only you have the key


The night was windless, the snow drifting straight down out of a cold black sky, yet the leaves of the heart tree were rustling his name. “Theon,” they seemed to whisper, “Theon.”

The old gods, he thought. They know me. They know my name. I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.” Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

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Sweet as Marilyn, Cold as Cleopatra

****Long post alert***. This is primarily for the asks rotting in my inbox for months. Apologies! I have been MIA from Tumblr and the bowl for a while now (sick). Anyway, the title of this post pays homage to two seductresses I admire a lot. My sugar daddies who have been great mentors. The horrible men I’ve dated who have equally taught me a lot. And Robert Greene (author of Art of Seduction and Mastery. Great books. READ them!),You become a master by observing first. Analyze. Learn. Practice. Experiment. Apply. Transform.  "When you learn the rules, you can dominate".

Lesson 1: Seduction is more psychological than physical. The physical aspect of it is important as well. That’s it’s own category. But when you understand what your sugar daddy truly wants, you can (dare I say, ) “manipulate” him better. Anyone can be seductive. From skinny to bbw to medium size to giant scar on your forehead. You can succeed as a sugar baby. You just have to understand how to play the game and yes, I do think it’s all a game. So next time your sugar daddy yaps about his robust, lazy wife who may or may not be fucking the foreign gardener and spends 9 hours at the country club; and his cocaine addicted son at Harvard, LISTEN. He wants a shoulder, so be that. The key here is to show that support, care, and understanding but at the same time, don’t tangle yourself in the drama that you become his on-call therapist. Don’t call him at 10pm at night to check up on him. Unless he’s willing to pay you $800 per hour. When you understand what a person wants/how their mind operates, you can cater to their needs/deal with them better. OBSERVE. When you master psychological seduction, you will be well on your way.

Lesson 2: Be mysterious/intriguing. If your mom kicked you out of the house when you were a fetus, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, at least in the initial stages. If you dropped out of college when you were still in the womb, keep it to yourself. When you reveal too much of yourself, you tire/bore people and eventually become forgettable. Everyone has a story. So save your sob story and ex boyfriend drama for the struggling author down the street who has been having writer’s block for the past 15 years.  What does Cleopatra,Marilyn Monroe, and Casanova all have in common? Mystery/leaving something to the imagination. These women/man armed themselves with an air of mystery that left those in their wake yearning for more. I’ve never seen Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful women on earth. But man there’s something about her that makes Hollywood go crazy. She shares bits of herself and her life but there’s always that edge of mystery. She leaves you wondering what’s going on behind the *is it fake or is it not fake* lips/smile. The key is timing. Don’t share too much.  Keep them guessing. No need for your sugar daddy or pot to know what cards you have up your sleeves. By sharing too much, you make yourself seem needy and DESPERATE. No bueno.

Lesson 3: Don’t always be available. I used to make this mistake, especially when I liked a guy. Never lasted long in my opinion. So I learned and changed tactics and mannnnn things definitely changed. Sometimes, saying NO works more in your favor. I don’t care if you’re bored out of your mind at home and counting the cobwebs on your ceiling. An occasional NO will put a sugar daddy in his place. It will tell him that you’re not at his beck and call. It will also tell him that you have other priorities outside of sugaring. Your life/time does not revolve around him. If he’s that interested in you, trust me, he will reschedule and work with you. Don’t turn into Mrs.NO to Everything but learn how to use it when applicable. This ties in a bit with mystery. When you say no and he asks what your plans for the day are, cultivate a story if you don’t have legit plans! You can say that you’re going on a short getaway with a group of girlfriends, going on a spa treatment for yourself only, etc. The key here is to appear that you have a fun, adventurous life outside. Your time is PRECIOUS.

