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that alycia said goodbye on twitter doesn't mean anything definitive. i understand people don't want to hope but for example, the actress who plays mona on pretty little liars was "killed" and said her goodbyes on twitter and when asked she said she wasn't coming back that she would move on to other projects, the producer/writer also said in twitter the character was dead and gone, and then this season she's back because she was never dead it was a plot twist.

Yeah, i think there are some people that don’t want to hope at all for Lexa’s return, even in an AI capacity, which is understandable.  And yes, this is kinda the point I was trying to make about how ADC saying she will miss playing Lexa and her tweets are a definitive. Season 4 is probably still up in the air about what they are going to do so it is a chance that she may not be back for a season 4. However, Eliza did seem pretty excited about season 4 in her AfterDark interview, and she said that she would have to spoil the finale in order to give us what she thinks going to happen in season 4. So, that gave me a little hope. I know there will be some people screaming and beating pots and pans that “THIS IS PR AND YOU ARE BUYING IT,” but I think Eliza was genuine in her excitement. And we all know how much of a Lexa and Clexa fan she is. Again, not to give any one hope, but this is just some thoughts of mine. 

In addition, this is a scifi show and Jason said that it is only going to get more scifi. Therefore, I don’t think that they will destroy both AI’s and the City of Light this season, but instead explore it more in season 4.  Seriously, the 100 logo is an infinity sign and opening credits IS the AI story, so I don’t think they will destroy both AI’s. That is why I have hope that there is a possibility that Lexa will make a reappearance in season 4.