only you my baby boo


140731 Wu Yifan: This is my first movie and first time working with Director Xu, firstly I would like to express that it’s a tremendous honor for me to be working with such great seniors and teachers. It’s a really happy time because regardless of whether we are filming or not, she has always given me a lot of help and has taught me a lot. When it comes to work, there’s no doubt she’s very experienced, professional, patient, and also also pays attention to details. Thus I feel that it is a great honor for me to work with her.


It’s the 6th of November 2014. Today is you 24th birthday.

You’re first ever solo single was released at 12am on the dot. Leaving your fans amazed at your talent. Wu Yifan. It’s been a year full of nothing but hardship. You pulled through. You never gave up. You rose alone. You archived amazing things in a span of a year. 2 solo singles, 3 movies, a upcoming EP. The only thing i can say is wow. This year had not only been your best. But your start. it’s a year where my feelings for you only deepened.

The love i have for you increases as we speak. Each second, you archive such beautiful things making me prouder. I will never, never ever regret being a Meigini. Your passion has not only inspired me but others. I learned alot from you yifan. I shouldn’t give up. You thought my these things. You are someone whom I treasure with all. You are someone whom had captured my heart.

I can’t thank you enough. Thank you. Thank you for gicing me courage. Thank you for being the person who well.. Saved me. If it weren’t for you. Who knows if I would still even be here. thank you for giving me courage.

I promise you that. I will always be here. Wether your fans increase, decrease. i will be here. No matter what happens. I am here.

Let me finally wish you. Happy birthday. Happy 24th birthday. This year has been one of your hardest & best. As years passes, my heart & soul is certain that. You will do well. Because you are Wu Yifan. Anything’s possible. Happy birthday my love. X


let’s just take a moment to remember this absolute slayage from a year ago today