Lesson 3.5: Create respectable distance. This ties in with 3. By creating respectable distance, you are again putting a sugar daddy in his place. You need space because you have a life. It will command his respect. The thing about a lot of men is that they loveeee a challenge. Especially wealthy men, who are used to having whatever they desire. By giving him what he wants, whenever he wants it, he will exploit that and before you know it, he will detach and disappear (which a lot of guys do). When you challenge him, it will drive him crazy. It will keep him on edge. He will come back for more. So treat yourself like a rare gem. There are vultures out here. So when you play into his wishes easily, well… easy come, easy goes.And before they go, they will devour you completely. When you allow him to insert himself in every aspect of your life, he will probably take advantage of you. The key here is to create enough distance that he’ll keep wondering about you but not so much that he completely forgets you. This can be tricky but it is not impossible.

Lesson 4: Confidence. I’m one of those people who believe that while some have innate confidence, others have to learn it. So if need be, LEARN confidence. It takes time and patience. Trial/error. Note what your shortcomings are and practice on bettering yourself. It could range from repeating daily mantras to yourself to changing a specific look about you, practice! practice! Note what your strengths are and USE it to your advantage. Again practice!  Marilyn Monroe wasn’t always a sultry, seductress. In fact, from her appearance, her voice, her make-up, to her persona, she had to practice it all to master it, especially in public. It took her years, but she eventually morphed into one of the most iconic seductresses of all time.

Lesson 5: Be bold/ assertive. There is a fine line between boldness/assertiveness and Mrs.Yes. It is okay to voice your interests, opinions, dislikes, etc. It is equally okay to disagree with something your sugar daddy says/wants. The key is to do it respectfully. Don’t try so hard to please him that you agree to everything (including things that make you uncomfortable). If he wants you to have sex with his bald, hairy micro-human friend from the country club and the idea makes your vagina retract in disgust, SPEAK UP. Don’t be Mrs. Yes because it can be dangerous to you. Plus you will give him the upper hand.

Lesson 6: Be playful. You don’t have to be serious 24/7. Make effective use of body language by using eye contact, touch, smiling, etc.Position your posture in such a way that you appear comfortable but not slouching. Engage him in fun activities sometimes. Show him what you enjoy doing/try to learn what he enjoys as well. I remember when I first took my sugar daddy to a rave. He was soooo out of place with his expensive ass suit but we had such a good laugh. It was fun. It is also okay to flirt and tease but do not over do it. . If he tells you of his former beauty queen ex wife who divorced him, took half his wealth, and got full custody of the kids, it will NOT be a good time to start flirting then or batting your eye lashes. The key is to know when to be playful and when to engage in a serious conversation with him.

Lesson 7: Stroke his ego occasionally, especially when he’s a good boy. Let him know you enjoy his company, his time, what he gives you, etc. It’s tough to balance but you don’t want to seem like you can’t do without the lifestyle he grants you. Remember, you are accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Men like feeling like protectors, especially wealthy men. So stroke that big fat ego and let him think it. When he misbehaves, adjust accordingly. 

Lesson 8: If all else fails, create/channel an alter-ego. It sounds somewhat extreme but I have one. I created a whole new persona for myself. When I first started out four plus years ago, I appeared too innocent. And that was my biggest weakness. My naivete showed and definitely I was taken advantage of and cheated but I learned. FAST. Soon after, I stopped telling men I was inexperienced. I stopped allowing myself to appear innocent. I became a chameleon.The person I am with sugar daddies/ on pot dates is completely different from the girl I am at home/school/work/with friends. With these men, I am a worldly, experienced WOMAN. I am used to ultra-luxury and deserve nothing but the best. Of course at home/elsewhere, I am a girl/ nursing student who studies a bit too much, curses a bit too much, enjoys being wild with friends and plans on attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. Find what works for you and channel her. We all have inner goddesses and seductresses in us. 

