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I have to strongly disagree with your meta about Katsuki not being abusive. He absolutely IS abusive toward Deku. I'd advise you to do a little more research on abuse, since there are different forms. It's not all about possession. And what Katsuki shows is definitely still abuse, regardless of the feelings that cause it. Acting out like that, whether it's in fear or hate or love, is still abuse. He's not just a bully (they are actually beginner abusers anyway). He's abusive. 1/2

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Hello nony! Since I already presented my interpretations on the post so it’d be just reinforcing points I already stated, I’m just going to go over what you pointed out that I didn’t cover before. As I said, I do not condone Katsuki’s ill behavior towards Deku but I still don’t interpret him as an abuser - I do understand where you come from though and how people can interpret him as such.

I agree with you on the bit about the writer’s opinion of their own work not being necessarily determinant, specially when the work speaks for itself, and it’s something I forgot to point out on the response to the anon. Take for example Twilight’s and 50 Shades of Grey’s authors treating the relationships in their respective books as romantic, not abusive. However, Horikoshi has been relatively consistent at making BNHA a self aware narrative (save for his approach to Mineta’s and Midnight’s harassment behavior which is pretty crappily handled like in your average shonen); Endeavor’s abuse of his child is framed as actual abuse whereas the same conditions are not applied to the relationship between Katsuki and Deku, which is constantly reinforced as a growing center line to the story - while also aknowledgind Katsuki’s ill behavior and framing it as bad, and punishing his character for it.

That’s not to affirm it’d be bad if Katsuki was explicitly written to be an abusive character or if it was bad to like him if that was the case, though. One can like a problematic character or ship as long as they can tell fiction from real life and aknowledge it’s not okay behavior irl. Honestly if I knew a real person like Katsuki I’d hate them, and if I knew two people like Katsuki and Deku, I’d never support them getting together. People ship because it’s about characters, tools of a story they’re invested in and their potential in terms of a interesting narrative - which may not always be entirely happy or healthy.

That’s where I stand! I want to thank you for disagreeing with me in a polite manner plus stating your opinion in a reasonable way. It’s unfortunately rare to see on tumblr fandoms.

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How's your dating life?

Hi, hello, yes I’m doing well, how are you? Thanks for asking!

 Oh yes, my career is on an upward spiral, which is exciting. I’m trying to make sure I get up to a meeting in Tribeca this week in one piece, the roads may bee too bad to drive up there in the afternoon and drive back later in the night. We’ll see what I can manage tomorrow morning. The Publishing House is weaving it’s origin story and it’s first year of LLC growth. I’m excited to make more of the actual building into TPH offerings. 

My family life is going rather well too. I do miss my sister though, but I’m beyond pleased to have spent more time with my brother this past year. And my parent’s they are my partners in the betterment of The Publishing House, and the building in which it resides. The other day all three of us were on the west warehouse roof shoveling snow. Had a good talk with my mom tonight. 

Horrible things still occur. My uncle passed away recently, after struggling for some time with health issues. He, well, he had many issues. And while I see my mother handle the death of her older brother, I’ve been blessed to see my siblings flourish and grow in immeasurable ways recently. I’m very proud of them, that they have raise me in some sense since I am the youngest. How my sister taught me strength, at times inadvertently. My brother having taught me many things with strength and trust. How trust grows. 

My friendships have strengthened recently. I’ve been trying to move my life closer again with Amy’s. You may remember from my senior year of college, she was admittedly the only reason I didn’t have a breakdown from stress, misunderstandings, rejection, and awkwardness. She’s also the person that has helped my writing grow immeasurably. She keeps me sharp, and honest. Which I need. Shena, my boss at the Inn I work at 3 days a week, and close friend also keeps me honest, especially with myself. She also helps me be a better business owner, and leader. Things adapt, one of my close friends from this past year and a half is now dating Shawn. You may remember him being my housemate in 2011. Two of the most  compassionate, stubborn, creative, and wonderful people are in love. It’s pretty spectacular that I helped nudge them together. Sarah, my friend for the past 10 years, my oldest friend, and I had a whole day together where we managed to find the familiar ease that had maybe lay dormant for some time. 

I’m paying my bills, I’m attempting to save money to put into another apartment. I’m breaking up with beer. At least trying to. So, you know, my life is pretty well occupied with  many many other things,

Dating is, well, on the back burner. I have a crush on a guy I kissed a couple weeks back, he’s intelligent and insightful maybe a bit prettier than me (not my normal type), a tad younger than me. A part of me is convinced he’d be very well aged with 10 more years (bringing him up to the age of my ex) but I’m just shrugging and going with my gut when I feel like texting him. I’m trying to avoid an old flame that wants to be friends, unsuccessfully. I’m also still morning the loss of Idaho. However, I really must ask why specifically asked about my dating life? Am I not multifaceted? Am I not burdened or delighted by other parts of my life?