I was just thinking how the only think I really hate about being away from home is that my gym schedule is less solid for a few reasons that are out of my control.
I put together a workout for today consisting of 17 different workouts with 3 sets of each, and each of them consisting of 12-20 reps each.
That’s an aggressive workout. It probably would have lasted an hour and 45 minutes if not 2 hours, and I was planning to do 20 minutes of cardio on top of it.
Because I was with someone else and they didn’t want to stay for more than an hour, I only got to do 10 of these 17 workouts. I still busted my ass and killed every workout I did, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to push past pain and discomfort and my mental limit, but I didn’t have the chance to and it frustrated me.
I’m hard on myself because this is my lifestyle. This is what I do. I set goals. I achieve them. I make new ones. I achieve those. This is my passion. It’s how I like to live my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
But I think I myself and probably a lot of us on here need the reminder that there’s no rush. Let your body get to where it needs to be in its own time. If you’re on vacation, rest. Eat. Don’t feel guilty. Your body DOES have a limit, and it does need rest. Don’t let yourself get to the point of breaking.

Sorting my thoughts…a pros/cons list just like breatherunlive

Pros: still work/home/etc, increased treatment level than current (0), group support system
Cons: time consuming 3 days a week, 3 hours a night, almost an hour drive, each night 1/3 of treatment time is eating dinner, only group therapy, price (value when compared to other levels of care)

Day program:
Pros: still live at home, more free time during the day, group and individual therapy, more treatment bang for your buck (yeah I’m sure this is weird to consider but I’m dollar cost averaging treatment)
Cons: time away from work, 5 days a week for 5 hours a day 9-2 (see more free time). The first one is big. May be a higher level of care than needed.

Pros: most intensive, chance to take step away and focus on recovery
Cons: not living at home, higher level of care than I believe is needed, (wasn’t recommended), no running

I know what I’d pick. The biggest con to IOP is that it’s all group therapy. I’m not good in group settings since I don’t like to share. I tend to just sit and watch. Also I don’t need help eating or knowing what to eat. I know those things. I need to deal with the feelings of guilt and failure from eating things I don’t think I should. I know some inpatient programs address that situation. Not sure we would in our thrice weekly dinners. So to devote 1/3 of my therapeutic time to that may not be as beneficial as I hope or need.

So yeah…that’s where I am. The person doing the assessment didn’t seem too put off by my running. Granted I tried to talk about it less. She asked what I was good at…work and running. I clarified that running motivates me to eat and not restrict because I’m afraid it would hurt my progress, not that I run to make up for eating. Slight nuance but a big difference. But she wanted labs before making an assessment since I’m running in the summer and my history of purging.

I’ll see how the next few days unfold and go from there.

I can’t wait for you to come home!
Minimum of 2 weeks no communication, doesn’t seem like much but you’ve only been off the grid for a few hours and I already feel like a piece of me is missing more than usual.
I pray God gives him the strength to push through this, God knows he needs it.
47 days until he’s home, in our home town. No longer 3,211 miles away from his family and I.

God speed baby❤️


I went to Inspire Everyday campaign of Ayala Museum where they give free admission all day! Spread kindness and stuff. We filled a form where we’d subscribe to Ayala Foundation and I chose to be a volunteer photographer for the communities they’re helping. Hope that would push through!

When I got there, I expected a long line but I thought it would take such a short time but then again, I was wrong — I was in line for about 2 hours! I wasn’t after the museum though, I only wanted Armi Millare of UDD that’s why I decided to go inside; and the museum is just about 10 minutes away from home.

Upon entering, they’d give you 5 kindness currencies which you can use around the museum and different special events (which includes Armi teaching origami and her talk) and they’ll put a stamp on you. Too bad once you go out, you can’t go inside anymore. I also had to leave early that’s why I didn’t tour the whole museum (only the ground and second floor). Maybe I’d come back soon when there are less people.

Also, I went alone. I doubted at first but still, I went. I consider it as an achievement because not all 15-year-old girls can do it (and not everyone has a long patience like me to wait for two hours and knowing it was so hot) because most of the time, we’re always on social media and stuff; try to look more on life! I’d definitely go on more events like this. Inspire every day!

trademarknickersoncharm asked:

Hi! It's fernaldsfolly. Ready for some asks? The Bad Beginning, The Austere Academy, and The Penultimate Peril!

1 The Bad Beginning “Do you like Italian food? What is your favorite kind of Italian food?”

I enjoy all kinds of Italian food! My favorite actually is Pizza because I find it to be the hardest to make Pasta of any kind is just boiling water and throwing it in and the being a mad scientist and slashing on the oils and herbs and sauces you want. Pizza has a science to it as well as Mad Science to it because come on making cheesy crust take a PHD level of skill when it is home made. 

