I hate when I’m cleaning up the dining area at work and a child talks to me, like today a small girl asked my why I’m wearing my hat. What do I say to that?? Do I tell her that I’m wearing this hat because I work for a corporate company who wants all of their employees to wear a uniform and look alike because they only see us as tools to use to make money and it’s easiest to tell which tools you own when they’re from the same set, or do I tell her it’s because I’m having a bad hair day

[oc wip] Small asshole who walks in heels. Wears school uniform in hospital. Is actually a doctor. Who have briefcases full of latex gloves and scalpels that she doesnt even use on work. Is v in love to Hayley.

 Water swivels the void for it was due, drain swallowing
 old as sponge takes land. As routine, the tub would empty
 while fresh lukewarm water falls at bay, and in process,
 she’d take sharp scrubs to the surface ensuring the area
 of cleanliness.

 Everything had to be done CORRECTLY, nothing should be
 forgotten, otherwise there would be no forgiveness.
 April would go over the perimeter, area, and even the
 outside to prevent any unwelcomed guests from growing
 off course; the errand lasting twice longer than it should.
 Not that it bothered her, with the condition they’re in with
 invasion, they could use a little time.

 Time to recover, time to strengthen, to plan, to, to find
 themselves   SLIP!

 The sponge takes off with speed, thanks to the fast
 scrubber, landing just a foot away from the tub and an
 inch from a remembered face. Its ending splash trickled
 across a pale green complexion and to extreme shaken
 disappointment, he remained unaware, unspoken, in
 another reality without his family, and April couldn’t help
 but s h a t t e r.

 Quickly, she reclaimed the dripping utensil, tossing behind
 and with luck, in the tub. With a reach she pulled close a
 cloth, unused and dry, and lightly dabbed over the droplets.
 Her expression softenening at the sight of shaded eyes, ones
 that use to sparkle in confidence are now hidden from the
 world. What a deranged world it was to take someone so

 Unexpectedly, there was a shine, its presence interrupting
 thought, causing April to leave mind and have focus on a
 drop that rested just above Leo’s brow bone.

            Was she… crying?

 In an instant, she ragged away the drops once more, letting
 loose soft laughter as she sat back against the tub, wiping
 away. She felt so DUMB, crying to herself like this, if Leo
 were to wake up right now he’d probably laugh at the

 Oh how they’d all die to hear his laughter after so long– then

 April stood up, walking towards the counter where her journal
 happened to have sat, only to return her spot and sit, relaxed.
 Now that she’s comfortable, the pages turned to the next empty
 slot, where she then slid out a pen resting within the binding.

Break time.

And to begin she lined in big bold letters “LEONARDO” at the
 top of the page, and for subtitle: “Our Leader in Blue.”