

PS - Also met Sam Heughan there, he was the kindest most patient guy.  Took pics with nearly all the fans waiting for him, signed tons of autographs and even turned to wave goodbye to me when I said thank you.

PSS - Can we as fans try not to be overly aggressive when there are no barricades? I mean I never just put a camera in anyone’s face with out permission, press is one thing but fans are another.  I saw Idris, Karl and Sam nearly get hit in the face with people’s phones. Just remember they are human beings first, and while they should certainly be gracious (*cough* Mr. Pine) they really dont ‘owe’ you a damn thing. Ask and be polite. Don’t be like a pack of rabid animals, because that behavior only encourages more and more stars to not give anyone anything. Just my two cents. :)

Just set up my redbubble shop! There’s only two images up right now, but I’ll be uploading designs all through the week until it looks like an actual store, so feel free to keep checking back and I’ll make a decent post about it when it’s more super duper like. The username is the same as my twitter handle so, yeah, mostly I’m posting this to say don’t freak out nobody is stealing my work this is officially me :’D

Here's to the aggressive Davejadekat shippers hijacking Davekat posts:

Both Dave and Karkat have expressly said that poly relationships make them uncomfortable.

Hussie said Davekat is canon. Davekat. Not Davejadekat, DAVEKAT.

Finally, friendship is a thing.

What part of this are y'all not getting? Why do you feel the need to take the only decent gay male relationship I have to look up to and stick a woman in the middle of it?

Why are you unable to accept that maybe Jade is just, I dont know, single? Fuck your “It doesn’t have to be like this, Dave has two hands” bullshit, he said outright he’s not comfortable with poly relationships.

Or is erasure okay when you do it?

Just leave Davekat alone.


Guys, remember how I said The Siren was priced over $100 on Amazon?

Yes, it is silly.


Thank you so much loveisbeautifulfear for the link on your page to copies to buy The Siren!!! I have been looking for a decently priced copy of the original and each and every time I looked I found it for like $115 +. Guys, if you want an ORIGINAL COPY of The Siren, use this link and click on HERE for The Siren for like, $30. While I know some people will think $30 is way too much, remember, I have been looking for the past TWO MONTHS and have only found it for over $100. Thank you so much loveisbeautifulfear! You are so awesome.

Here’s where you’ll need to look

Click the HERE. (not on the image, the link) GO. 

Guys, I drew a thing and it came out looking relatively decent!

Someone on one of the Pokeshipping Amino groups asked for a pic of Ash and Misty hugging, which of course I’ve never drawn because I suck at drawing people interacting/physically touching… but I gave it a shot.

In truth, especially in early-to-mid canon, I believe the only scenario in which the two of them would hug would be in a desperate situation, where neither of them is given a chance to think carefully about it. Lol.

Feel free to dream up your interpretation of the scenario that leads to this moment though! I’d surely love to hear about it!

Likes and (especially) reblogs are appreciated! 

And I have another magical pic that I drew at work last night, but I won’t post it until later. It’s loosely affiliated with the fic I posted earlier today so I would suggest (and hope) that you read that to prepare yourself for the upcoming surprise!

So everybody seems to really like chubby karkat that’slittle a smol huggable marshmallow
but just take a second to imagine
awkward stick karkat

He’s super boney and scrawny. A lot of his friends are worried that he may have a eating disorder because he doesn’t eat much, but really he’s just skinny as hell. And he wears the baggiest goddamn sweaters because they make him look bigger.
Like, I can just imagine nobody really knowing how skinny he is until he takes off his sweater and he goes from marshmallow to this tiny little torso.
And when he and Dave have cuddling sessions it’s really just the two of them constantly telling the other to move their shoulder or something because it’s jabbing them in the side (Because I headcanon that the only reason Dave isn’t skinny is because he’s decently muscular)
He literally has no muscle or fat whatsoever he’s just skin and bone. Because of this he’s actually pretty weak and lightweight (obviously) but he’s ridiculously fast

just imagine it

He's Not Even a Lifeguard, What an Asshole

Lifeguard!AU - Hidashi

Whoever said that being a lifeguard was fun, Hiro thought mutinously, deserved to get their faces smashed.

Sure, it paid decently enough for a part timer. But frankly, Hiro was bored out of his mind. He’d been at it for what, a good two months now, but the most exciting his job had gotten thus far was when a teenage girl had stumbled towards him, looking like she wanted to be anywhere but there, only to say, “Um, I-I’m sorry but could you umm, showmetothepool?

He almost felt bad for her when she ran off, cheeks glowing impossibly red as she rejoined the gaggle of giggling high school girls, after he wordlessly gestured at the pool they were standing next to.

Unbelievably, today’s shift was even less action-packed than usual. He’d blown his whistle once at a couple of baby-faced brats who clearly didn’t know the meaning behind ‘no fighting in the pool area!’, and then spent the rest of the day swinging his legs idly while he focused on not falling asleep on the unforgivingly hard plastic of the elevated lifeguard chair. College was a pain in the ass sometimes, and frankly he was surprised that he had managed to keep himself from dozing off after only three hours of sleep the previous night.

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