I was watching this scene in take shelter and it really got to me because it’s just a simple display of someone who knows their partner is unraveling but instead of fearing them or giving them up as damaged goods, they decide “this is my person, they need help and I’m going to do this with them” and idk it reminded me of hange’s temper and “weirdness”, and how levi kind of just accepts it and can focus and calm that storm. 

so this comic happened ಠ_ಠ


                                                      Isn’t Tsukiyama also like that?


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a highschool au fic.. capheus being really popular bc he's so nice, nomi going through her transition and nita supporting her, wolfie acting all tough but secretly crushing on kala, sun beating up the bullies, lito doing school plays, will and riley being generally adorable.. brb dying

omg yes pls and like capheus is that kind of social butterfly that just floats from group to group and everyone loves him because how could you not so he just knows everyone and has the school wrapped around his finger basically and everyone just wants to be him and be his best friend but for some reason the only person he ever consistently has time for is this really aloof girl sun who, as far as anyone else can see, actually doesn’t seem to care much either way about capheus but in reality they are really close and they are the only people that can really see the others true self 

nomi having to deal with teachers still calling her michael because that’s what’s on the school system and its really hard but she soldiers through it but neets goes on a one-woman mission to get everyone to call her by her chosen name and she just goes around the school with a mega phone and shouts at anyone that calls nomi michael and nomi would find it embarrassing if she wasn’t so in love with her and so she lets her keep going and she’s surprised to find out that eventually it actually starts to work and she can be who she really is but in reality from start to finish she wouldn’t have minded what happened as long as she had neets by her side 

kala is the sun and is radiant and beautiful and lovely and wolfgang stares at her always, but never long enough to get caught. they’re in the same class for something and so they know each other but don’t. he tries to talk to her occasionally but she’s always surrounded by her friends who, frankly, give him a headache the second they open their mouths so he starts to give up. one day though she’s missing from class and the next day asks him if she can copy up his notes and he agrees, but in the end they spend way more time talking about anything and everything rather than doing any actual studying because who wants to look at numbers when you can stare in each others eyes? 

will is on the student council and is a one man welcoming commitee and so when this cute new girl riley turns up he thinks all his christmases have come at once but she’s like really mysterious and won’t tell him about why she moved there and he respects that but makes it his mission to be a friend to her so she can have someone to talk to if she needs it and at first she tries to push him away but then she falls like super hard for him and its just really cute

lito being such a drama club nerd and he owns the hell out of it. like everyone just expects him to get the lead roles and so just the idea of someone else trying to go up for it offends him and one day this guy hernando is like ‘hey why can’t someone else be lead for once’ and lito frowns and they’re about to argue but long story short they end up making out behind the fake trees and they continue to sneak around together pretending to not like each other in public but not being able to keep their hands off of each other when they’re alone 

high school aus man. gotta love em


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)

Taking a much needed vacation and “unplugging” for a month can do wonders. I suggest everyone do it. A couple days, a week, a month..however long you can manage, go for it. Cell phones are overrated anyway. Now I’m back, ready to turn a year older in a few days, and ready to get back to work more than ever. I can’t wait to reunite with Harley Quinn and kick ass more than ever. In the meantime, fill me in on what I’ve missed. How’s everyone’s summer going?


period drama meme : (3/3) secrets/backstories : Queen Caroline Mathilde gives birth to Johann Friedrich Struensee’s child. Princess Louise Augusta was officially a daughter of the King Christian VII.  
“We are a family now.”


To those who  l o v e d  t h i s  w o r l d

                                                And knew  f r i e n d l y  c o m p a n y  therin

This  R e u n i o n  is for you.

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I feel the need to share because I had the most bizarre dream last night xD - I was hanging out with Tsukiyama (bc why not) and he made me die my hair purple and buy a purple suit. I honestly question myself sometimes.

Please tweet this to Ishida, I would love to see his response to this

I dont even do anything sketchy but i still haaate when people can see what im doing on the computer like god i just want some privacy