Lesson 9: “Be nice, be nice. Until it’s time to stop being nice…" Okay, this sounds psycho meets fatal-attraction-esque but no worries! know when to curse a  pompous, disrespectful son of a bitch out. Seriously, know when to walk away. Channel your inner Cleopatra/Bitchery and crush his ass. Do not be afraid to stomp an arrogant asshole out of existence (figuratively of course). I don’t care but no amount of money is worth being disrespected. If you allow a man to disrespect and treat you like a common commodity, he will not stick around for long. He will use, abuse, and break you. And frankly, You DO NOT deserve that. If he calls you a racial slur ( and claims it’s a joke, LIES), forces himself on you, disrespects you in anyway hurtful and dehumanizing, among other things, WALK THE FUCK AWAY and report the incident to authorities if the action warrants it. And let your middle finger do the rest of the talking. 

**All in all, I hope this helps someone out here. Remember, what works for one person make not work for you. But you can still learn from others around you** And that my friends, is the most important lesson of all.



Mbti and their study styles

     *note, this is all theoretical and based loosely on function dynamics, it wont be 100% accurate*

ENFJ: auditory learner, you learn better by listening and taking detailed and generally pretty notes *example*
You: *listening to a history lecture* doodling a picture of Christopher Columbus on Plymouth rock holding a flag with the year “1492” on it

ESFJ: book learner, you learn best by reading through the text a few times, you probably use story association to remember things *example*
Text: the mitochondria is the PowerHouse of the cell
You: the mitochondria has to do all the work, its like the mom of the cell

ENTJ: physical learner, you learn best by doing more hands on things, or by figuring it out yourself, you tend to not do to well in lectures unless you’re taking detailed notes *example*
Computer class
Assignment: to create a webpage
You: “okay, so how do you do this” *looks at instructions* “okay, well, i don’t want to do this so we’ll try this instead and see what happens”

ESTJ: structured studier, you have a specific study pattrern that you stick to, most likely reading the text while taking notes, going through your notes to see if you’re missing any vital information, if you are, going back through the text to collect the information required

ENFP: visual learner, you learn best by focusing on the important things and disregarding the rest, you’ll read through the text highlighting the main points, and then focus on studying those points only

ESFP: hands on learner, you learn best when given free range to figure it out, you don’t do well reading from textbooks, and you’re probably better at computer stuff or stuff with your hands, trying to learn by the book, just doesn’t work for you *example*
Teacher: “do it this way”
You: *thinking* but this would work better, I’ll try my way *totally beats everyone else*

ENTP: Book learner, you read from the text and make mental notes about the main points, almost like leaving sticky notes all around your brain *example* 

You: *reading* okay, that seems important, better make a note of that *writes mental sticky note and sticks it in the science section* *mentally wanders away* *reads another important thing* “better make a note of that” *writes mental sticky note and leaves it in a random place*

ESTP: Hands on learner, you tend to do better when you are teaching yourself, you can learn from books, and make mental notes, but you do better when there is something physical to study, rather than theoretical *example*

You: *doing geometry homework* “okay, so, i have to remember to come back and divide this” “okay, i have to remember this number” “okay, i know the physical shape of this” *hands in the air moving around like you’re manipulating a physical object*

INFJ: book learners, you tend to read and make note of only the main points that have key importance in the topic, you don’t normally take physical notes, you tend to keep everything catalogued in your brain

ISFJ: hands on book learner, you learn by reading things and learning the theory and taking detailed notes to review and then applying that theoretical knowledge in practical applications till you have the technique perfected

INTJ: auditory learner, you tend to learn better hearing things from others, and then developing your own thoughts from that and making mental notes as well as physical notes, which tend to be in detail, you also tend to take everything people say with a grain of salt and prefer to do your own research to back up what you hear

ISTJ: hands on and auditory learner, you prefer to try things yourself until you figure it out but you’re also good at taking instruction from others and learning from that, although you’re not a fan of lectures, you tend to take a lot of notes, usually in detail

INFP: visual and hands on learner, you tend to learn well from reading and studying the text and taking explicit notes, although you can also be very hands on, and sometimes prefer to just take the lead and teach yourself, or have a person you know well who is knowledgable on the subject help you

