only wanted to do natural lighting in this post though


2.14.17 | 10/100 Days of Productivity | The Truth

The photo on the top is from day 6/100 and from 2.12.17 (four days ago). In that time, I’ve only managed to add this much (see bottom photo), from “Part One” downward (I plan on having it in a two-column format). Also, the picture on the bottom not only shows my lack of productivity but the true appearance of my work. The photo was taken at night, instead of in natural light, and I didn’t do a thing to alter it (didn’t remove the shadows, brighten the photo, etc). This is the bare and naked truth. @universi-tea recently wrote a fascinating post about how studyblrs don’t necessarily represent the truth about our studying lives. Well, I wanted to show the unvarnished truth behind my studyblr. TBH, though, I’ve had to work the past few days…but that shouldn’t be an excuse. 

Hey Everyone!

So multiple people have come forward and informed me that my use of not only ch.e gue.vara’s face as well as the phrase viva la ____ is highly offensive. Though the campaign to bring light to the struggles of the OC’s in the community is a very good thing, I certainly do not want it muddled by something as horrendous. 

As such, moving forward I will not be using the term Revolution & will be deleting posts with that reference to it. Along with that I have changed the name of the Campaign to: OCS FIGHT BACK. 

I have also changed the banner on the post, and if you have reblogged the original I would kindly ask that you reblog the new one and delete the old one as we really do not want offensive content to affect the positive message we are trying to send. 

I am extremely sorry for the offensiveness of my actions and the banner, and going forward I will not post in regards to such slogans! I hope you all will do the same!