It took me half an hour to format this: first take it from the Internet, then make pdf, then realize it’s too small to read on my iPod, then reformat the pdf and make some pixel to centimetre calculations…. either way.
Final, proud screenshot.
Stubbornness. I want to have the perfect reading experience.

(Special thanks to that one torchwood novel where ianto turns into a girl-the only one I read-for being a basis for my formatting)
(Also! Thanks to fantasiavii for offering PDFs. I don’t need them anymore, but the thought was appreciated :)

I have been awake for what feels like a million hours, utilized various sorts of ‘supplements’ to help me maintain my energy, and am now, at 3:36 AM, on the verge of tears over the swelling of violins in the Adolescence Mokushiroku version of “The Sunlit Garden.”