ISFP: hands on learner, you tend to be very hands on, you prefer to teach yourself and don’t like people looking over your shoulder at your work, you also tend to write down a lot of your work, not exactly notes, more sentence fragments in a paragraph form

INTP: wikipidia counts as studying, right? jk jk

book learner, you make a lot of mental notes and only remember what you find to be vitally important to the topic

ISTP: associative learner, you associate everything with something else, if you’re reading and listening to a song, what you read will be linked to that song, if you’re listening and doodling, that doodle with forever be associated with the thing you heard

Key demonstrating his special talent ~ he said he practiced for over a year to master it 

Then Jinki tries to do it saying “I really can’t do that”…and then immediately does itKey can’t freaking believe it…LMFAO


You were Namjoon’s guilty little pleasure. 

Warning: Very mature content. 

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For the first time in a very longtime, Namjoon didn’t have to fake his smile. It came too naturally that he found himself randomly grinning at everything and nothing. Even the boys were suspicious of him and his sudden energy.

He couldn’t wait to go back home knowing you would be waiting for him. It was a promise, a gift, for working hard, which he did. Namjoon didn’t waste another second after the fan-meeting was done, he didn’t even say a proper goodbye, before jolting out.

Other people might deem him a fool, which is why he kept your relationship a secret. It was definitely not taboo but, with his kind of job, it could become a weakness. Neither of you wanted that.

That didn’t stop it from being insanely hard, trying to juggle both his career and personal life without having to give up one for the other. Namjoon was trying and for that you were understanding. As long as he didn’t leave you waiting for too long, you would always be there, that was the promise. And, so far, neither of you broke it.

On the ride back, Namjoon couldn’t help but scroll through the pictures he took, pictures you didn’t know he took, that kept him going while he was away.

Unlocking the door, the dorm was quiet. He knew the boys wouldn’t be coming home any time soon which meant more prolonged alone time with you. He took off his shoes before slowly stepping into the house.

He could already see you in the kitchen, oblivious to his presence. A smile crept onto his face once again and he took a moment just to admire the beauty that he was lucky to call his. It was always the best moment of his day, when he first sees you. It still feels like the first time he fell in love with the taste of you.

Quietly, he stepped around the dinner table to slowly reach for you. You fit perfectly in his grip, something he always loved. No matter what anyone said, or hardships along the way, the feeling of you against his skin always managed to soothe and calm his nerves.

It was just perfect. He was alone, no one to disturb his moment,

“ I have you now ” Namjoon whispered ever so gently, ever so quietly, grabbing you. He waited for you to say something to react but you did nothing. It made him want you more.

His lips just a breath away, his fingers tight around you, he closed in the distance and bit slowly.

“ Such a beautiful apple ” Namjoon breathed out in relief, finally in ecstasy.

Namjoon was a hungry apple man, but now, he was a happy apple man.

Look, if I fooled you twice with this shit, you only have yourself to blame.

Also, can you tell that I’ve low-key given up on life? 


Balconi Siciliani

Affacciati ti prego, mostrati solo per l’istante di un sorriso, apri quella finestra egoista, scosta quella tenda inopportuna e mostrati, fiore tra i fiori del balcone, diventa un nuovo sole nell’azzurro del cielo, fai splendere di nuova luce questo palazzo antico e noioso, illumina il mondo con i tuoi occhi e donagli il tuo respiro, le tue labbra così che anche lui possa dire di aver conosciuto la primavera ed il suo vento fecondo ed il sussulto che nasce nel sangue ed è l’origine dei fiori, il canto del grano, il motore del mondo. Questa strada senza te è solo una bara senza coperchio, è il vuoto che tutto ferma e stordisce, è un giardino inaridito come i miei sogni, un fiore che non sa più sbocciare, è l’attesa che erode e distrugge come l’onda del mare fa con la spiaggia. Affacciati, accendi questo pomeriggio vestito di grigio, dona il tuo miele ai miei silenzi ed insegna ancora a volare all’anima mia: senza te queste case sono il muro di una prigione in cui il mondo mi ha rinchiuso e di cui tu sola custodisci, nel tuo cuore prezioso, la preziosa chiave.

