“Rin-san, it’s okay, I can handle this”

“ … " 

"Rin-san, you already have the things, you dont have to-”

“My hand is empty, so shut up.”


Sounds so much better in my head, honestly… 

Day 1- Flustered. Sorry I was late TAT


May 17th, 2016 // 8:26 am

Do I ever do anything other than chemistry? It seems not! Oh well, I feel like I’m really getting a grasp on organic which is good because mocks are only 3 weeks away 😱
Yesterday I got handed back and English assessment that took weeks of hard work and stress and honestly was very difficult for me… And I got an excellence! I’m so happy that my hard work paid off and now I have 4 credits tucked away for English 😌

“9-1-1? Hi yes hello I would like to reserve a private ambulance for the 22nd of this month so, in the event the Book 3 finale of The Legend of Korra nearly kills me, a hot dude on standby with an AED and professional CPR training can bring me back. Um yes I know "this line is for emergencies only” were you not listening? The Book 3 finale is apparently super intense and only 2 weeks away which isn’t enough time to fully prepare myself this IS an emergency. …………… hello? …hello??? shit they hung up.“


FINALLY! A full length documentary about NASA’s voyage to the never-before-seen Pluto. We’re only 3 weeks away!