only watching for johnny

The greatest part about my dad liking anime

So this year I found out my dad is really really into anime. 

Which was really cool cause I had been out of the anime loop for a long time and was looking for some recommendations.

Now my dad is a WWII history buff who likes war movies and plays World of Tanks and is an ex cop and ex military type who also is the only reason I watched He-Man and Johnny Quest growing up.

So I figured he’d be into the big action anime.


My dad’s taste in anime is almost entirely adorable.

-Sweetness and Lightening

-Squid Girl



-Poco’s Udon World

-Yuri on Ice 

When questioned why he likes these my dad said “Because they are cute and happy and cheer me up! I like it better then the dark and serious ones with all the blood and stuff. That’s not as much fun.”

Also! My dad looks for characters now that blur gender lines so that he can recommend shows that have characters that appeal to Kiddo more.

Like he specifically suggested Log Horizon because of Tetra who yes my Kiddo loves (Kiddo has been known to pose like Tetra and even go “Ding!” when they throw a leg up behind them. It’s brilliant)

He did call Yuri on Ice “bromancy” but I replied with “Dad no. It’s gay as hell” and my dad replied with “Yeah and the story is brilliant! And the ANIMATION! SO GOOD!” 

That’s when I remembered that figure skating was pretty much the only Olympic sport that was watched in my house growing up and that my dad took my coming out in stride and also that he’d always not been phased at all by my gay friends and that he had actually once been a theatre major and had gay friends in the 70′s  so yeah he wouldn’t be put off by Yuri on Ice being gay.

tl:dr Basically my dad is a bigger anime fan than I am and prefers to watch all the very cute adorable anime’s rather then the action ones.


Paul Bettany as Jock Strapp in Mortdecai