only without the saturday

marauders university!au
  • the four boys live together in the townhouse near campus that sirius bought with the money he inherited from his uncle
  • the parties they throw are legendary. james has every gaming console imaginable and sirius bought an actual karaoke machine. remus and peter always make sure that there are plenty of drinks and snacks
  • more often than not they eat takeaways and junk food, because there are no real adults around to stop them
  • they move around each other seamlessly, they know each others routines so well they’re more like a clockwork unit than four separate beings
  • when james and lily find out that lily’s pregnant toward the end of their second year it throws everything off. for the first time, the marauders feel like actual grown ups

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Originally, I wanted to cosplay modern!Anders at Elfia both days, but I ended up doing it on saturday only without taking any pictures of it. However, since I put a lot of work in it, I decided to show it now. The cardigan is handmade and the whole outfit inspired by this picture by lyndraws. My boyfriend crafted the amulet (<33) and the Club-MateLyrium was inspired by mrgabel’s comic strip!