Come out on the balcony, show only for one second a smile, open that selfish window, take that unpaved tent and show to the world, flower among the flowers of the balcony, become a new sun in the blue of the sky, shine by new light this palace ancient and boring, illuminate the world with your eyes and give your breath and your lips to it so that it can also say that it has known the spring and its fruitful wind and the whisper that is born in the blood and is the origin of the flowers , the wheat song, the engine of the world. This road without you is just a coffin without cover, it is the nothing that stops and stuns, it is a garden that is as dingy as my dreams, a flower that no longer knows how to blossom, is the expectation that erodes and destroys as the wave of Sea makes with the beach. Come out on the balcony, light this gray afternoon, give your honey to my silences and teach to fly to my soul: without you these houses are the wall of a prison where the world has locked me and whom you only have, in your precious heart, the precious key.

The Only Exception

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(This is like random slightly fluffy stuff based on the paramore song. Is it even good idk) 

It was barely even day break outside and instead of sleeping like you should have been, you used the small amount of natural light to watch Kibums mouth slightly open and close again while he slept. The man looked so peaceful when he was lost in a dream; you wondered what he was seeing in that creative, beautiful mind of his. Actually, you were lost in thought yourself, remembering the time you were alone in life. The time before Kibum was colourless as you’d never give anyone a chance to prove they were different. You pretended to be happy when you were on your own, telling everyone that as long as you loved yourself, your life was complete but you didn’t know what complete felt like until you let yourself fall in Kibum’s arms. You didn’t know love until you listened to his heartbeat. You didn’t know happiness until you kissed his plump lips. 

The man practically forced himself in to your life. When you first met him, how were you supposed to know that you’d been waiting for him since your heart started beating? He knew you were going to be a challenge. Kibum swore that he’d fight through your stubbornness until you trusted him and when he finally made your wall tumble down and got to your vulnerable place, he cocooned you in his arms and kissed you until you could drown in his affection. 

Kibum wasn’t your first boyfriend. When you were younger, you’d dated a few guys, gave them your everything and came out of the relationship jaded.  Every guy was a cheater. It seemed like every guy was just out to take advantage of you, to use you for sex, to use you to get another girls attention so in the end, you just decided to stop looking for a soulmate. When guys tried to date you, you just acted cold and inevitably gave up on you. Years went by when you were on your own. Sometimes it was hard to see your friends find someone who they were going to spend the rest of their life with; you told yourself they were setting themselves up for heartbreak and you were better off on your own. You promised yourself you’d never believe in all of that love stuff as it didn’t exist but when you desperately needed someone to give you faith, you found the only exception and he was sleeping soundly beside you. Kibum was a special guy. He was so talented, so charismatic and most of all, so loving and understanding of you. Kibum was one of a kind so when he asked you to marry him only 7 hours before you was thinking about life before him, you didn’t even have to think about the answer because it was always going to be yes. To whatever god or entity out there, you were thankful to as you were so lucky to have found the only man you’d ever love. 

Because @freelancercarolina and I were talking about this last night, the freelancers in an Escape Room:

    • “We will bond meaningfully, and that’s an order.” – Florida
  • Carolina finds the first key
  • Tex finds the second, Carolina declares that she doesn’t need help and can find them all on her own. Tex shrugs and sits back to watch the impending chaos. 
  • the twins won’t stop arguing because South isn’t following the clues in order
  • Florida wasted one of their three questions asking the employee how their day was
  • They hear an ungodly squeak: it’s Maine, he just found a fake hand in a drawer
  • he recovers almost immediately, only to throw the fake hand at Wash, who starts crying
    • “York is trying to pick the lock, is that cheating?” 
    • “Only if he’s successful.”
    • “Oh okay we’re good then.”
  • Carolina finds the third key by accident when she kicks the desk in frustration
  • part of the last clue was in how the chess board was set up, but Idaho and Iowa have been playing with it for the last hour and no one can remember how it was set up originally
    • “Hey, do we still have two questions left?”
    • “Sorry, now you only have one.”
    • “Fuck.”
  • Ohio finds the last key, but then trips and drops it under the desk
  • CT’s arms are too short to reach it
  • Wyoming tries but his arm gets stuck
    • “Hey, um, hypothetical question, what happens if we lose one of the keys under the desk?”
    • “What? Okay, we’ll come get you out.”
  • the employee can’t figure out how to open the door
  • Ohio is standing in the corner with her hands over her face
  • CT and York are now trying to stop North and South from decking each other
  • Wash is still crying
  • Tex tries to shoot the door hinges to get out
  • they’re asked to please not come back what the hell who brings weapons to an Escape Room
  • Tex is confused, why wouldn’t she bring a weapon wherever she goes?
    • “Well, we all had fun, and that’s what matters.”
  • Wash is still crying

RFA and V and Saeran being cheated on by MC

(AN: Remember, cheating is wrong guys. Don’t cheat on your partner(s). I’ve never been in the position of being cheated on, nor have I ever cheated on anyone, so I’m sorry if I write this at all poorly or mis-portray it in any way.

I should note that after each incident in all of these, MC leaves the RFA, or is just straight up kicked out of it. They will not stand for anything like this to happen.)

(Edit: This is very, very long. It’ll take some time to read through these haha. It’s just under 7200 words overall)

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I haven’t been posting much on tumblr for the past few days for reasons that I probably I don’t really want to explain. I did set my queue (at last) to post twice a day, except I want to post more original content, but have no time for that. I finish exams on the 28th, so here’s to hoping I’ll be more productive afterwards.

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 

maltedmilkchocolate  asked:

Holy cow your SE AU is just amazing. It's made me want to re-watch the anime. Oikawa going slowly insane is killing me inside, but oh whoo boy it's gotta be worse for Iwa who's just noticing little things slowly going tits up and Oikawa wont communicate this issue with him. O A O

(Aaa thank you so so much for liking the AU! friend :’D)

Ever since Iwaizumi was released from the hospital, Oikawa had been waist deep in research papers and articles about the elusive witch ‘Ushijima’. It was to be expected – that same witch had left his partner heavily wounded, and himself traumatized (he couldn’t risk losing Iwaizumi like that again). He was going to take him down on their next encounter no matter what. 

On the other hand, Iwaizumi knew that revenge mixed with Oikawa’s obsessive personality was never a good thing, but he also understood the importance of pride and how fragile his partner’s self-esteem is – about how much getting back at Ushijima means to Oikawa. Despite his gut telling him otherwise, Iwaizumi did not have the heart to say no, so the most he could do is to keep him in check. Maybe the nightmares were his guilty conscience keeping him awake at night and not any significant foreshadowing whatsoever. 

This was before they were invited into the DWMA as professors.

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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Dear 2017 me,

You will get better. Your life will change. Have patience. Things that are built quicker are destroyed just as soon.
This year you must take care of yourself and be careful to not give too much of yourself away. But don’t walk through life guarded, that’s never been your way.
Take the year a quarter at a time. Don’t plan for the whole year, you don’t know what life will be like 6 months from now.
Don’t focus too much on the planning because without execution, a plan is just a piece of paper.
You’re 20 now and that’s huge but don’t stress over trying to be ‘mature’ and adult like because you already are. Chasing bubbles doesn’t make you a kid, it makes you a person who knows how to chase happiness.
Get out of your house more. You need the fresh air, you need the sun. By now you’ve learnt, you don’t need to shy away from sunlight to love the night. You will always be a creature of the night with just a little bit of vampire obsession to make you creepy.
Snack. Don’t binge.
Study. You may not exactly be where you want to be right now but if you study hard enough you soon will.
You had learnt at a very young age that there’s no excellence without labour. You strive for excellence and hence you must labour.
Don’t write too many letters to people because the first letter is lovely, the second is cute, the third is ? If they aren’t the right person.
Have faith. Sometimes that’s the only thing you have left but it does wonders.
‘NOW’ is your 2017 key word.
Don’t wait to do things you really want to because if you wait long enough, you don’t want to do anything.