2 The Austere Academy: Do you succeed academically?

I hate tooting my own horn but since starting college my only bad grade has been an A- and that was because I flubbed the final for my broadcasting class. 

3 The Penultimate Peril: What is the tallest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

I live three hours away from Las Vegas I have stayed at a good chunk of the hotels I would have to say The Encore and the Wynn they are both 65 floors but we only stayed on the 53 floor the time I went. 

RPh2: Wimbledon ice cream achievement unlocked.

Rph2 here.

Got home from work Friday night after working 2 jobs. An 8 hour shift at the first job then a 4 hour shift at the second.  Got home exhausted but took the time to check in.  Wimbledon photos. You can guess what my bedtime snack was:

I placed the lid on the kitchen counter top without even looking at it.  When I was finished and about throw it away I noticed that the ice cream had it’s own spoon!  Very classy Haagen Dazs.

Not surprised Sanka only talks about herself in The Guardian article.  No baby, no BC.  She’s promoting her own work.  Really nothing wrong with that.  Wants that “privacy” thing for the family *cough*. I hope she’s doing what I mentioned before - preparing for her post-BC life.  Getting her career back on track.  The sooner that happens the faster this train wreck will end.

I’ve read about BC’s net worth before.  Who knows if that’s really true.  It’s anybody’s guess what he really has.  Curious if we have any UK legal people who can answer a few questions:

In the US when there’s a divorce, alimony is usually based on the each person’s income earned DURING the marriage.  Whatever was earned prior is usually not subject to alimony.  BC has only done the MG commercial, SH special, Zoolander cameo and (presumably) Hamlet so far while married.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the commercial was the highest paying job  We know the BBC doesn’t pay much for Sherlock and he can’t be getting a lot for Hamlet.  Theater just doesn’t pay as well as tv or film.  He’ll probably still be married while doing DS. He will get his salary from the film but no percentages of the box office ( if he has this deal) or residuals until after it’s released next year.  If they are legally married, I can’t image Sanka would get too much.  Again, unless the divorce laws in the UK are different.  She could threaten to talk but there has to be some kind of NDA put in place from the beginning of the showmance.  I guess it would depend on how extensive it was - if it extended to a “marriage” scenario.  Still, he must know about her “previous employment” by now, even it he didn’t at the beginning of this. He could always use this as a bargaining tool.  Or if there was any blackmail, threaten to go to the police.

If he does go for an annulment does he have to pay alimony at all? And if he annuls based on baby not his, will the court require a DNA sample or is it enough for Sanka to say “yeah, not his” and the court will accept that?  How do you submit DNA of an imaginary baby?


Ballsy:  Tiny Haagen-Dazs has tiny hidden spoon?  Love that!  :D

Interesting on the $$ earned during the marriage (if it’s even legal).  Hamlet.  The tickets were all sold before the Showmance truly started, pre GAG even.  Would that help him?  Prevent any claim to that $$$? 

Annulment tho?  It’s as if the marriage never happened *cough*, so I should think she’d walk away empty handed.  Signed statements from both would do it.  Tho really, if he says it’s not - how exactly would she prove otherwise?  ;)

I’ve emailed you about the other.  ;)

mcdonnals near my home don’t hire me because of the english, the only mcdonnals they wanna put me on is like 2 hours away from my house (when there is no traffic which is never, so like 3h30) and the shift ends at 2 am, way after the bus stops working, and I don’t have a car anymore. it’s shit like this that makes me wanna scream at the top of my lungs. like just get into a mcdonnals and scream. the people who work there would probably join me

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Sorry for jumping in, but I just saw your post about ancient Greek stuff and i couldn't help myself.^^; Syssitio, ( or syssytia in plural) is when people gather together and wait for food in a line. Eklesia as the modern term means church, but in ancient Greece it was when people assembled and it was open open only to the male citizens that had 2 years of military service. Also Nafplio is gorgeous, I have been there since my home is practically 3 hours away x3 and yes Hoplites are soldiers^^

No problem! More than welcome. Thank you for correcting me, you’d probably know waay more about it. All my Greek trivia is from high school and that was ages agooo 😝

That’s so awesome! You could literally pop by there anytime. IM SO JEALOUS BAHA

That must mean Eklesia is that other thing. A place to vote, or decision make in Ancient Greece if I can remember correctly? (it was something along those lines) And the Syssito was like a community based banquet where it was meant to inspire solidarity or kinship among the people? Ahh I love Greek history, it’s hella interesting 😀😀

