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Me: *knows taemin won’t answer any of my questions and I’m just wasting my precious sleeping time by staying up*

Me anyway: *refreshes the answer page every .5 seconds*

so its basically been confirmed that ignis was created by having child yuusaku duel over and over again, and its been Heavily Implied that the knights are actually good in their intents of destroying the cybverse cause ignis is plotting something Bad, which is why he kept interrupting faust when he was trying to tell playmaker that because of him, theres no future for humanity or something

so maybe ignis was created as something to control, but like most ai genres, they got to be so powerful and had so much free will that they decided it should be them running things and not the humans, so ignis is actually trying to take over the world and is using yuusaku so that he wont be captured before his plans come to fruition

we’ll see how that works out, especially now since yuusaku is getting suspicious of him

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could you put some of those feelings on the liam article into words ralph?

First of all I just feel for Liam.  Touring the way they did is so hard, with so many stressors and so much pressure.  Even aside of the specifics of One Direction - touring is hard.  There was a great article in the Guardian about the difficulties of touring with this understated quote: ‘ “The classic image of a touring musician would seem counterintuitive to all we know about well-being,” says Isabella Goldie of the Mental Health Foundation. “Drinking in moderation, avoiding drugs, getting sufficient amounts of sleep, and having a support base of close friends and family nearby. These are the bonds that help keep you grounded … It’s no surprise that some musicians struggle.”’

And then there’s the specifics of having to perform being OK when you’re not.  It can be so hard to do that for five people, let alone 50,000.  I’ve held it together when depressed to do things that were important to me and I was proud of - and I can still remember some of the awful drop that came afterwards.

My other feelings are about some of the responses to what Liam is saying within fandom.  I don’t think it’s ever OK to respond to someone who says ‘I was under huge stress and it affected my mental health this way’ with scepticism and I’ve seen a lot of that (and worse) across my dash. Even if Liam never sees it (which honestly can’t be counted on), I just find it so disturbing the outright suggestions that Liam is lying about his distress.


it’s been only a week and I’m already in painful need of season three  

Stranger Things 2 + textposts pt 1/?


reggie holding josie  (◡‿◡✿)

bonus josie & reggie looking like royalty:

i wish, i wish, with all my heart, that none of you will ask for the other members when hoseok’s vlive starts