only referenced though

is it just me, or does this seem kinda like a… club meeting…

kind of like a…

hey! hey! hey! don’t you……… forget about me….. YEAH!!!!!

kind of club meeting….

personally, to me, finn/re/y has always been more sibling-like, i did not see/feel the romantic undertones some did.. that being said i still think we should respect peoples ships and not be gloating and throwing shade a fin/nre/y or the shippers imho.

More stress in my life = more crack for you all. 

I haven’t even reached Tony’s part of the timeline in LTTR/OTNC, or even touched the Civil War arc of TWiFFON yet here you go, mini-crossover snippets of my two biggest AUs thus far that I’m now considering expanding later. 

Warnings: everything Welcome to Night Vale-related, because LTTR/OtNC!Tony’s got it in his blood. Only referenced, though, nothing graphic. 

This is in the grey area between ‘just messing around’ and ‘can be considered canon’ because this is set at the ending of TWiFFON, and as of right now OTNC is nothing more than a fic idea that I’ve only started to expand a little, set in the same universe as Live Through The Rain, wherein Maria Stark née Carbonell was born and raised in Night Vale.

Just random scenes in my head that I couldn’t get rid of, here.

Under the cut, because RIP mobile users otherwise.

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today emile and i went to the grocery store in my car (i.e. i drove. this will be important) and in the parking lot we stopped to rearrange some stuff in the trunk 

there was this middle aged lady in the parking lot and she came walking towards us and asked emile “got your little boy out of school early?” 

“what?” emile asked, baffled. the lady repeated herself. “i dont have any kids,” emile said. 

“oh,” the lady said

“im 23,” i informed her, getting the feeling she was talking about me, a grown ass man who must be at least 16 as i have just gotten out of the drivers seat of this car, and emile does not look old enough to have a 16 year old son

the lady buckled down. “oh, you look like a little kid,” she said. 

“nope,” emile said, getting annoyed. “hes an adult, thanks.” and we walked away