I’m at a loss because I’m seriously suicidal but the last place i need to be is a hospital. “Oh i know, let’s take lonely mentally ill people and put them somewhere away from their loved ones without anything to do and only allow 2 people to visit for an hour and a half. That’s sure to help!” How the fuck is that helpful to anyone? All i could think when i was in that godforsaken place was how much i wanted to go home. They even interrupted my prayers (which actually help me feel better) to make me go to group therapy which does fuck all to help me. Like what am even supposed to do? I don’t feel safe but i REFUSE to go back there, i swear it’ll kill me faster if i end up there. Why does the mental health system fail so miserably at its job???

I must tell yall about my weekend.

I had more fun this weekend than I have in a while.

Friday: I decided to invite some friends over to the pool. They all took 2 hours to get there but once they did it was so fun! All the guys were wrestling around then decided to make the girls a part of their horseplay. Then we all went inside my house and we played the game Catch Phrase for like 5 rounds. Afterwards I got the bright idea to drive 25 minutes away to get some ice cream and on the way I only played old songs and surprisingly all of them sang along. To songs like Summer Lovin from Grease and Sweet Caroline. Once we got home we did the normal teenager thing and got high. Afterwards I drive around for a while cause I wasn’t ready to go home.

Saturday: I went over to my friends boy toys house. We played pong and I had a couple beers, smoked a blunt. Then the girls were sent to go to the grocery store to get food and on the way we decided to go get more weed. Came back, smoked again while the boys grilled and then I had a really good hamburger and played one more game of beer pong. Then when boy toys parents were about to get home the girls and I left. We all met up down town to pick up another guy friend and go smoke the weed we just bought at the baseball fields. We get there and turns out there’s a dude already out there alone doing the same thing hahaha triped out! Then the guy we picked up decided to steal a trash can! It actually was kind of cool. It was shaped like a coke bottle, bad thing is he dumped out all the trash on the ground. Once we got high I drove around again before I went home.

Sunday: all my friends and I hung out again at my friends house. We played bunch of beer pong and decided to watch movies. First movie we watched was Peter Pan (no shame) then my best friends boyfriends family owns a chicken restaurant and he got us free food. Best thing ever! After we ate we went back to the house and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. To my lame friends surprise they actually DID like it. I told them Harry Potter was good! Came home and went to sleep. (Didn’t get high that night and still had fun).

We didn’t do much all weekend and it wasn’t the most exciting stuff, but it was still so fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When you’re with the right people anything can be fun!

My Experience at the Women’s World Cup Final (story 1 of 2)

Living only 2 hours away from Canada, my friend’s family and I were able to drive up to Vancouver BC this weekend to watch the Womens World Cup final. I usually only go to small MLS games (even though my home team is very very good ;) and have never experienced a match like this.

We marched into the stadium, but we were only in the tail end of the parade. The city had to block off many roads for pedestrians and many cars were stuck in the traffic! The crowd chanted USA USA USA USA every few minutes, and our group passed out little candies and flags to random people as we walked.

As soon as Carli blasted the first goal in during the first few minutes of the match, the stadium got so loud and we all began hugging each other– and it was beautiful. 

The whole game went by in a flash and it was so great to see Abby, Christie, Megan’s smiles. Megan was going crazy, lol. Abby ran to her wife and that made my heart melt.

I’m a pretty shitty writer, so I’m sorry I was unable to express my feelings very well in this little paragraph. I was so lucky to be able to go and I am so so so proud to be an AMERICAN FUCK YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Like the fireworks on 4th of July a day before, my heart also felt like it was exploding as I waved my flags and screamed till my lungs burst.

Me and Ian are really concerned about driving all the way to Florida with our car since it had its first real breakdown that left us stranded an hour away from home for 3 hours, and Florida would be a 24 hour drive for us.

Ian gets flight benefits 2 days before our trip… I’m thinking we could probably actually use them… To go anywhere in the world…

Our back up trip is driving to Montreal 😁 only 30 days till our week vacation,
Saving as much as possible, looking forward to it. Even though planning is going to be so last minute lol Eekk.