There are nice people and there are shitty people. Just because you’ve come across a bunch of shitty people all at once doesn’t mean nice people don’t exist. They do. And you will find them. But remember, all people are current assets. You’re the only fixed one. Invest more in yourself. There’s so much more I want to tell you but from now I want to do less of talking and more of doing. I know you will understand, at least I hope you do.
 2016 me

roomies // mark tuan

reader(you) x mark scenario

summary: you live with your roomie (ex), but something happens when you two talk. 

genre: angst/ smut

You woke up to the sound of a blender and loud music. You instantly groaned, throwing your heavy covers over yourself and remembered that you were not only living with the person you hated most, but in fact your ex boyfriend, Mark.

Mark was the asshole everyone hated. The LA boy who carried a huge attitude and only cared about looking good and exercising. He was the type to fuck around with several girls, especially you. The only reason why the two of you shared an apartment was because his parents thought you two were still dating and bought the two of you an apartment since they loved you two so much. Mark being Mark, never had the guts to tell his rich parents that the two of you broke up so now you lived with him in discomfort.

Sighing loudly, you swung your legs over the bed and sighed. You haven’t spoken to Mark in what felt like years but only months. The only time you two interacted was “Do you have the keys?” Or “Did you feed Lulu?” Your pet cat. Other than that, the two of you never glanced an eye at each other. Currently, you told yourself not to say anything to that twat and just pretend that the noise didn’t wake you up.

Maybe I’ll go work out. You thought remembering that the apartment had a back porch that was large enough to exercise. You changed into your favorite pair of leggings that hugged your curves perfectly and threw on your favorite tee before leaving the room and entered the kitchen where Mark was. There he stood wearing his muscle cut shirt with a towel over his neck and his brown hair all wet in his sweat. That was really the only time you stared at him for so long.

Instantly, you looked away pretending he wasn’t there and made yourself a nice small breakfast. You felt as if eyes were staring into your back and you thought maybe you pissed Mark off but you weren’t sure. Leaving silently, you let a deep breath once you got outside and ate your breakfast peacefully and began to work out like you normally would. A while later, you felt all sticky from your sweat and drank some water before looking back into the apartment and seeing Mark by the punching bag just next door. Your eyes trailed up his slightly exposed abs and his tightly clenched jawline. Somehow the idea of Mark made you feel like as if you just first met him. You felt butterflies in your stomach and felt your hands ache in pain but they were just clammy. You forced yourself to look away, you repeatedly reminded yourself that Mark was just an ex and you were just going to have to accept him fucking with other girls. Well at least that’s what you thought.

Later that night after showering all the sweat off, you changed into some lace shorts and a black sweater that always brushed off your shoulders. You were exhausted but also hungry and decided to go to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich that you’ve been craving for so long. “God why is it so up there,” you muttered under your breath. You stood on your tippy toes to grab the bread, but it really was very up there and you couldn’t reach. Suddenly, you felt a force push you slightly and you noticed it was Mark reaching for the bread too.

“Oh erm, thanks,” you stuttered as he handed it to you. His mouth was parted as he let out heavy breaths as if he worked out for so long. You looked up at him and you were shocked at how attractive he looked only inches from you. Mark just looked at you and down at him handing the bread to you before walking away to the fridge. You were angry at that action noticing how he didn’t really care, but you just had to learn that his actions should matter to you. You sighed resting both your elbows on your counter looking through your Instagram as you waited for the bread to finish up in the toaster. In the reflection of your phone, you saw Mark leaning against the counter looking at you intently. His eyes never left your body. Instantly, you turned around slamming your phone a little too hard against the counter as you turned around.

