Let’s talk about the fact that when Bellamy said “She (Lexa) left us to die in that mountain. She will always put her people first,” Clarke did not disagree with him.

Look at her face. She didn’t refute a word he said about Lexa, because it’s true.

Unfortunately there are decisions you make because they are the right decisions and then there are decisions you make because you have no other choice. This case is the latter, which is why she doesn’t negate him but offers apology.

The impact of this is great. Bellamy is hurt and pissed off, he turns to leave but not before flashing an angry glance at Lexa. 

While he leaves, we see Clarke is visibly upset. She doubts her choice, even though it was the only choice she had.

This amount of emotion between two individuals is never a bad thing. The death of love is not hate, anger, or pain.  The death of love is indifference.  Bellamy and Clarke have been on the opposite sides before, the beauty of their struggles is in how they work their way back to the middle, to each other.

andarion asked:

Top 5 Vampires...j/k uhm Top 5 RP plots that you've had!

Gonna stick to top 5 moments in D&D/tabletops since I think I’ve done this for WoW before.

1. The best forever is the time my drow conned her brother (hi Marius) into sleeping with a dude to steal his spellbook.

2. This would also make a BOTTOM 5 list too, but the time my Dalish elf’s human boyfriend (hi Sars) turned against the party and (deservedly) actually attacked her. 

3. The death of Papa Silverhorn. Super sad, but handled well and lots of genuine emotion from the characters and players.

4. Verix making literal puppets out of corpses. 

5. The big reveal in Marius’ homebrew about the origins of the night lords and daemons and human resistance. (I hope we can continue that plot someday.)

HONORABLE MENTION: Baruun, the dreamy draenei who rolled 20s.

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Great~! I can't WAIT for Roy and Lucina to be cut next game after the horrific tantrum everybody has had on the Internet! :D

//are we… still going on about this? if only everyone can just get along – fire emblem fans stop throwing the word “salt” around because others have an opinion, and non-fans accept that there’s 50+ characters enough to not “drop” the game.

i’m surprised they’re allegedly making a new iteration so quick (pretty sure it’s a port anyway), so I say… keep everyone, add some variation to Lucina and Dank Pit, get Wolf and Ice Climbers back, then………


athenalestrange asked:

Who would you rather have sit on the Iron Throne, like who would seriously be the best suited for the crushing responsibility? Assuming they're all alive... Who would be best suited? Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Willas Tyrell, Arianne Martell, Euron Greyjoy, or Sansa Stark?

Only one choice for me. 

“Yes, I should have come sooner. If not for my Hand, I might not have come at all. Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne.“ Stannis pointed north. “There is where I’ll find the foe that I was born to fight.”

Sansa comes close behind, though. Willas does too, I imagine, but that’s pure headcanon because we haven’t actually met him yet. I love Robb and Arianne both, and they’re victims of shitty luck and other people’s issues in many ways, but they have a myopia and recklessness in common that would lead me to pause before handing them the crown. 

And then there’s…Euron, you say? Well, that’s basically Valyria with a one-man elite class, and everyone else as slaves. Like if Saruman got his hands on the Ring and devoured Sauron whole, or whatever the plan there was. 

caring-e-angel asked:

Dear anons, Stop being a dick and have a cup of shutting the fuck up. Do you know what suicide thoughts feel like? They are scary. You feel like it's the only choice you have unless you call for help. And judging someone and bashing them for requesting help is going to help them? No! It's going to make the person close up around people and push to them the breaking point of doing it. You talk to them and help them through it. (Sam Ray)

*thumbs up*

Seaweed soups, brown rice, rice noodles, mixed veg dishes. The longer you eat colorful, health giving, life promoting plants, the more you wonder how you ever ate decaying, health destroying, life taking, dismembered body parts of our animal cousins. The only difference is education. In this information age, especially if you’re on social media, it’s almost impossible to not come across some form of vegan education. And when you do, you have only two choices: ignore it, or look into it further. The first will take more lives, the second will save more lives. It’s that simple. We’re either part of the problem or the solution, there is no third option. Which do you choose? And remember, “Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals” - Theodor W. Adorno. #govegan #stayvegan #beveganmakepeace #veganlife #vegans #veganlifestyle #veganeats #healthylifestyle #fucklowcarb #eatallthecarbs #eatlikeyougiveafuck #animalsareherewithusnotforus #veganism #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #instavegans #hclf #ctfu #freelee #durianrider #rawtil4 #starchsolution #paleo #crossfit #bbg #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #kaylasarmy (at Morning Glory Restaurant&Cooking Classes)

holy shit this tablet is HUGE and I can DUAL SCREEN HOLY FUCK. I’m installing the software right now, and there are PEN NIBS IN THE PEN HOLDER THINGER. My old pen still works, and I still have all my other nibs too (I’m not sure if the different colours mean different uses??) but this should help greatly with drawing. The stand is a monster too (made out of metal and shit, omg). 

I can’t wait to start drawing on this. Gonna be opening my dire commissions soon (probably after monday, I have rigging homework that i have to finish for that class.. 3 weeks worth, we’ll see how this goes). ANYWAYS, I’m so happy to finally have this thing, even though Amazon is a piece of crap, but it was really my only choice. 

No One Minds | Head Boy/Head Girl Dramione Fanfiction

One of the tropes on my list is the classic Head Boy/Head Girl story.  Someone suggested doing it as wholly AU, no Voldemort fluff and I decided that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll reblog with additions when I have them.  No update schedule.  Pure fluff.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Draco Malfoy irritated her.  His smug little grins irritated her and his privilege irritated her and his swagger irritated her.  The thing that irritated her the most, however, was that in some fit of idiocy she assumed could only be laid at the feet of senility, Dumbledore had decided it would be a swell idea for Draco Malfoy to be Head Boy.

Yes, yes, he had great Marks and was popular enough and active in extracurricular activities, assuming Quidditch counted which, unfortunately, it did, and she supposed it was a perfectly logical choice.

The only problem was that she was Head Girl.

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