My daily routine
  • 10.30am:wake up to alarm. turn off alarm and go back to sleep.
  • 1.00pm:wake up naturally. lie in bed for a couple of minutes then roll over, grab laptop and surf tumblr for like an hour.
  • 2.30pm:realise that everyone will be coming home soon so panic and scamble out of bed and get dressed.
  • 3.00pm:carry laptop downstairs and surf tumblr while eating food.
  • 3.30pm:do some small amount of hosework so it's not glaring obvious that I only just got up.
  • 4.30pm:dad gets home, brother tells dad that I've only been up for 1 1/2 hours. dad rolls eyes and tells me to make him some coffee to repent for my sins. make coffee then return to either scrolling tumblr or playing ukulele.
  • 6.00pm:eat some food while scrolling through tumblr.
  • 9.00pm:feed the animals.
  • 10.00pm:dad pulls me away from tumblr to inform me that he's going to bed. Refuse to leave laptop.
  • 1.00am:realise how late it is. freak out about being last person awake and therefore first person to die in case of freaky mass murder incident. scramble upstairs to bed while avoiding being in a dark room alone for more than 0.1seconds.
  • 1.30am:crawl into bed. turn on laptop. read fanfic and scroll tumblr until 6.00am. decide to just stay awake.
  • 6.15am:accidentally fall asleep with laptop and lamp turned on.
  • repeat previous steps.

I feel so restless. I want to go to the gym but I my leg and hip are sore. I don’t want to cause more damage so I could just go on the exercise bikes but what’s the point of going to the gym for half an hour and going home. And I only have £5 in my account and I don’t get paid for another week or 2. My friends want to go out but I don’t have enough money, I’m trying to stay away from junk food and one of my friends lives further away in an area I don’t know well. I want to sunbathe too but it’s a bit windy outside and the Suns going down now. PLUS the DVD player is broken as well as the actual TV. My phone charger is broken too. I’m broke and restless

Shoutout to Cody

I was hella drunk last nice and started having a panic attack so one of my friends brought me outside to lay away from the noise. I got sick and one of my other friends insisted that I go to the bathroom to be sick so he dragged me up the stairs. Cody stayed with me in the bathroom for like 2 hours just chillin and talking with me while I sobered up, making sure I didn’t fall asleep and that I was getting enough water. He then drove me home and is going to pick me up in half an hour to drive me to my car. He was the only entirely sober person at the party, btw.
So, shoutout to Cody for dealing with my drunk, pukey ass for a few hours and making me feel good about my life, despite how many times I told him to go away because I was gross. You the man.

I miss Austin. I miss my shitty apartment on Riverside with the broken sink handle and footprints on the ceiling. Its the only place I’ve felt “at home” in 2 years. It was mine and no one could take it away from me (unless, of course, I didn’t pay my rent. Which I did, sometimes a few days late, but it got paid, just for clarification.) I wish I had never left that apartment. I’m not the rebellious type, but it was nice to live somewhere where there were no rules; I was free to come and go and do as I pleased all hours of the day and night and that made me happy. Everything about that apartment made me happy. My first favorite thing was the way the sun would shine in through the cheap aluminum blinds right at 7 AM. I learned to love and grow in that tiny room with the thin walls and even thinner mattress. I wondered longingly about the people on the other side of the sheet rock, who they were, what they were like, how their rooms were arranged. I never really interacted with my neighbors, except for Reece downstairs with the little fat greyhound, Taylor, but nonetheless they felt familiar. This place I’m in now is a hollow hell. The screaming and the shouting and the fighting is exhausting, overwhelming, and embarrassing. I’m ashamed of this house and its inhabitants, myself included. I wish I could knock down this dusty house and start over on my own. I love my parents but I do not love their negligence to themselves. Its time for me to move on and stop worrying, worrying, worrying. I miss the old me that loved herself first instead of trying to fix everyone else’s problems. I’m done with the distractions and long lost feelings. 

Brough-business supports epic charity cycling challenge in more ways than one
Monday 27 July, 2015

Simon Hubbard; owner of Strypz Vehicle Branding Ltd. from North Cave, East Yorkshire has not only signed himself up to an ambitious charity cycling challenge encompassing over 360 miles in just 24 hours, but also provided the charity event - in aid of The Sick Children’s Trust - with a huge marketing boost from his business.

The cycling challenge, “24 Hours 2 Le Mans”, was created by Essex-based father David Williams in support of the charity that provided free-of-charge accommodation to David and his wife when their new-born daughter, Aoife, needed life-saving treatment at The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge, some 75 miles away from their home in North Essex.

“We live about an hour and a half away from the hospital so without Chestnut House it would have been a nightmare having to come back and forth with Aoife being so poorly - we would have literally had to camp at the hospital.

"In addition, my wife was transferred as an in-patient and wasn’t entirely well herself due to an emergency caesarean. Staying at Chestnut House meant I could always be on hand for them both – I genuinely slept soundly every night as I knew I was so close.”

