•I’m really emotional at the moment and all of the people who’ve been replying to my blog posts and messaging me have really saved me from having a break down. It’s like the messages arrive at the exact right moments to reassure my restless heart.

•please no one message me asking if the baby is here yet. You will know, I’m not going to keep it a secret :P

•I had bacon, onion, mushrooms and poached eggs on buttered toast this morning. Zane cooked it while I had a nice, hot and long shower. He overcooked my eggs, but I’m just so grateful he is willing to do anything to make me feel more comfortable and settled so it doesn’t even matter haha

•the baby feels like it’s dropped a bit. Pooping isn’t happening as frequently, when I pee it feels like a hose with someone half stepping on the pipe and I can now easily fit a hand and a half between baby’s bottom and under my boobs. I also have even more of the ‘bowling ball vagina’ feeling. And I only waddle, walking is no longer a thing.

•I haven’t been drinking enough water in the past couple of days.

•I feel stuck in limbo.

Have I been doing college wrong this whole year?
I’m a reasonably attractive female and I’ve had a lot of problems finding opportunities to get drunk and make-out with random people.