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I’m getting tired of the lazy ass writing on greys. Japril the Sequel was a cop out by Shonda. There’s been barely any Japril this season and then Shonda gives us a centric episode to shut us up. And she’ll ignore April and Jackson for the next 4 or 5 episodes. This is the problem when you add UNNECESSARY characters on the show. You can’t tell linear stories anymore.


Felix: Not that I’m not always here anyways….but why did you invite me and whoever this dude is over?

Misael: It’s Misael, but thanks for that.

Yasmin: Look, you guys were the only ones that weren’t busy right now, okay? Anyways we have an important mission for you!

Rhen: And by important she means entirely unimportant, but you’re still doing it so don’t weasel out of this, got it? Good.


this is too good to be true like …..her voice doesn’t even crack once im - 


- force myself to write another twine game in a weekend, possibly while drunk (it worked once, it can work again!!!)

- lots of screencap redraws. i’ve been meaning to start watching red dwarf and possibly finish it this time, so maybe that’ll be what i use?

- dialogue practice animation!!! probably using sound clips from a tabletop podcast, since there’s…. so much of it, oh my god

- read???? book? i vaguely remember a time in my life when i read all the damn time, i should… get back on that shit

My queue is so long (like 100+ posts) and my post rate is set so low (like 1 a day) that by the time something finally does get posted it’s been like three months and I’ve forgotten it ever existed and I get a nice surprise from my own blog

they pulled all the captain planet episodes off youtube, which i was initially grumpy about, but it turns out they are releasing every season of it for digital download in april, which i am now ecstatic about

i will pay for season one a third time just make them available in australia, cn

quick thing

I am a bit late to this bandwagon but here I am 

but for real I like this game. it kinda didn’t give the player enough time/interaction with some characters to build a connection to them, but it definitely hits the neosteampunk/casual fantasy mark for me. and that urban legend-creepypasta vibe. and that glitch-in̚͏̜̗-̱͖̣̼̱ͮ̓ͪ̚͡t̳͓̻̪̗̊͋́̅ͯ̽ͅh̭͓̄̂̅ͦé͙̙̼̮ͦ̽̏̈́͆͠-͚̄̔m̼̼̜̟̲̺̀͛͋͋͌a̘͕͖͉͕ͧ̏̚ṱr̷͙̩ï̘ͦ̂̔̏͐̚͡x̺͓̻͆ͦ̈̂ͩ̂͟ kinda fallout–