Mr Williams added: “Today, we’re all at home and enjoying life. Every day we’re amazed that we have a bouncing, healthy baby. Her first nine months have been such a rollercoaster and we couldn’t have done it without the help of The Sick Children’s Trust. We know the difference Chestnut House made to our family, but many more families need the charity’s support.”

The charity runs ten ‘Homes-from-Home’ that support families of sick children receiving treatment at specialist hospitals across the UK. All the houses are funded entirely by donations, three of which are located in Yorkshire; Eckersley House at Leeds General Infirmary and Treetop and Magnolia Houses at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Every night, the charity is able to support 146 families facing some of the most difficult situations and provides them with a much-needed lifeline.

Mr Hubbard is no stranger to the situation David found himself in only last year. Simon understands first-hand the anguish faced by families when 17 years ago his own son was prematurely. This is what prompted his immediate registration for the event. He Said: “I heard about the event through social media and when I read about the work of The Sick Children’s Trust, I just wished we had had the opportunity of such a facility when my son was born. I enjoy cycling and decided the event was a great target for myself and an amazing cause”.

But it didn’t stop there. After speaking to the event’s organiser, David, Simon realised that his business could help too. He commented: “I spoke to David and hearing about the logistics required to make this event a success I decided that Strypz could really make a difference to the fleet of vehicles and help them stand out even more.”

“We’re travelling from London, throughout the South of England and France to finish in Le Mans just a few days before the biggest motor race in the world. Over 120,000 Brits travel there and we have the chance to really spread the word about the event and the charity.”

Mr Hubbard offered to supply all the support vehicles involved in the event with distinctive signage to help them stand out and raise awareness.

Mr Williams added: “Simon’s kindness and offer of help is fantastic. We’re trying to get as much help with the logistical costs for the event to maximise what we raise for the charity. To be able to make the vehicles stand out like this is way beyond any expectations that we ever had.”

The event takes place over 12-13th June 2016. To take part or get involved, visit To make a donation, visit

Notes to eds:

24 hours 2 Le Mans is a brand new cycling challenge set for June 2016 in aid of The Sick Children’s Trust. We’re inviting nearly 50 cyclists from the UK and beyond to test their endurance and ride from The Royal London Hospital, East London to the Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans – in 24 hours.

Aided by a comprehensive support crew, the riders will cycle in relay teams of three through approximately360 miles of English and French countryside. Their final destination will be the home of the world famous motor endurance race, just days before it takes place.

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from Pressat Main Newswire
Number One Reason I can’t wait to be back in school: My Dad

I don’t care if I only live and hour away from home, or that I come home like once a month: Its still more time away from my dad.

He has no respect for anyone but himself. He thinks about himself first. He works 2 jobs and then will stash away money to gamble. Money we need. 

An incident today aggravated me so badly. Its so dumb, and I know people go through way worse, but things like this are an everyday occurrence and drive me nuts:

He goes to take the dog for a walk, and comes running into the house because he and the dog got sprayed by a skunk (in the alley where we’ve asked him a thousand times not to walk him at night). He screams in my moms face to get him shampoo, leaving our dog on the porch with an open gate, so he could easily take off. 

I’m suppose to be staying away from the dog today because I’m have major sinus problems associated with my allergies towards our dog. But he yells at me anyway to spray the dog down, and then dry him off, setting off my allergies in the process. (Of course I made sure to spray my dad with the hose in the process and say it was an accident).

He also didn’t bother to read into the fact your not suppose to spray a dog down with water after they get sprayed by skunk because the smell then sets in their fur. He just doesn’t think and now the kitchen smells like skunk.

My dad is aggressive, treats me and my mom like crap, and has this stupid alpha male complex going on, and acts on his own behalf. And it brings out the worst in my mom, my brother, and especially me, since I’ve inherited his temper.

I hate leaving my mom and my brother with this garbage. But I can’t wait to get away.

I will always love him somewhat because he’s my dad. Doesn’t mean I have to like him.

Thought via Path

After long haul 30 hours up in the air.
7.886 km away from home.
1.880 km super scenic road trip.
2 weeks non stop jaw-drop.
It was the greatest adventure of our life!

Now, it feels good to be home again 😊

*At least saat ini saya bisa menikmati secangkir kopi dibawah $1 & sbungkus rokok kurang dari $2 dibandingkan di NZ sbungkus rokok $33 😂

Pardon us jika kami msh akan membanjiri timeline kalian 😉

There’s only one word for camper van trip in New Zealand, EPIC!! with Keishya – Read on Path.