“What, Mark?” You said crossing your arms across your chest. You felt something was up since he just stared at you. He sighed taking his bottom lip between his teeth. “I can’t look?” He raised his brow. You sense his attitude and you hated it. Ever since you two broke up his attitude changed and it just bothered you. You rolled your eyes and scoffed before sitting on the counter. “If you have something to say then say it,” you said annoyed at this point. He chuckled looking down then up at you. He walked over to you just a little too close, putting his hands on either side of your thighs. “Alright fine,” he smirked. “Your very attractive, Y/N. In fact i can’t stop-” You instantly pushed him away before he could continue.

You had enough with his stupid fuck boy act you just rather be gone. “Fuck off, Mark,” you said scoffing. You rolled your eyes and took out your phone again sliding you finger across the screen trying to avoid him, but before you could do anything your phone was snatched out of your hand. It only took you seconds before realizing Marks lips were over yours. He was so smooth with everything; with the way he talked, with the way he acted even the way he kissed. He knew exactly how to make you go crazy.

Mark cupped your jaw angling it at a certain way so he could leave wet kissing down the left side of your neck. You moaned once you felt his hands glide up your exposed legs. He lifted you up, hands right on your bum holding you as your hands wrapped around his slightly sweaty neck. He then laid you down on the island kitchen counter before pulling you sweater over yourself to expose you in your bra. A smirk spread across his face as you bit your lip. You kissed him again , his soft wet lips against yours as his tongue collide with yours. Your legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to your center without you realizing.

You couldn’t believe something like this was happening. You never thought you’d end up doing this again with Mark, but it turned out to be that way. You missed Marks touch; the way he made you feel and how he knew your body so well. His fingers brushed against your exposed torso, sending chills down your spine. He noticed the way you acted and he knew exactly what you wanted. He threw his shirt over himself not caring where it went and kissed every inch of your body. You felt his cold gold chain necklace hit your stomach sending you goosebumps against your arms. You bit your lip looking at how attractive he was that you ran your hands through his hair, tugging it gently as he removed your silk shorts.

His right hand brushed up against your leg and made it’s way to your clit already making you moan loudly. You hadn’t realize that you moaned his name already more than once and he found it very sexy. He rubbed against your panties also sucking the skin at your neck to make you go crazy. Your hands made its way to his zipper, unzipping his jeans as he pulled down. You threw your head back and closed your eyes feeling him inside you in an instant. You felt amazing especially how he went faster each second. You arched your back, arms wrapping around him as he moaned your name in your ear. “I missed you,” he panted giving you sloppy kisses all over your lips and neck. “I’m-” he continued to kiss you. “For being an ass,” he bit slightly on your skin. “I love you way too much,”You smiled moaning in between each kiss he gave you. Suddenly, the sound of the phone rang causing the two of you to stop your actions. “Fuck-” he mumbled trying to catch his breath. He pulled out before pulling his pants up and answering the phone in the most calmest way possible. “Mom?” You felt your cheeks heat up before looking up at him. He tried not to breath heavily as he spoke to her softly, eyes still on you as he laughed. “How are we? Let’s just say everything’s really good,” he smirked eyes never leaving yours.

What is Black Tarot?

Black Tarot is a visual novel, or what we like to call as well, an otome game, where evil and good will fight with each other and only you have the key to save the world.

Are you willing to risk your life?

Are you willing to open the deepest secrets of the pandora box?

Are you willing to chance the path that others traced for you?

Are you willing to fight for what you want?

Are you willing to fall in love even if others tell you to not do it?

Are you willing to not only save the world but also…them?

If you are, then I honorably welcome you to Black Tarot!